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I have already a web site which developed in PHP, MYSQL to send gifts. I need to change home page and all pages layout. data can be use old.

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Zope To My SQL

One of our client currently host a Zope eCommerce application that they developed in-house called Bizar shop. They have since moved on to developing all their new eCommerce sites in Magento. they would like to develop the easiest way to migrate these stores from Zope.

Both systems are hosted on their own Linux servers

They therefore need to outsource this job.

Scope of work
Either improve the existing csv export module for products (it currently misses some key fields in the database), or ideally, find a way to get as much data as possible from Zope into mysql / magento

Fix some Python external methods that have not worked since they migrated their Zopes to a new server.

Minor template modifications to a couple of existing sites.

More detail can be provided on request, but please only apply for this job if you have extensive Zope experience!

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Web Scraping Project! Scraping Data From Real Estate Sites

Hello Service Providers,

I am looking for a person or company that can help me
with web scraping data from real estate sites and placing them
into my WordPress sites.

Any person or company that bids has to show me prove of similair projects done.

Good luck with the bids

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Data Entry Needed If You Are Hardworking Please Bid

Hello There!

"A market research company from the USA is searching for internet users all over the world, who get paid for testing websites and giving a short opinion. You also can earn up to 1,000 US$ per month working 1 to 10 hours weekly.

For free registration click the link below:

Please email me once youre registered. I will give more detailed instructions after. This is only up to end of August.

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Facebook Integration And Like Button

I need a simple script made for a user to login (then save the details locally) or signup and invite their friends. We need a button that will go along with this where it will display the users profile pic (save it on server) and then allow the user to click a custom Like button that will get posted to the users wall, this should be a simple function which we can pass "image url", action (string), and user input (string) to and it will get posted. The data will also need to be saved in a mysql db accordingly so we can see what a user did and when.

We will need to get a list of friends also so we can see which friends of the user have signed up, so we can perform other operations, also list any other users that are logged into the site currently.

Our MAX budget is $300 for this.

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Flex Axiis Chart Expert Needed Urgently


We need three charts implemented using with dynamic xml as the input.

Line/Area Chart
area is a filled line chart

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Flex Application Modification

I need some modifications on a ready made p2p cam application and a small php mysql backend that correspondets with it.

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We are looking for a PHP Module to create a crosstab/XY Data Grid editable data form, from a mysql data set.

The module/form will provide the ability for simple data ( strings, numbers, enumerated types ), to be presented in a spreadsheet format, edited, and saved.
Col1 Col2 Col3
Row1 Value1 Value2 Value3
Row2 Value4 Value5 Value6
Row3 Value7 Value8 Value9

The application will call the module using a simple interface, for example
sql => select row_id, row_value, column_id, column_value, cell_id, cell_value from dataset
row_id_field => row_id
row_value_field => row_value
col_id_field => column_id
column_value_field => column_value
cell_id => cell_id
cell_value => cell_value

Data will be presented in a Grid, using an AJAX component. Where possible the solution should re-use an open source Ajax component.
The Solution should be able to support up to 1000 rows and 1000 columns, and hence support selective/subset data fetching and managing.

The component/resulting HTML output will support CSS, and the solution must demonstrate how to use CSS to present the output. An example CSS/html style will be provided which the solution must demonstrate.

Three remote example data sets will be provided and used to confirm successful delivery.

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