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Need Fish Images

i need the following images in high quality made all facing to the side:

These images must be on a transparent background and be cartoon like:
– A puffer fish
– A gold fish
– A Piranha
– An electric eel
– Fish flakes
– Fish pellets

– A background wallpaper (approx px 2000×1000) that is of underwater with sand at the bottom as if looking into a fish tank from the side but no fish or anything in it


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Iphone Education App Required


current i required one education iphone app, have details as follow :

1- iphone fish education app required.

2- we want to create an fish aquarium app (in which fish, water, plants into aquarium etc look like real), which allow users to know about the fish (we provide the fish name for developr help), when user touch the screen, its like touch the water and fish act according to it, user able to feed the fish.

3- when user interact with the app able to learn how to take care of the fish, learn its behavior and understant it better way.when the user touches the screen the fish thinks is another fish and trys to fight with the finger , the fish will have 2 or 3 standby positions.

4- few fish videos for help:

5- the names of the fish required into app.
Betta splendens is the species group and here are the types
Half moon betta
Half moon betta plakat
Double tail betta
Crown tail betta
Wild bettas
Betta macrostoma

Each of the betta splendens have different colors and patterns.

This is small but education app for kids and all age group to know fishes closer way and their behaviour.
only experience iphone app developer required have experience.


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Modification Teplate For Joom!Fish Support

I have this teplate:
But on this template I dont have support for Joom!Fish (on the wep pages I can not fount flags)

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POS Software Designed For A Fish And Chip Takeaway Shop

Wanting someone to design a POS software program for my fish and chip shop

This is a very busy take away store and am wanting a very simple program that is streamlined to be fast and easy for my staff to use.

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Fish And Seafood

Translation, editing and proofreading of a comprehensive food book (320 pages) about Fish and Seafood. English to Japanese. Approx. 110,000 words. Sample pages attached.

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Soft Copy Guide To Australian Fish

I require a complete guide to common fish species in australia. THe guide is to have at least 1 quality image for each species of fish, a brief description of its physical and behavioural features and most importantly the legal size for fishing regulations in each of the australian states and territories.

All of this information is available through public government web sites, and relevant agencies are obliged to supply information on request.

No work which infringes copyright will be accepted.

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Combine Three Jquery Scripts That Do Not Function Together.

I Need some help combining three jquery scripts together on one page..

These consist of a pop up light box type script, a mac style fish eye menu, and a horizontal accordian style slider.

The Fish eye menu and the slider work together but i need a light box style media pop up added to this.

Once the jquery script work on the same page i will send payment. 🙂

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Animated Fish Characters, Different Colors For A Flash Game

I need an animated character of a fish to use in a simple flash game.
Motion phases: swimming to left and right, up and down or waiting for player action
Size about 40x40px maximum
I need the same figure with different colors.

Please send sample of your previous work with your bid.

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Restoration Of Fish Back Up Site

As described a back up of site and complete installation onto a test server to allow for testing prior to funds being released.

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Joomla Custom Website Needed


I need complete joomla website. I have 2 printscreens how I want that to look like:

Components I need:
– Webdesign like on picture, of that kind and quality
– Forum integrated like on picture 2 but wider, without right modules
– Blog intergrated

Content pages should be all the same, without this part of 5 categories at the top.

Important: Besides home page, I need some custom made graphics on 5 main pages (fish species, fishing techniques, fishing tackle, recipes, fishing places). Something to improve the look. Something like when you open "fish species" page I need to have some kind of 20 small icons for every fish species, or in fishing techniques I want some clickable picture for every techinque (10 techniques)…

On home page, I want on the right to have 2 parts "latest blog posts" and "latest forum posts".

Website will have a huge amount of pages, but I will add them myself.

In general, I want complete website with all the things done, set up on the server and working.

p.s. when bidding send me links in PM with your previous work.

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Plenty Of Fish Ad Scraper Software Needed

In need of a plenty of fish ad scraper. something that will do this:

get headline,description,ad image, url hops, number of times seen….

