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Event Page

We need to create an event page.

I want it to look something like this:

The file attached is the most recent mockup with the content. Basically I need some type of design behind the title and the colors need to be more on these tones:

the font i was using is but if you find something that works better thats fine.

Then this needs to be made in HTML, including a plug in for twitter stream and a javascript form

Let me know if you can do this I need it very soon.

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Microsoft Word Expert Needed For Formatting Issue

Microsoft Word expert needed to troubleshoot a font issue in a document.

We have submitted a completed novel to Smashwords for eBook sales, but keep getting this error: Font Size Error – Your manuscript contains font styling that defines fonts larger than 18pt. (we have more detail on this if you need it)

Nothing looks larger than 14 pt in the book, but somewhere in the document, the styles must be wrong.

Your job is to deliver a clean document where all the styles look great and can pass the conversion test.

We will pay 1/2 up front, then release the milestone payment after submitting the document you create to Smashwords and getting a passing grade.

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Mobile Spash Screen

I am looking for a nice cool splash screen to be used for a mobile application, it will be for all phones ie BB, Android, and iPhone etc. I already have the product logo and icon and I will provide full PSD/Illustrator and font source files as required. The splash screen should be representative of a mobile application that is dynamic and enterprise ready, yet fresh and slick. I would also like a few other icons created for buttons etc, this can be discussed. I expect about 10 small icon buttons. I would expect the icons and spash designs to be templated (ie PSD layers) with an appropriate font so we can self-serve after the intial set.

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Chatroom In PHP

I need a chatroom to integrate with my website and I have a membership database in mySQL already so integration (SSO) is required. Chatroom feature requirements as follows:

1. "Able to create Chatroom with 2 sides, one side for Guest and one side for other ""roles""
2. Able to schedule the opening hours of the Chatroom
3. support html code for input box
4. Able to control the font size / font color
5. Able to add icons into messages
6. Show profile pic / role of members
7. Able to filter foul words
8. Ban User / IP
9. Collect chat room history
10. open Chatroom for specific group / roles of members (e.g.. All group, teachers, engineers, etc)
11. Able to open multiple chatrooms at the same time

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Dnn Counter Module

Hi i need a module like the downloads counter module of the home page of site. i want to be able to give it different datasources to each instance of modules and also i would like the same skinning as dnn site has in addition to just simple numbers with different font colors and font weight

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Reduce Font Size On Joomla Menu

Have existing website. need font size on menu reduced and need to change the number of recent articles displayed on the home page.

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Edit 3 Existing Logos

I have 3 logos that need to be edited. I have the original files for all three to be used as a basis. All three need additional creative work done:

Logo 1 – needs a symbol to be created to something entirely different – the font and most of the words will stay the same

Logo 2 – needs some very minor font / word changing.

Log 3 – needs some very minor font / word changing and a symbol change.

I dont think this will be a big job, however I need someone creative and who does very, very professional work as I will have much, more work in the future for the right person.

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Graphic Font Design

I need to create a better quality version of a marketing pamphlet. I can provide a low quality version of what I need. I can provide all imagery needed as well as the font names but not the fonts themselves. Bidders must have access to Police Helvetica Neue 65 font. It is quite a small job if you have this font.

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Draft Details In AutoCad

1. Draft the approximately 22 details in AUTOCAD.
2. This is compilation of details from different projects and places — so, all the drafting and formats need to look similar.
3. I want the overall layout and fonts to look DIFFERENT than shown here — all the labels should be neatly aligned along the left and right side. The font should be changed (I would like to use a "blueprint" or "handwriting" font if possible — we can review and discuss the appropriate font first after you complete first detail.
4. Each detail should be done in BOTH English units and Metric Units (Rounded to the nearest — i.e 6" = 150 mm and 150mm = 6"). (So — there will be a total of approx. 44 details)
5. Include our company logo on each detail.
6. If possible — draw to an appropriate scale.
7. Provide a PDF of each detail.

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WordPress CSS Fixes

For our custom, yet very simple wordpress theme – we need some changes like removing lines here and there, changing the font etc.

These are, as i can see, the changes, we might ad a few more if we forgot to change the font of some text.

