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Accident Claims PHP Form

We require a form for our website – the form must be able to make calculations based on the users input and then report the results to the user via a webpage and email the results to an email address for our sales dept.
Normal contact info Name/email /telephone number required fields, aswell as "was the accident you fault?".
next the user will tick boxes based upon their injury.
Head and Neck Injuries (8 subsections)
Damage to hair – Low £1K – High £15K
Facial Disfigurement – Low £1K -High £75K
Torso,Arms and Hands
Legs,ankles, Feet
user will mark their severity based upon 1 to 10 (10 most serious)
If you see you can see all of the figures or the attached document.
I want the output to say something like "based upon your answers we believe
your claim will be X – no lower than X(low figures) and as much as X (high figures)

Form can be HTL.Javasript/php/ ajax or whatever you want to use as long as we can host it.
Dont post if you will cost more than £300

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PHP Form Changes/Updates

We have a php-form system built on CI Framework we need a lot of style and coding changes made to.

Style changes

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Modify PHP Form

Additional field added to the three online application forms at the following links:

1. Agent-student application form
2. International students application form
3. Domestic students application form

if a student selects any one of the following three courses:

·Certificate IV in Hospitality

·Diploma of Hospitality

·Advanced Diploma of Hospitality

An additional field to appear below the

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Flash, PHP


Looking for some small and medium sized companies from India to work on a Flash project.

Long term relationship is preferred.

If interested please contact and more details will be provided via PMB.

Thank you.


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Php Form Creation

This will be a simple project for experienced PHP coders. What is required is this.

I have a booking form that users can print from the website but I need this available for users to complete online and then emailed to the owner of the website.

All fields will be required so this will need to be checked and the form will need captcha protection that matches the one currently being used on the other forms on the site. One thing that does need doing is when the user chooses to submit the form it will need to generate a new id number (I dont know if this is possible but its to make it easy for the website owner to answer any queries if needed).

The form then needs to be displayed and the user prompted to print a copy of the form for their own records. I will design the form in html as a guide and then it will need coding to carry out the above functions. It needs to be easy for me to just drop it into the final site after testing.

I need this doing quite quickly after I have created the html example because I really need it completed tonight or early tomorrow.

Any questions just let me know

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Phone Verified Web Form.

I need

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Wanted Pixprofit 300 Ids

Wanted pixprofit 300 ids i ll pay 30 $

if u want to sell contact

g -mail id


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PHP Developer On Interspire Shopping Cart


I am looking for a PHP Developer, specifically someone who has worked with Interspires Shopping Cart software (if not please try Googling them).

I will be working on the front-end, so HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT will not be necessary as I will be taking care of that myself. But I will need someone to take care of the backend, produce plugins and tailor the Shopping Cart software for the projects needs.

Previously worked with a few freelancers but found they are unreliable, unable to reply to emails or more importantly meet deadlines! If you apple you must have adequate PHP skills and worked with Inspire Shopping Cart software, but also be able to contact on Skype, Email and Phone. You must be able to respond quickly and provide updates on your progress.

This budget isnt a large one there are just few customisation to be made on the shopping cart and additional functionality that will be required.

This project is still in talks it should be starting in a few weeks time.

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Small PHP Form Needed

I have a small form to implement in a web site.
Will provide the layout that is implemented already on the site and a exemple form.
The form just have to send the info to an configured email.

I need this done by the end of the day.
Will pay only at the end of the work.

Please make your bid fast. Will choose someone in the next hours.

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Scrape E-mail/Phone Number Of ALL Frozen Yogurt In US

Hi there,

I need to get the contact info (either email or phone number – name of place is not required, and both
pieces of information are not necessary) of every frozen yogurt "restaurant" in the United States.

This is the type of place Im talking about:


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Small Cleaning Businss Website Upgrade…

I have a small cleaning business website that needs to be upgraded. It consists of a Home, Services,Request a quote,Terms and Contact us page and is very simple in its design. I have written the website myself in straight PHP, ,javascript and html, but lack graphical and design skills. I am looking for someone to give the website a more professional look and feel, whilst keeping the existing content. A person with a good sense of design and use of space and with the technical abilities to write the html code and ability to create some graphics would be ideal. All the php form processing files and existing javascipt code can be left as it is. I will want to be able to edit the website files directly in the future, so would NOT want the website to be designed with a CMS such as Joomla.

