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Studiopress Header And Footer Revised – Update

Our company is seeking an individual to help us with:

1) ideas and recommendations for fixing (make better looking) header and footer for Target audience is women and it is an online magazine our company would like to appeal to this group and would like our
2Please provide quote, a couple of ideas for changing header and footer (to help us see how you would approach the project) for THIS project.

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Studiopress Site Clean Up And Revision

Our company is seeking an individual to help us with:

1) ideas and recommendations for fixing (make better looking) header and footer for Target audience is women and it is an online magazine our company would like to appeal to this group and would like our
2)Upload articles and images to site (all provided)
3) create social media pages (twitter and facebook); link social media icons to social media pages
4.) Link up Newsletter to site…

Please provide quote, a couple of ideas for changing header and footer (to help us see how you would approach the project) for THIS project.

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Need Category And Product Page Layouts For Ecommerce Site

We have a basic template for an ecommerce store located at

What we need is:

– The footer finished. We html/css/graphics to be an attractive addition to the template using the same colors. Use text placeholders for items you would find in a footer (contact information, links to privacy policy, maps, graphics for payment types like VISA, etc). Were not concerned about the exact look of the footer as long as it matches and looks good.

– We need a category listing page created to match our template. We would like a menu on the left hand side (using generic text placeholders) and a listing of products on the right in a grid layout 3 products wide. Use the page as a guide (menu on left, products on right).

– We need a product detail page template created to match. This would have a layout similar to where the product picture is on the left and detail section is on the right. We would like our page to have all the product items in the example (price, description, customization fields, shipping information, etc)

The end result will be a deliverable containing our existing template with completed footer, the new category page with footer, and the new product page with footer all coded in valid XHTML with the valid supporting CSS file and any images needed.

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Five Links In A Footer

I need 5 links putting in the footer of my site that will link to blank pages including header and footer, these are for terms conditions, about us, advertising,privacy policy, and contact us, this contact us page already exists just needs a tel number and address adding, all text will be supplied by me.

See the site at its just a customized Oxy Script (ignore the header its temp)

there is actually a feature in the admin area for making blank pages, i just do not know how to add the links in this sort of script



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Template Creation And Integration

I have a new Project.


This is my website: Removed by Admin]
Im using this script: ( i have the trial script but you can change the template files from the admin panel.)

I want a minisite creation similar this: ( header, footer, banners, logo..i want the best graphic and settings for sell a big ammount of premium membership.)

This is the work:


If you have please send me some ideas, demo, or previous project.

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Fix CSS Footer Bug

I have a website design that needs a css issue fixed: the page footer is not sticking to the bottom of the page. Your task will be to fix the css so the footer sits on the very bottom of the page without any gap.

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CSS/HTML – Fix Webpage To Display Footer Correctly In IE9

There is a CSS issue with a website in correctly displaying the page footer at the bottom of the page. The same footer appears on all subsequent pages.

In IE9/Safari (IPhone/IPad) the footer appears in the middle of the web page.

The sites use of Quirks mode and doctype may be at issue and may need to have CSS and doctype adjustments to properly put it in Standards mode, so the footer moves to the bottom of the window. The solution should not be a hack but an accepted industry solution and support HTML5.

The web page needs to correctly display the footer in IE9, Chrome 10, Safari 5.05 and Safari (IPhone), Opera 10.x and Mozilla 4.

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Fixing The Pages In Footer And Showing Bigger Pictures

I want to show base pictures in bigger sizes and I want to show godaddy security sign and my footer links are not working properly they need fixing as well. It is a magento clothes store. Magento version is

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Web Developer Needed For ECommerce

Web Developer needed for business eCommerce layout.


– Must be be familiar with PHP, CSS/HTML, and javascript
– Must be familiar with that can integrate our custom header and footer to the billing system.
– We need someone who can create a unique navigational menu like GoDaddy
– We also need somebody to program in PHP that will allow the header, and footer to stay consistent with all pages.

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Big Commerce Customization

Currently moving to Big Commerce and would like to have a template customized to my likings. It should be fresh, clean, easy to navigate and modern/chic (open to options).

We solely sell a diet product called HCG and moved my selling pages to Big Commerce to be able to offer coupon and referral codes among other things. I need to implement the same template Im currently using for my other pages.