No photo shop work here, only /WP/ CSS but it would be good if you have a "good eye"

front page:
– ad new logo (logo will be provided)
– remove an icon next to posts
– remove an icon to the right of posts and move categories up
– change all fonts to something similar to example given
– When a category is clicked and a sub category exists, subcategories must drop out to the right
– categories should only be one line (currently 2 side by side)
– must change the font and formatting of categories similar to mock up given
– remove categories under each post (across site)
– ad favicon both to browser top and page top (also in the browser)
– ad facebook like button to right hand side navigation
– ad a "all photos by: AUTHOR NAME" and then author name under each first photo shown on the front page-

comments field:
– Change "comments" to "share your thoughts" and remove the count
– setup comments and "add a comment" functionality like example given

author page:
– make author page a WordPress

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Chat System Similar To Yahoo

I am searching for someone to build a web based chat system similar to Yahoos chat system, video/audio, emoticons, font/font color selections, etc. must be included in the script. This chat system must be integrated with an existing user database and the chat should have an option to view the users profile directly from the chat room.

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The Pop Up ART House

*****Opening a PoP-up (temporary) art gallery in Las Vegas. Serious art program with artists from LA & NYC. ****

Need simple but elegant website. White & black/grey text with very sophisticated font. Font is important as it becomes the main graphic/design element. The "logo" itself might be comprised of font/phrases.


5 menu bars at most and I doubt any sub categories


One page will have exhibitions. This page will need to updated monthly. Maybe just "add" new exhibitions to same page so past exhibitions are available to view too

MUST have email program so people can sign up for mailing list and I can do mass "invitation" emails…(I must be able to add email addresses too)

Currently have domain registered with BlueHost and there are MANY free design tools but I dont have a clue or patience to know how to us.

Please join in on this creative project

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Take Image Of Font (company Name) And Make Big And Clean

I have an image of my company name in a specific font. The font was free and is messy. I need the font/image cleaned up and sharpened, the letters to be fixed and made into very large PSD file with transparent background.

I need the font made into 2 colours, the dark grey provided and a slightly lighter grey which can be in the same PSD or seperate.

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Clothing/Equipment Designer With Canvas Html5

Need a designer based on the Html 5 canvas attribute with the underlying javascript. The goal is to be able Start with a template of either jerseys, t-shirts etc. and be able to add text/images in different fonts/sizes,colors. specify location of placement. From there using a form The user should need to specify the quantity based on the sizes provided. After the user should get an estimated quote based on preset prices. If the user likes, he/she would then attach their credentials(name,phone,address,etc).Once the user submits this, the Admin should be able to either receive an email with the specified quantities, the user credentials, and the size of the image or the font size,color,and font. Also should be attached is the image with the template the user created and the image the user uploaded.

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WordPress Website Needing Modificatons And Additions.


We are looking for a wordpress professional to improve the navigation of our website to improve our user experience. We would also like to add a few items and change a few items.

1. Currently much of the content has been added as images. I need this content to be added as content and be seens as content. I still need the content to wrap around some images, like on the front page.
2. The Navigation bar needs to be bigger, neater and possibly higher

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Vinyl Lettering Designer To Work On Zencart Shop

I want to create an image generation for a vinyl lettering website. It will need to have similar functionality as or


1. dynamically generate image using color, font files, and user input text
2. dynamically calculate the price of vinyl lettering using our formula
3. dynamically add the custom product to the Zencart shopping cart including all the custom variables of color, price, font. and phrase.

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Mask Maker

Create your own mask.

Upload an Image:

*Simply upload a photo and we will do the rest. Our A4 masks measure 300mm x 450mm.

The better the image (a decent forward facing picture minimum 300dpi) the better the end result.


Allow users to Cut around a persons head.

Add eye holes.

Allow the option to add text to the front of mask. Choose Font, Choose Text colour, Font Size and allow them to drag the text box position onto the mask.

Allow user to zoom in on image if needed.

Download High Quality Image ready to print.
* Example –


Either the script will automatically detect a face and cut around it automatically or allow the user on the same page to preview their photo and cut around the face and also cut two eye holes onto it

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Font Design

I have an exisiting font set. I would like to create other versions of that font: Bubble and Drop Shadow. It has to be created in a font program such as fontographer so that they can be shared with multiple designers for multiple purposes. I need this done by February 11th.

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Want An Exact .psd Copy Of This Title Including Font

Need an exact replica of this title in a pds file including the font used etc.

Need it today, first one to make one and show me the image via PM will get the job

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Small CSS Text Problem With Website


I need a small fix done on a wordpress website. The problem is with the size of the font in the css code. This is a very small project which could be completed in 15mins.

The issue is with the font size on the article section of the page. This font is smaller than the rest of the website and I need it changed to the correct size. Currently the font size is based on css "em" size.

I am willing to pay $10 for this fix.

Only apply for this project if you have a excellent knowledge of HTML, WordPress and CSS.

Ronan Kelleher

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