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CSS Issue Needs Fixing…must Have IE9/VISTA -OS

I need a minor issue fixed which I believe is CSS related…You must have IE9 and windows VISTA operating system without that it will be waste of time…

budget is 30$..will probably take u 10 mins to fix for right person.

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Some Minor Fixing On Tweet Button And Dig Button

1) twitter no longer accept + and %20 for space i think url needs to be encoded i dont know how to do
2) dig button is work but doesnt count always shows 0

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Fixing And Rewriting Website

Website was created using CMS Bitrix that is known in Russia only and has very limited functions. Goal is to rewrite website in different CMS that will have ability to deliver photo and video material to and from the clients.
What should be done:
Design one additional static page similar to current welcome page. New dinamic pages related to video upload, download, viewing.
Programming – Fixing all current functions :
Ability for clients to upload photo and video files.
Ability for Administrator to upload photo and video files to specific cliet.
Payment processing with credit card, paypal, google check out, …
New stuff:
Calculation of delivery cost with all major US carriers(USPS, UPS, Fedex) and include in order
Accepting and calculations of discounts and promotionals.
Ability for client to watch and download movie uploaded by administrator, in all major formats
Fixining bunch of minor error on website
I will provide detail information by your request
P.S. If you are Bitrix programmer and you can do it under Bitrix environment please let me know.

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Can You Fix Web Sites? Joomla, Undocumented Code?

We need freelancers that can fix undocumented code. We get 2-5 new projects a day to fix joomla, wordpress, virtuemart, Custom PHP/MYSQL sites. We also get a lot of sites that have been injected.. and need fixing.

We need 2 Freelancers who can work US EST time and 2 Anytime…YOU NEED TO BE FREELANCERS as the work will vary from day to day.

Prefer that you know how to manage dedicated servers as well.

DO NOT SEND BOILERPLATE responses that you build websites… these projects involve FIXING WEBSITES.. and you must be comfortable in fixing undocumented code…

You also must be good at fixing sites that are not cross browser compatible.. and know W3C html code.

Please list your skills and we get requests to fix all types of web sites and technologies.

Projects usually start from 2-5 hours.. and can then go to 5-20 hours…every project is different.. but we get a lot of work every day.

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Fixing JQuery Animation

Looking for someone to fix a jQuery animation. It can be found at – use firebug/smiliar – mouseover the SEO Services menu – see animation… then mouse out…
Now mouseover Website Build… see animation (it only goes down 1 menu space)…
I want the jQuery dynamic so the animation scrolls down to that li element that the mouse is over – small amount of code needed – will not take long for someone who is skilled in jQuery – can you help?

Only professional people need apply

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Facebook Application (Game) Needs Fixing

Basically i need a skilled Facebook Developer to fix my facebook application.
I keep getting multiple errors and am struggling to fix them.
Can the winning bidder please provide me some links to working FB apps they have made (games) so i can get an idea of experience


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Fixing The Pages In Footer And Showing Bigger Pictures

I want to show base pictures in bigger sizes and I want to show godaddy security sign and my footer links are not working properly they need fixing as well. It is a magento clothes store. Magento version is

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Need Help Fixing This Website

I broke this website – I need a quote on how to fix it. I will give you ftp access right NOW.

I need you to tell me what I did wrong and what it will take to correct it. how much time will it take?

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On Line Reputation Fixing

I need an SEO superstar to bury some high ranking negative reputation damaging search articles. I will want the articles buried WAY down the search results. Please advise what page numbers you believe that you can get searches buried to.

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Fixing Some Php Forms

Private project…

For dswtechnologies only!

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I have finalized a project of improving with a developer from freelancer, the outcome was full of bugs and with not the exact features i want

Now what i need is as follows:
1- Test all of the features of the site
2- Improving the profiles and chat sections
3- Adding a feature of buying tokens for a monthly draw, where i can add awards and the site will be able to select the winner according to a token number
4- points of players can be changed to tokens on a specific ratio
5- games listing and sharing shall be improved
6- look and feel shall be enhanced
7- main issue is the profiles problems and chat fixing.
8-allowing multi photos uploading

any bidder who wants to bid shall first send me the errors and problems he could see in the site to make sure he understood what i want
and this is not a redbuild of the website
it is fixing the problems and adding 2 to 3 features
so dreamers who are bidding for high shall not consider to bid

No Amateures, and any one who is not interested in showing the progress daily does not have to bid
No Milestones (so if you added a milestone your bid will be hide)

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WordPress Posts In Grid Layout

I need to layout my posts thumbnails in a grid in the category page.

I already have some code that Ive used to do this before, now it wont work properly, you can see it getting stuck as it tries to add the first column and row.

I need this fixing, plus the title and excerpt adding under the thumbnail and the layout styled nicely.

Im using a seperate template for these categories, so they are named category-1.php, category-2.php, etc

I know this is an easy fix, it isnt going to take you long, I havent the time or the energy to do it right now.