Here is the template I want to use:

Here is what I was able to do so far:

Notice the lack of the menu and footer on the pages I created on Big Commerce. I just need a template with the my headre and footer and I will implement the rest.

Bidders must provide examples of work with Big Commerce sites.

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PHP MySQL -programming (code Modification)

I find osticket the opensource ticketing software fit most of my requirements, however I am looking to add the following functionality:

1 – Forward the conversation thread between staff and end-user as an external email. This could be done by opening an outlook/ email client to send the email (so the email shows in the outlooks sent items). This forward of email does not have to be reflected/ stored in the osticket application
2 – HTML based email footer to be picked from a file or url (rich-text or html functionality is only required for footer not for editing)
3 – Facility to add attachment in responses

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Footer Modifications Private

Footer modifications as discussed in detail

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Basic Html Edits To Template /web Design Ecommerce

Looking for someone to make simple html edits to my template, just to clean up the design a little. You will be given instructions how to login to the e-commerce platform and access the template and article files to edit the html.

This is a quick job and Id like to have this done soon. Please, only freelancers with many positive feedbacks apply. Sorry for the inconvenience.

List of edits to be completed:

1. Currency Widget – move to Top Navigation next to "help" link, to the right

2. "View Cart" – Add graphic image of shopping cart next to link (maybe, maybe not, depends if top nav is full after adding currency widget)

4. Contact Us page – straighten the

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H2O WordPress Website

A simple business site to be built in WordPress.


I will supply an approved WordPress theme, and a very detailed brief. The contracted developer will need to implement it to an acceptable level of completion before March 3 (i.e. within one week from being commissioned).

The site in construction will need to be on a privately accessible server, (so I can view and comment on development).

Functionality is to include generic pages (About Us, Contact Us, Privacy etc.), list pages (Services, Case Studies, Testimonials), and a contact form (with CAPTCHA security). The selected theme accommodates all these elements. The theme allows for large header images on the welcome page and a footer nav (key links in footer panel).

The site needs to be W3C standards compliant, cross-platform compatible, cross-browser compatible (Chrome, FF, IE, Opera, Safari), and meeting acceptable professional standards.

I will supply sample text and images for each unique page layout. Apart from this, I will input all other data.

A 50% instalment can be made on a key milestone and balance settled upon receipt and acceptance of the final files.

Upon completion, a zipped folder of all files must be supplied. The site will be hosted on our webservers.

A critical condition of bidding for this project, is that (if commissioned), the developer agrees not to display screenshots, refer to, link to or use the clients name or site for marketing. I am very prepared to offer a non-specific testimonial, if the progress is smooth and our working relationship is effective.

All bidders MUST provide at least five (5) URLs for WordPress websites which are identifiable as their work.

References will add considerably to the possibility of selection.

I am looking for a highly professional contractor, to work within the timeframe and budget.

If you have any questions, please submit promptly.

Thank you for your submission.

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WordPress Footer Redesign

I own a website about sports betting ( ) and I want to modify the footer to be like this one: . I just want a few columns which will include: Top Bookmakers, Site Pages, Recent Posts, Partner Links and of course you`ll have to integrate the new footer into existing site design. For a experienced wordpress coder it`s not so hard, I can do it myself in a few hours but I don`t have time for this.

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WordPress Footer Rotator From Jquery Private

As agreed – add footer rotator

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Footer Needed For Website

Hello there,
I have a website by – a D.I.Y website. I really want to put a footer at the bottom of each page like freelancer has and loads of other websites with about us, and a whole lot of other links. But as I dont know html I dont know how to do it. If you look at websites by they can be quite limiting, for example, it does not support the following:






My website has a white background and it would be good if the footer could be a different colour and if this could be done in html, it would be really easy to do on a mrsite website.

I do have a lot of ongoing work to give as really want to update a lot of bits and pieces on a few websites and so am looking for an extremely reliable and knowledgable freelancer.

Many thanks

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Magento Theme Modifications

We need a modification of an existing magento-theme ( + we need a logo for the shop.


– insert our logo
– replace the three images/banners on the index-page
– replace the slider shown there with the "featured products" which are a standard-feature of magento
– arrange the links in the footer like in the style of this footer + remove the default footer-links (except contact)
– change the colour of the header-links ("My Account " etc)
– design 4 banners for the categories inside the catalog (categories are shown as mix of CMS and products)

I will deliver images to you which you should use for the job. Timeframe is small – you should be able to complete this within a few days, starting middle of february.