The business I am running is a small cleaning business that specialises in end of lease cleaning.

Knowledge of PHP is not necessary, but some basic familiarity with it, so as to be able to dissect the existing website could be useful.

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Symfony / PHP – Form Wizards

Were looking someone very familiar with symfony, and symfony forms.

Were building a website (symfony, mysql) which is very wizard driven – and need someone to split up the model forms across multiple steps. We also need the forms to be fairly customized "if Yes to radioA, then display field X", layout, etc – the site is to be as simple as possible for the users.

There are 3-5 models, each with 20-40 columns needing split across a multi-step process – interacting with each other (some selections will disallow or allow other fields).

There is a lot of additional work on this project, and others – so please include other languages, experience. Other portions of this project are already finished, and youll work with an existing team of developers.

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Fix Php Form

Fix a php form from a small landing page. Currently the form is not submitting data to the data base and not sending the confirmation email.

the form as been adapted from a working landing page.

the landing page url:
original page:

this needs to be fix in the next 5 hours

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Flash Project 2

Need someone who can do flash scripting, quick and small project. Contact me for more details.

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Flash Mysql Project II

I am doing a project is for a saddle making company and they are wanting a saddle configuration utility very similar to a competitors. I am seeking bids on this to start asap. If you have any questions at all whatsoever, please let me know. Please do not bid if you have questions without them being answered first.

So, what we are needing is a Flash program (I say program for lack of a better word, but it does involve Flash and I imagine a database). I will be providing all of the design elements for it, but I need the functionality for it done by a programmer.

Basically I will give you the graphics, and you would need to take them along with the functionality and put it all together into a final product. I will only be providing the graphic elements and the data.

The example can be found at

They want all of the same elements incorporated into their version but with a few changes.

1. They may not have the same amount of choices for each step in the configuration utility, more than likely they will have the same amount or less options for each option. Like I said, I will be providing the graphics as well as a detailed list of each option.

2. There will be options in the builder where certain options are only available if other certain options are selected. For example: seat color can only be added if the seat selected is a padded seat. Of course I will provide a list of what can be selected etc.

3. At the end, in addition to having all of the options they need at the end, they want to actually have the pricing for the saddle the visitor has just configured. Actually, there is another saddle builder example where the price is stated as the options are selected, which is at As you can see on this site, when you select the options, it gives you the price for each option, then has the price calculated as well (in the top right corner). Well want to have the price for each option available and the price calculated just like in this example. Of course, I would be providing you with the exact costs for each option so that it could be calculated as it is built.

4. At the end, they would like to take out the

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Flash Site

I need to build a site as inspired by I will Give you all info need to complete project and you must be able to work on the phone or ichat to help complete job for meetings and updates on the site. Must be familiar with

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PHP Form Trouble Shooting


Trying to get a form working on a new server. Worked on old but now it doesnt seem to work.
Should be a quick fix for someone who knows PHP. If all goes well we have more work for the person
that helps us out.

Need this asap..


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Flash Site Editing Changes

I need a flash website i own to be edited with small changes
change company logo
add 2 links in footer
change contact address and phone number.

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Build A Virtual Exhibition Center In Flash

I need to build a website on an Online Virtual Exhibitions Center.

1- Visit this website to see how I want it ((
2- Visit their Home Page at ((
3- See the 2 Videos on their Home page "Building a Pavilion" and ""Features and Functionality".

I want like that.

Budget: $300 (FIRM).
Ill pay $100 if you respect the timetable 100% and if I am happy with the result.

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Seo/ Backlink

i need a SEO guy who can do optimize my site and do some backlinking . need some back links.

i also need one simple php form ( details in PM ).

Thank You

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Cubic Feet To Liters Conversion PHP Form.

Hi I need an calculator. This is my equation

Length _ feet x Width _ feet = Answer Litres.


Length 5 x Width 4 = 566.337 L

Thanks all for bidding.

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Contact Details

GBC Australia will provide a list of URLs which we would like a detailed spreadsheet consisting of the following details:

Company Name
Contact Name (WILL REQUIRE CONTACTING BY PHONE – directions of what to say will be provided)
Address of offices
Postal Address
Phone Number

The URL list is currently still being compiled, however the estimated number of contacts all requiring a phone call will be between 300-500 contacts.