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Need Plenty Of Fish Ads Scraped

Need plenty of fish ads scraped. must show headline,description,ad image,url, and number of times seen…

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2 Simple Graphic Image Designs

#1 image: 2 round, glass fishbowls side by side. The left bowl has a lot of gold fish swimming around with nothing else in bowl. The second bowl has a few fish in it. A fish jumps through the air from the full bowl to the other bowl. They are done very simply with a black background. Image ex attached but we need ours to be different enough from the other for copyright purposes. We would like to use this as a whole image and also be able to break it down into two images with only one bowl for each image.

#2 image: a rainbow with 5 colours (purple, dark blue, bright blue, yellow, orange) that veers off into the distance (rather than a typical rainbow arch) and ends in an arrow point. We would like this to be animated so that it fades into effect from left to right.

We would also like the rainbow to be broken down into its individual colours. This way we can use a colour per category on our website.

This job is urgent. We need the images to fit into a 960 x 300 rectangular slider on our website. You can check out the slider as its a free wordpress theme called Boldy. We want to use a combination of these images in the slider. Its at

We would also like the rainbow to be a 3D effect as well as animated.

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Classified Ads Posting Expert Needed For Help

If you give me a fish it will help me for one day


if you teach me how to caught fish then it will help me for whole life.

Dear All,

I am willingly to pay you for your advice.

I am getting problem with ads being live on cl after its recent updates.

Also, I would like to know some cl tricks from you.

Best luck. Happy bidding.


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Joom!Fish Content Element For ZOO 2.0

I want to make the Zoo component from work with JoomFish v. 2.0.4. Can anyone help me. I am looking for a programmer that can do the job for me, because I really need to have the content i several languages

Looking forward to hear from you

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Plenty Of Fish & Olx Classified Type Scripts

We are looking for a clone script of plenty of fish and classfied site scripts,
p o f script should be same as original with ajax chat facility.

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Dating Site Like Plenty Of Fish Or

I need one like / Plenty of Fish or

I am looking for someone who has already developed a PHP based custom dating script from scratch. Please do not contact me about commercial dating scripts I can buy online.

The script needs to be well designed and functional. I am looking to launch a FREE online dating site. Please provide a working demo.

Built in blog and/or forum functionality would be a plus. Paid virtual gifts/roses would also be a plus.

place to put an API for making international calls.

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Custom Dating Site (, Plenty Of Fish, Or OK Cupid )

I need a / Plenty of Fish / OK Cupid clone.

I am looking for someone who has already developed a PHP based custom dating script from scratch. Please do not contact me about commercial dating scripts I can buy online.

The script needs to be well designed and functional. I am looking to launch a FREE online dating site. Please provide a working demo.

Built in blog and/or forum functionality would be a plus. Paid virtual gifts/roses would also be a plus.


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Simple Bot

Hello I need a bot thats simple to use i need it to find and replace words in a article and then submit to a article directory. I will be able to copy and paste a list of key words and it will automatically replace the keyword then submit the article , no captures.

So basicaly it will go I want to buy fish in the article then it will replace the word fish with dog and then submit. but i need it to feed off a list and be all automated. if you can do it will ease please bid hope you understand what im trying to get.

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Artist Wanted For Original Koi Fish Designs


Im looking for an artist to create 10 original black and white and colored Koi Fish designs for my business. I am looking for full copyright ownership of the images when they are complete.

Please send me your price, some of your work, and time frame for completing 10 images.


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Banner Marine Aquarium Fish Store.

Hi, We try find something with skill for doing a good banner in flash.
Site is I want change this banner and put marine aquarium fish flash banner.
Like ( tank 3 )

Looking something with quality and not very high ( MB ) Thanks you.

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Facebook Fishing App.

