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CS5 Flash AS2 Calling External SWF Into A Frame

Need a container in a frame to call up an external SWF file and target it into the container when the frame comes up. The site is AS2 and built with CS5 Adobe Flash. This is simple but requires extensive knowldge of AS2 and Flash to make it work. I have the FLA file but I dont have all the components. so….this is not a trial an error work. If you know what you are doing, it will work on first attempt or you can send the fla file back to me so I can run it locally and test it. I dont want to send all the library components for you to run it. I will have to run it for you.


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120×40 Banners As Headers For Category Content

I need around 20 120×40 pix banners as headers for category content. Static, nonanimated.

At this moment I need 8 banners.

I have uploaded an example.

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