Thats all for the moment. We are looking for a long-term-contractor we can rely on also in the future. There will be a lot of things to do in the future and we demand fast and clean, good work.

Preferred workers from inside the EU with VAT-registered business. For any questions please message me.
Advanced magento-experiences are absolutely important! Please DON`T BID when you are new to magento.
Provide references for your past magento-works (references i can reproduce! I can also google for magento-shops and state i designed them).

Thanks for your bid

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RSS Widget Creator (HTML / Javascript)

Looking for a developer with php, javascript/ ajax, and RSS feed knowledge to develop a

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CSS + Xhtml Work

Xhtml css coding (NO PDF conversion)

I have 2 xhtml pages which I wish to make it look like main site
1) WordPress blog (changes required in footer.php, header.php …) to look like main site.. (NO PSD )
2) Search results page (changes required in footer.php , header.php and body php file)

CSS & XHTML expert required.

Requirement is immediate..

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Slide Up Footer


I want a script like this .


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Center Page Footer Across Browsers (IE, FF, Safari, Chrome)

Dear Service Providers,

Please refer to the following link for full details on this project:

No time-wasters, Only CSS/HTML gurus please.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Best Regards,

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WordPress Theme To Be Modified


I have a wordpress website to be launcherd in a month or 2.
The site is:
At the moment the problem is that i need some customization.

I need you modify the detail page and the list page:

So, for example the page should be like

and the single pages like should be like

Ill ask you also for some other little changes to footer page (footer.php) to looks like
footer page of
Also some graphics needed.

Ill give you my account details and also the template to play around with &
access to my site, but I need you to not change the website until the development
is done on your end.
So, I need you to make the adjustments
to all the files or figure out the settings changes on your end with a practice website.


Thanks you for your attention.

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Fix Footer

I need a small Javascript/CSS hack. We have a customised footer on the website, like here:

And we want our footer (currently Google ads at the bottom) to be right under the hotels (there is a big space now on the pages which have low number of hotels).

However we can modify just header and footer of the page. Is there a possibility to make it that the footer will start where the hotels ends and not where the left bar ends? Like errase some kind of cleaner from css using the javascript…

Our footer starts with this tag. We cant modify anything above this:

<div width="990" align="center" style="margin-top:-0px; overflow:visible;">

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Copy And Mix Css From Two Sites

Im building a new website (a webshop to be exact), and I have 2 websites i would like to copy the looks of.
They are both very similar, built on zencart framework, look below for links.

I want the header and productinfopage css from 1 site, the rest from the other site.

It is a pretty simple task, but I get headaches from doing this kind of stuff.

What i want as a final result:
Clean css, necessary pictures thats given in the css (buttons, menubackgrounds++) and sample HTML for the following:

Footer, Left Sidebar/Menu, Frontpage, and the 4 step shoppingcart from
Header and Productinfopage from

01/19/2011 at 13:17 EST:

Changed my mind:
Header, Frontpage, Footer, and 1 step shoppingcart from
Productinfopage from
Left sidebar from

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Create And Remove Links From A Website

Ill need 5 links added to the footer. And two links removed, one from the footer and one from the header. Id like to set a deadline of 1-2 days for completion.

****If you cannot complete the project by the agreed upon completion date DO NOT BID!!!! If you do not meet the completion date I will deduct a percentage from escrow for every day beyond the deadline – this is non-negotiable.

Thank you for bidding. Please bid wisely. If you do a great job on this project I have others so there is a definite possibility for repeat business.


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Format Microsoft Word Documents

I have 3 documents I need formated in Microsoft Word.

2 are novels
1 is a series of poems.

Basically the documents need to be formated to have the correct font, font size, spacing between lines.
The documents will need header and footer information. The header will display the title of the novel and the chapter
the footer will display the page number.

You will need to add table of contents and decide the nicest way to fomrat paragraphs and headings of each chapter.

Budget $30.
Must be delivered in 2 days.

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Custom Footer Image Design

Custom image added to footer that pops-up on scroll-over with link to designated page.

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4 Column Footer

I want a 4 column footer for my entire website. This footer should be a template that would allow me to add it to each of my web pages and allow me to edit the content in the footer to suit each page.

This footer should be written for this type of html document:

&lt;!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC &quot;-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN&quot;

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