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Flash Fixes

The flash file is a template that Ive customized.
Problem #1: I need help figuring out why two sound loops are getting cut off.
Problem #2: I need to add a (external) swf (its kind of like an xml photoshow) to an existing movie.

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PaperVision Wall Photographs

I need to improve on this websites loading time:

I currently use library of flash papervision. I would like to rewrite the code so that I can compile small images into the flash itself, but for larger images – load them from external file.
The concept should stay the same. UI should be similar (without libraries banner on the lower side of flash file.)

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Optimize SWF File From Flash Catalyst

I created a website using Flash Catalyst. For some reason the site takes 30 seconds to load even though it is not a very large site. I need the SWF to be more compressed and for someone to troubleshoot the files.

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CS5 Flash AS2 Calling External SWF Into A Frame

Need a container in a frame to call up an external SWF file and target it into the container when the frame comes up. The site is AS2 and built with CS5 Adobe Flash. This is simple but requires extensive knowldge of AS2 and Flash to make it work. I have the FLA file but I dont have all the components. so….this is not a trial an error work. If you know what you are doing, it will work on first attempt or you can send the fla file back to me so I can run it locally and test it. I dont want to send all the library components for you to run it. I will have to run it for you.


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Flash External Load Swf Issue

Hello, i just have 5 dlls, to this little issue, i will transfer this right away, ones i get done.

I will explain i just need the right code (action script), i have a website as3, i load a external files as2, external files has some buttons, on click it opens a URL (link).

The issue, i need this to open in a new window, thats all, something like ( _blank ) but this dont works!

I will show you files and code, EASY! RIGHT!!!!

If you are expertise, then lets do it, i think can be something like, _root, _parent, but i already try and im tired right now..

Ill be waiting your bid….


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I Need A Flash Player

I need a flash player that can play arbitrary images and videos in a loop but dynamically programmed (it will be used in a db driven application).

– Start ASAP. Delivery 10 days from start of work.


– the input will be a set objects (using an object model for the content). My application use the player with a dynamically generated set of content.

– content maybe Jpg, Gif, Png, Bmp, Tiff, FLV and MP4 format

Player properties:
– sized as needed or full screen on page load. I need to embed it in different pages at different sizes.
– aspect ratio (default to 16:9)

– one page documentation with a working sample with all above mentioned formats (samples should be 16:9).

The code must be clean and simple. This could lead to future work.

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