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High PR Forum Posting & Blog Commenting

The most important part of this project is you ability to provide comments and forum post & replies that are meaningful and not spammy.

For this reason, a sample of your blog commenting and forum posting is critical. If you cant provide a sample, you wont get this project.

This is a one-time project, but it could be monthly depending on the quality of the sites and the quality of your posts.

1. 500 blog accounts from separate, do follow blogs. You will provide us with the un/pw, then you will provide 500 quality blog comments.

2. 500 profiles from high PR, do follow quality English forums. We will provide the industry and you must find as many trade related forums as possible. Each signature with 2-3 anchor links. Then you will provide the following for these accounts:

1,000 forum relevant forum posts

1,000 forum relevant forum replies

You must spread the posts evenly over 30 days.

Do we really need to list all the dos and donts? Dont so anything black hat or grey hat, period.

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Blog Posting/Writing

I need someone to write blog posts to several blogs.
You need to login to blogs and write 2 posts per blog of at least 200 words with an image.
Contents can be rewritten from any article with topics to be given provided it will pass copyscape.
Payment will be $1 per 2 blogs with 2 posts each or .50 cents per blog.
Bid $30 for 60 blogs.

This is long term if you are consistent with good quality.
PM me your blog samples or articles.
This is urgent and will hire asap.

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Forum Or Blog Posting

Ive so many websites, and I need some individuals or team to post on Forums or Blogs for my site referral. I need only Do Follow Forum posting. Only signature posting will not be accepted. Providers will need to post my links and URL directly or through a hyperlink.

Im looking for a permanent VA as Ive so many sites and Im creating more sites gradually.

Please Bid only if you have experience for the job. Leave a message with your rate and a sample of your previous work.

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10k Blog Commenting

Hello friends.

We need a team for 10000 blog comments in the next 25-30 days.

Blog Requirements and instructions:
– You must have your own blog list
– Comments should not look like spam, so you need to skim read the blog post and leave a relevant comment with at least 20 words/2 sentences in it.
– Comments MUST be hand written and unique – if the comments are alike or some soft has been used to leave them. But you can mix between 300-400 types. Copy paste allowed.
-You are allowed to use roboform to fill in name/email/website fields).
– Back links must contain given anchor text.
– Report should be provided in the excel spreadsheet.
– Blog MUST be same theme as target keyword. You will find suitable blogs yourself
-Only approved comments will be counted

– Upfront payment 20% of total agreement, no milestone payment can be made.
– No unlike rate between completion and escrow release
– No payment whatsoever will be made if your work results in the harming in any way, and to any extent of our name.

You should have experience in this type of activities and tasks. Documentation of this is important.

If this is something you have a good knowledge of, experience with, and manage the task, it is desirable that you can place a bid of 30$ and send details in a private message.

Looking forward to see bids from you.

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Relevant Blog Commenting : Bangladeshis Preference

> We need 50 blog comments in
PR0(cached) ,
PR 2,
PR 3
pages(the page where the comment is posted).

(We will let you know which keyword will go to which PR when we provide order sheet)

> Relevant blog pages (relevancy is subjective, e:g If we assign keyword "marriage counselor" you may broad your search to man,women,society,people etc)

> Approved comment (with link visibility and obviously do-follow, nofollow links will rejected)

> reporting in Excel format (columns serially – links – PR – Anchor)

> Please PM with a sample + price for each comment.

>Use of good english + html in comment (rather than using keyword as name)

Long term project. Successful competition will lead to a very good amount of similar assignments


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Blog Forum Commenting Needed

We need approximately 1000 blog comments every month. This will be an ongoing project for the right people. Willing to hire multiple people to achieve this if needed.

You must be experienced in Blog commenting.

Please read below and submit your bid for placing 1000 blog/forum comments every month.

You will be given a list of our internal web pages, and their respective keywords.