I dont want to pay more than $40, it should only take you an hour or 2 hours maximum.

Want this fixing ASAP.

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Private Project: Facebook Integration And Error Fixing

Hi there,

description has been giving. Thanks

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Directory Script Need Some Fixing

I have a directory script installed on my website that is giving me some problems.
I could not get in touch with the developer that initially created the website for me so i need someone to fix the problems i am having.
I believe the script being used is edirectory.
If you have experience using this script please bid.

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Fixing Mirrorrs In Qooy Script

i want to fix qoou script mirrors
i want to fx this mirrors: mirror mirror mirror mirror mirror


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Fixing Errors In A Simple Jave Program

I have a simple java program that i cant get to work. I will email a zip of the program and the instructions. the project invloves two dimensional arrays and nested loops. thanks

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Bug Fixing In My Website ( Database And Script Improving)

Im running a ptc ( paid to clic) website that need some improvement.
ITs php/sql based, some javascript too.
this job will be redundant, that means i will need you again for some improvement.

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Asterisk PRI Audio Cracks Up After Fixing Some Echo Issues

I have asterisk to openvox pri cards to gsm gates

My gsm gates had some echo issues which were rectified by some amount of software echo cancelation.

The issue I now have is calls crack up every few seconds.

I need an experience pri person to troubleshoot the issue.

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Web Site Updation & Simple Fixing

We need to update our websites frontend layouts in photoshop and need to be fix e-mail form.
I can give details when you awarded fro this project.

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Fixing PHP Issues

I have basically three php issues that need fixing.

1. Remove a text paragraph from a page.

2. Fix route.php invalid argument, noting that Im using two languages, and when I save a file, I get this error.

3. Fix an issue where I have Optional fields in English that become Required when switching to another language.

CMS is Joomla 1.5.22

*Payment: Full payment milestone, released only after completion.

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Urgent Help Fixing SQL Formula And Jquery Form

We need urgent help to find an error on a formula that calculates costs values basing on a database.

Its a very simple formula written by a non professional. Should take not more than half an hour.

Then, we need to fix browser compatibility issues and presentation ugliness to the form you see and click on the big image.

Time is essential!

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Fix Website Layout On IE

Looking for someone to validate few web templates (11 templates) which are all running fine browsers other than IE. The site needs some fixing with the CSS and HTML

We are running the e-commerce Opencart. The template are running fine, but we are having issues with IE. We believe the errors are bad tags like "div"s and possibly the CSS.

Please check the sites on IE and you should see the errors. and

I will help you with fixing the errors. I believe within couple of hours all can be fixed.

Thank you.

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Fixing Template Style And Script

I have couple of issues on my site that need fixing.

First I need to align a login image properly on English and Arabic pages, which uses RTL template.

Also, I need to have a java script to work on my site.

Other minor issues related to template styling basically, such as aligning images left or right depending on the language.

Please only bid if you have previous experience with RTL switchable templates.

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Social Engine Tweaks

Additional Fixes in social network based on social Engine:

Prize fixing, Wall Fixing, Cron Job, etc,,


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Fixing Excel Functions Vlookup

I am having some issues with the VLookup function I am looking for someone to fix the error ASAP. The spread sheet is basically complete. I have a few other small tasks to be done. This should be a really quick/easy project I just do not have the time to work on the error.

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Need Help Fixing JQuery And Prototype Scripts

My website has a banner on the homepage that uses jQuery. The jQuery is not working correctly and the banner does not slide correctly. I also want to have a Feedback button installed, but it uses Prototype. The two scripts (jQuery and Prototype) conflict with each other so I will need an expert company to help me with this.

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Fixing Errors In A Custom Joomla Component – Php

We have a component that we had built by a freelancer here on GAF.

It still does not do everything it is supposed to do.

I need someone who is skilled in PHP, Joomla programming, API keys and populating.

The component works about 80%.

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Fixing Connection String Of Cam Script

I am having a live cam script installed on server. But the live streaming part is not working, I want someone to correct that live streaming portion.

Simple work for an expert.with cam scripts.

Budget is $30.

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Website Malware Problem – OScommerce Site Needs Fixing

My website ( is now listed on Google as "this site may harm your computer" . the site is hosted by godaddy but they are not offering support, just the "opportunity" to buy an SSL security certificate to supposedly cure the problem.

I need the site fixed, plain and simple.

It is based on OScommerce and is mostly for information purposes, very little actual online transactions.

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Fixing Bulletpoint Errors In Online CMS

I have an online store at

When uploading new products, I edit the product descriptions in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste the descriptions in to the online CMS. They always look fine to me, but on some computers the dotpoints do not look correct.

Please see the attached screenshot to show how the product descriptions incorrectly appear on some browsers.

I am looking to hire someone to fix the dotpoint errors on the current products (not all products are incorrect, only the ones that I have added recently), as well as going behind me and fixing new products as I add them.

Please quote a price per 100 products, as I do not know how many products there will be in the end.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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