All of the clients will be located in Sydney NSW Australia and most of the information required to be collected will be on the websites except for the contact names which will require the company to be contact via telephone.

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Contact Form Integrated Into Existing Website

I have an existing website running on IIS 6. I need a better contact form script written in ASP using Jmail and Captcha to integrate into the existing contact page, the SMTP server also requires authentication.

The form should also check for blank or irregular required fields. The form will be emailed to just 1 email address.

Fields on form should be:

Name (a required field)
Company (optional field)
Phone (optional field)
Email (a required field, and valid email address)
Enquiry (a required field – textarea)
Captcha input

Submit button

When sending the email, I want the contact form to grey out and an animated gif to show please wait… and a success or failure layer on top of the contact form at the end.

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Problem With PHP Form Script For JAPANESE Name Input

Having problem involving PHP forms submitting Japanese characters (first name)to a MySQL database.
we use personalization tags in the message and subject to show the subscribers name but the first part of it get garbled and show as ? (question mark).this is happening for only personalization tags only and other Japanese charater that are used are just fine .
the scripts itselfe are encoded with UTF-8 and use phpmailer function which is also encoded to send mail as with UTF-8 Please bid only if you are Japanese and or know about encoding -decoding issue for PHP scripts.
I will send the INFO after rewarded the coder.
Thank you

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PHP Form Modification

Need additional feature like auto responder in a simple two PHP forms (order + contact).

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HTML & PHP E-Mail Form – Thank You Page & Error Page….ASAP

Here is the thing, we have a website ((gggfirm dot com / 3 / contact.htm)) and in there we have a special contact page.

If you fill the form correctly it will redirect you to a blank Thank You page that says this

***************************************THANK YOU PAGE************************************************

"Thank you for contacting us. We will be in touch with you very soon."

***************************************THANK YOU PAGE************************************************

and if you do a mistake on the form or did not fill a line, it will send you to blank Error page something like this

***************************************ERROR PAGE*******************************************

"We are very sorry, but there were error(s) found with the form your submitted. These errors appear below.

The Last Name you entered does not appear to be valid.
The Comments you entered do not appear to be valid.

Please go back and fix these errors."

***************************************ERROR PAGE*******************************************

We are using HTML and PHP, what we want to do is instead of going to the Blank Thank You Page, we want to redirect people to this thank you page –> ((gggfirm dot com / 3 / contact_thankyou.htm))

And when people forget to fill a line or do a mistake, we want them to redirect to this page –> ((gggfirm dot com / 3 / contact_error.htm))

We are actually using this form on our website so you can get the file on this site –> www dot freecontactform dot com / email_form.php

Let us know your bid and time frame for project. ASAP Project

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Lead Generation – E-mail, Contact Name, And Company Name

One person will be chosen to avoid duplicate leads.

Leads will be paid per 100 leads.

1 lead = E-mail, Contact Name, and Company Name
These must be placed in an Excel file like the sample attached to this project.

The leads must be found ONLY from the following sites:

Leads must be found on the JOBS section of these sites.
Duplicate leads will not be paid for.
Only valid leads will be paid for.
Incomplete leads will not be paid for.

I can put the e-mail address in google and check to make sure you found these on the authorized sites.
I can also check to make sure that they were found in the jobs section as well as if they are valid.

Duplicate, Invalid, or Incomplete leads must be replaced or you will not be paid for them.

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Implement Capcha In My Php Form

I have a capcha code that needs to be implemented into a PHP file. Its about 3-5 lines of code. Should take you about 15 minutes to complete

budget: $15

Please leave commented tags within the file so i know where you put the code

heres the code you need to implement

I will also send you the captcha files + form files that you can test on your local server.

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PHP Form

I have a (PHP) Contact Form that doesnt work (actually only a couple of fields are functional).

I need the form rebuilt (with well-written code) so it will work consistently.

My client requires the form results to be emailed to them as well as a kick-back email sent the person who completed the form.

NOTE: The emailed form results must be extremely clear (results from past forms have been somewhat cryptic)

Everything (content and style) stays exactly the same. Only the programming changes.

You may view the form at the following URL:

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