Do follow Blog comments instructions:


– Comments should not look like spam, so you need to read the blogpost and leave a relevant comment with at least 20 words/2 sentences in it.
– Comments MUST be hand written and unique – if the comments are alike or some software has been used to leave them, I wont pay for them (though you are allowed to use roboform to fill in name/email/website fields).
– Backlinks must contain given anchor text
– There should not be a need to login to see the links or comments.

– Report should be provided in the excel spreadsheet upon submission

No follow Blog comments instructions:


– Blog MUST be same theme as target keyword. You will find suitable blogs yourself
– Comments should not look like spam, so you need to skim read the blogpost and leave a relevant comment with at least 20 words/2 sentences in it.
– Comments MUST be hand written and unique – if the comments are alike or some software has been used to leave them, I wont pay for them (though you are allowed to use roboform to fill in name/email/website fields).
– Backlinks must contain given anchor text
– There should not be a need to login to see the links or comments.
– Report should be provided in the excel spreadsheet upon submission
– Should not be more than 30-40 comments on Blog post

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Blog & Forum Submissions

I need blog submission into 200 different blogs.
– post must not look like a spam and must be relevant to the text.

* This could be a weekly task.

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Blog Commenter And Forum Poster Needed

Looking for a professional to help create back links from niche blogs and discussion forums. You will post comments, create topics and replies in discussion forums related to the topic/niche required.

You will need to create all postings related to the auto parts and accessories, cars and truck modification blogs and posts.

Please quote base on per 50 postings.

All postings will be reviewed and only relevant postings in related topics will be accounted. Quality postings only please.

Please PM for keywords and anchor text information.

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VA – Forum And Blog Posting

Need somoene with fairly good English to post on Forums and Blogs. Other tasks may include creating accounts and submissions stuff.

I am looking for a low hourly rate. PM me your resume and eg. of your work and hourly rate.

Individuals only,

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Blog Posting 01

Need blog poster to post on 100 blogs

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Urgent Blog Posting Needed

Need blog posting
Must have good language and grammar and making sense

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SEO Specialist

I have several projects coming up requiring 3-6 months SEO campaign strategies and post campaign maintenance. My business offers SEO as a service so this will be an ongoing relationship if the quality of your work is high, pricing is consistent and you have a proven track record with at least 7-10 successful campaigns in the past. Need to see a portfolio or reference to back up your work, also please attach a resume to your bid.

DO NOT BID: if you use link generation tactics that do not meet ethical requirements

Must have skype to communicate daily

Must meet targets and deadlines consistently

Must be able to present a detailed proposal

Required Qualifications and Expectations:
– Detailed traffic analytics and an increase in targeted visitors from Organic Search Results
– Deliver measurable website traffic
– Good understanding of search engine algorithms and what effects PR
– Ability to leverage effective natural search engine optimization to deliver consistent traffic to websites

Off-Site SEO Qualifications
– Directory Submissions
– Social Bookmarking
– Blog Commenting
– Link Building Services
– Forum Posting
– Article Submissions
– Squidoo Lens
– Web 2.0 strategies
– Video Marketing

Search Engine Marketing Techniques
– Natural search engine optimization
– Utilization of Description and Keyword META tags
– SEO-friendly site directory structure
– SEO-friendly page naming convention
– Utilization of on and off-site anchor text
– Monitoring search engine results and ranking

Link Building & Branding Techniques

– Link popularity campaigns
– Social media customization
– Pursuit of internet branding
– Content article creation and syndication
– Writing and posting press releases
– Utilization of Blogs
– Utilizing Google sitemaps
– Registering with popular web directories

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Blog Posting

Need 300 blog post. I will provide blog url list.

Need to create profile and make blog post with text content I provide. Simply copy and paste on each blog.

2 day deadline. $30-$40 compensation.

Data Entry specialist and more welcome to bid.

