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MVCV Bushing

I need a plastic spacer for some units in the field awaiting customer approval for delivery. This is a rework solution so I need them rushed and am open to suggestions that still meet my criteria.

1. Part must be some type of plastic.
2. Must have high impact resistance as it is being used as a hard stop spacer.
3. Must withstand cold temperatures for long periods and still be impact resistant- approximately -30°F

Need 520 pieces total but I need 85 of them ASAP!!!
Drawing is attached. Again, PLEASE NOTE….. I am open to changes in size, shape etc to some degree to reduce cost.


The bushing slides over a 53x6mm tab that is welded vertically to cylindrical plate. This plastic bushing must be able to slide freely over tab and have relief for the weld which can vary quite a bit in size 2-6mm. I have attached two images showing one version where the tab slot in bushing has draft so that the bottom has a larger opening to accommodate weld, this requires machining at an angle or with a special tool I guess. The other option is to chamfer the bottom of the tab slot to accommodate the weld.

Either item is acceptable, our criteria is cost. And as mentioned, we are open to suggestions for reducing the cost.

The tab dimensions are 53mm x 6mm with ±1mm. The bushing it self can vary in thickness from 20mm to 30mm and the OD must be no less than 90mm.

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Flash Banner With 4 External Images

We need a flash e-commerce banner (slide efect) only to show 4 external images (all images with the same size).
When we upload new images, the SWF need to show new images automatically.
Need 4 simple direct links for any image.

We need SWF and FLA version.

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Gallery Control With Folder List

I want a gallery control with folder list. folder list is showing in a side as tree view. and when i select any folder then the all images of that folder i want to see in gallery. also i need the slide show.
i need web version.

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