Hello looking for someone to do some work do my facebook app.
this is my app i have here
let me know if you could do the following changes to it and add ons
1. Live chat menu
2. Users must be able to share and send items and ask each other for items to each other and make it post on there profile walls (ex..mike is looking for a depth finder)
3. need it when someone goes fishing they actually catch a fish and it should say what type of fish they catch and lbs. on a random level base. The bigger the fish the more points, and post on there walls (mike just caught a 12Lb bass)

Bid if you can only do this also if you have other ideas please let me know looking for it to be different then all the others.
The bulk of the work is done already as you see just a few options need added so please dont bid as your creating a whole design project

02/15/2010 at 18:40 EST:

My app is here that i need the work done to

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Virtual Pet – Simulation Cattery/Kennel!!

I would like to have the website script from PHP or ASP with MySQL to manage the Virtual Pet Website same as but may need something to change more in detail.

Logic: Get Pet -> Grow -> Show -> Breed -> Sell Offspring -> Become Cattery -> Handle the Exhibition
Logics: Highest Accumulated Scores will sperate in 2 funtions as 1 is Monthly Award which provide the throphy to one of the winner and 2 is the All time rank which will be award annually and some member subscription & upgrade option for better features.

Some more features may add-on to match my local visitor need. Please visit the mentioned site and discuss for more detail.

P.S. If I get the best offer for this script and the feed back of my site is good, I will provide another kind of project which cover variety of animal show like, dog, fish, roaster, rabbit, and etc.

P.S.S. The website may contain bi-lingual language for our local visitor whore not understand english but still can play along with the other side of the world that using English Language.

P.S.S.S If the cost is over my budget, please let me know for the further move.

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10 Articles On Fish Oil


I am looking for a content provider who can write 10 well-researched articles related to fish oil.

I will provide the keywords and the keyword density range. These articles are for creating content-rich pages to be uploaded to a health supplement website.

The articles are between 600-800 words plus a 1 or 2 sentence interesting intro to the article, must be 100% original and contains no plagiarism from online or printed material. The tone is informal, and the information should be presented in a clear and organized manner. I will also ask you to include the resources you used for each article.

If youre interested, kindly include:
– a sample of your work with your bid
– your standard rate for 100 words

Payment will be via GAF escrow. I will also retain the complete copyright to all work purchased.

Thank you.

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Customize Super Fish Menu To Fit Website

Have super fish menu installed in my joomla site.
Need it to fit like current menu and work with drop downs.

Quick job for some one who is familier with superfish menu module CSS.

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A Few Browser Compatibility Issues

Need some help TODAY with some issues on a clients site, seem to be browser compatibily issues, it appears normally in IE…

"I was looking at my site yesterday & today, and its gotten kind of funky-messed-up.

On the homepage, my picture holding fish is broken in half, and the green section above the menus on the left has partially cut-off the weblog link (and when you hover the cursor in that area, the section starts jumping around).

When you click on the weblog, the domain mapping upgrade is expired and it wont go to wordpress (do I need to update this somehow?).

Also, when you go under fly tying materials, then dry fly hooks — the first 2 paragraphs have the word spacing all messed up.

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Tee-shirt Graphics

I am developing a line of tee-shirts for fishing and hunting. They will have funny sayings that will need to go with the picture. The graphics will need to show different types of fish so that if it is a trout shirt or a bass shirt, the customer will be able to tell what kind of fish it is by looking at it. Here is an example: There is a male doctorfish speaking to an cute female fish and he says, "Trust me, Im a doctorfish." All designs will be released to me and copywrite protected.

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3D Facebook Multiplayer Game Similar FarmVille

Hello friends Im coming straight to the point, Im interested in flash-game publishing for that i need a developing team who can create games in attractive look in graphics wise and user friendly games, games can be SOCIAL

Im talking games like Farmville,YoVille, Fish Ville

Basicly the game would be on same principle but with changes in order not to get sued

Please study FishWille game and if you understood the concept you can bid
I`m looking for proffesional work like the games above at cheap price , don`t overprice .
Bid with a reasonable price

PM me in order to give you more details about this
PS : if you have a portofolio please leave me a link with your facebook aps or other flash games designs

happy bidding
best regards

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