Thank You

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Blog Posting CT

Quote for 50 Real Estate

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Chinese Copy Editor And Blog Posting

We are looking for an experience copy editor with experience of formating and posting blogs using WordPress. The job will involve copy editing posts for our chinese blog

Any prospective candidate MUST be a native Chinese speaker with great English skills and an eye for detail and experience blogging using wordpress.

Posts will be submitted in text form, these then need to be formatted, images added and then post on the web using WordPress.

Posts will be supplied on the daily basis with approximately two – four posts per day.

An additional part of the job is posting items within our corporate site e-store, images, product information and pricing structure will initially be supplied but then the candiate will take full responsibly for posting items for sale on a weekly basis together with a tie in announcement on the blog.

Payment will be $2 per post paid in batches of 100 posts. Initial trial run will be for 10 blogs.

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Forum And Blog Posting


I need someone to post comments and links on forums and blogs on a daily basis. I would like about 100 posts per day. All of the comments will be about mens style.

We are willing to pay between $0.05 to $0.10 per post on an ongoing basis. Every post must be recorded (with URL) in a spreadsheet and submitted on a daily basis.

The selected provider will need perfect USA style english, and be able to write in a casual tone.

We would like to start this asap.

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Forum & Blog Posting

Need a person who will write posts on different niche-related forums and blogs about our software. Not spamming, real quality answers to questions. The list of forums/blogs: Yahoo!Answers, VideoHelp,etc.

Price: $0.01 – 0.02 for each approved post.

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Blog Posting

You will be posting on our site which I provide you. This is a long term position.

If hired as part of the team, you will act as a regular blog visitor and contribute positively. The posts you make should add value and your goal is to be respected by the community vs. seen as a spammer.

You will have to have avatar image.

You must have strong English writing skills.

For 100 posted topics you will be paid $30 / WEEKLY

Please ask as many questions you need before you bid and thank you for your time.

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Blog Posting

I need some consistent people who are able to do blog posting regularly. So please do not bid if you cannot work regularly. All the posts will be related to Cricket so it will be added advantage if some one has interest in this game. There should not room for kind of Plagiarism. Send your samples and do not bid more than $30 for this project.
Happy bidding

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Blog Posting And Topsites Adding

Http:// ((On here some to post to all these blogs with some good content to match the topics )) (( to post matching content on some posts))

no spaming as the admin wont be keep and link will be but in the spam box

PLus after 100- ranking blog sites to be placed like below – topsits (( here you will find lots of top sites which you can add my links to in the right gatagary))

may need to make a banner for each site =

On these you will need to add the banner codes to a page so i can add these to my sites later

you will need to use the same user and pass for all-

this is for total of 7 urls

7 which are ready and more to come later on-

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Forum/blog Etc. Poster

Hey there,

I have a marketing list of the following in a specific niche:

meetup groups
facebook groups

I need someone to post on the various forums, blogs and social sites to help generate some traffic to a squeeze page for testing. There will be multiple posts needed and I will provide the content for the forum posting.

It is also required to record everything on an excel sheet including the links to all the comments.

I need work to start on Tuesday.



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150 Blog & Forum Comments

I need 150 Links by blog & forum commenting. Im on budget so low prices have more chances to attract my attention. PLEASE, do not bid only to offer me other link building packages. I dont need P&A links, or any other services except 150 LINKS.

– ALL links must be DOFOLLOW.
– Minimum page PR = 3 (thats not homepage PR but page where the link will be set).
– No Freehost Blogs
– OBL strictly less than 100
– No Porn/Adult/Viagra/Poker/Casino Blogs
– Only 1 comment per Blog (Im not interested in placing more links on the same blog but different articles.)
– Manual creation of links. No automated scripts allowed.
– Links must be approved and permanent (I dont accept links in signature or places that may be changed after some weeks by the service provider).
– No black hat techniques, no iframes or other means of displaying links with no value for a link building campaign.

I will provide you with 2 keywords with links for each of them. For main keyword I need 100 links. For secondary keyword I need 50 links.

Time required to accomplish this task: 3 – 5 days.

After you will finish, you must provide me a report in Excel that contains: keyword, link where it is placed, page PR. I will check all link and I will pay you only if ALL links are OK. If I will find nofollow links or pages with PR less than 3 you will have to resubmit those links somewhere else.

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Forum And Blog Posting

We need a good forum & blog poster.

The first task will be:

Post to forums or blogs relevant to the topic of our website.

Post 120 relevant posts with links to our website in the 60 sites (no more than 2 posts on the same website) that you found:

– Comments must be relevant to blog or forum subject and demonstrate that you read the ongoing discussion;
– Each posting must have different content;
– Minimum 30 words of original and quality writing per posting
– URL Link to our website must be inserted in each posting and be active.
– Your posts have to be with SEO in mind. I will give the keywords in PM.
– The links must do follow.
– The page which the link is on must be indexed and cached by Google.
– Sites must be from different C-class ip

Once you post 120 posts, you will provide us with a report.

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Cooking Forum And Cooking Blog Posting

I need someone with experience of posting to cooking and cooking related forums and blogs to create a buzz around a cooking competition and get traffic to the clients site to ensure the maximum number of entries to the competition..

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Indian Traffic (from Forums, Blog Posting/commenting, Etc)


Need to get within Alexa Indias top 20.000 (20K) [been there, but dropped – unfortunately]. That is, bring the website within top 20.000 most visited sites in India. Currently, the websites in Indias top 80.000 (80K)

You can use these:
– forum posting
– blog commenting/creation
– facebook promotion
– twitter, you name it
– etc

Again! NO bots, NO automated traffic

Name your price and what youll do for it.

1. 30% owed when reaching Alexa Indias top 40.000 (40K)
2. 70% owed when reaching Alexa top 20.000 (20K)

3. BONUS APPLIED: an additional 50% of your price if you take it to top 10.000.

Happy bidding!

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Need Do-Follow Blog/ Forum Comments

I need expert do-follow blog and forum posters immediately, who can help me to get traffic and ranking for my various websites. Ill provide you with the list of forums/ Blogs. But it is always preferable to have your own list. Forums or blogs should be at least with a PR -2. Im willing to pay no more than $0.15 per comments and I need huge works to be done.

Please do not bid if you are not able to do the work within my budget otherwise I will report your bid as an abuse.

Please do mention "blog/ forum comment expert" when you post PMB.



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Blog Commenting-Long Term

I am in need of people who can comment on various blogs and websites.
I will provide you with a list of blogs.
You need to go to each one of them and leave a relevant comment.

-You need to be familiar with how to leave a comment on a blog.
-You need to leave a relevant comment to the article.
-You need to have basic English skills to write decent comments.

-No use of auto software as I will be monitoring each comment and I will know
-No leaving of vague irrelevant comments. These wont be paid for.

This is a great opportunity for those who are starting out a freelancing career. This is a simple task. I am not looking to pay out much. I will be paying per approved comment. Looking to pay around 10 cents per approved comment.So, if you are looking for a high amount, please do not bid on this project.

Note that the comments are related to dental health.

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WordPress Blog Posting (200 Posts)

The job is simple:

I have a Worpress stand alone blog (on a private domain).
I need someone to upload & publish 200 posts on it.

I will give the freelance a username & password to the blog admin and she/he will have to upload:
* Post title
* Post title (SEO)
* Post body
* Post tags
* Publish the post

The hole 200 posts should be uploaded in onces (about 48 hours).


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SEO – Blog Posting – Backlinks

We are in need of someone who can do some blog commenting on some high traffic blogs – good PR.

Building backlink campaign.

If you have a package of blog posts, and link building and other suggestions we are willing to

We would like to get reporting on this project with all of the blogs and backlinks.

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Blog Commenting Sep 1

Blog commenting sep 1

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Blog Commenting Sep 2

Blog commenting sep 2

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Blog Commenting Part 1

As discussed.

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