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EJB3.0 And Spring Framework

Writing some come for EJB 3.0 and Spring framework

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ExtJs Software Development

Basically is a 3 months contract role, probably more than 3 months (its a pretty high probability that it will be for 6 months). We are paying between $50-$70 per hour depending on the experience of the candidate. If is a $60 – $70/hour candidate the role will be 3 times a week while if is less than that will be 4 times a week.
We are working in a huge project in a pharmaceutical industry to deliver patent information for generics company to be able to launch new generic drugs. Its a pretty exciting project which involves the re-development of the internal (intranet) and external software of the company.
Everything is based on Php 5 and Extjs- Jquery-Json.

Senior Front-end Web Developer / PHP Zend Framework Programmer

GenericsWeb is a small, dynamic company with a core focus on providing
pharmaceutical patent information to our rapidly growing,
international client base. We are seeking candidates who are willing
and able to carry out their individual work, and become an effective
contributor to our team. This is an excellent contract available for
an experienced Front End Web Developer/ Php Zend Framework Programmer.

Get involved in the front end development and back-end programming
of web applications to create leading edge Front-ends . You will
assist in gathering business and user requirements, translating the
presented requirements and mapping out interactions
To be considered for this position it is imperative that you have the
following skills and experience:

* 5 Years of solid commercial knowledge of DOM2, XHTML, CSS 2 & 3,
JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, JQuery. and ExtJs
* Cross browser development skills
* Experience with PHP frameworks, especially with Zend Framework, and
ORM like Doctrine.
* Experience with MySql. Familiar with stored procedures, functions
and triggers.
* Experience in working with web based custom applications and portals
* Experience with SVN . Continuous Integration would be ideal.

Personal Attributes:

Excellent communication skills – written and verbal
you will enjoy working in a team.
self starter that would require little no supervision

Required skills:
Experience with ExtJs it is required.

This is a role that will help you build and succeed in the website and
application development space as well as a fantastic opportunity to
work on exciting projects.
Applicants must be available to work in our office in the Sydney CBD.

The keys for this role are:

1 – High level of JS: ExtJs , jquery and JSon

2 – Intermediate level of Php, but strong knowledge on Zend Framework

3 – Intermediate level of MySql, but must know stored procedures, triggers, functions, views, joins and transactions, at least how to use them.

4 – Excellent Communication Skills.

Exposure to svn, and continuous Integration as well as bug tracking system will be highly regarded.

We cant afford to train people since we are in the middle of the project and we need someone that could hit the ground straight away and pretty much with out supervision.

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PROJECT REQUIREMENTS : Should include similar functionality to latest twiends version (create an account and evaluate): – tabs for twitter, facebook pages, websites, youtube – filters for who can get users credits : membership age, location, interests (tags), unfollow stats for twitter – payment processing, credit packages & subscriptions – credit back for users that unfollowed – for certain premium members; credit is also deducted from user that unfollowed Should include backed to edit site settings, list/search/suspend/activate members, list/search all ipn transactions. DEVELOPMENT REQUIREMENTS Should be as clear and easy to use as possible. Should not be developed in a way or based on code that involves copyrights or code ownership restrictions. This project is for purchasing custom programming work. Should be highly customizable: * Design is not important but should be CSS based (with external css files) for easy changes and implementation of new templates/skins. * Would be great to use a common open source framework like Zend Framework, Symphony, CodeIgniter or some other framework to obtain good code that can be used for further development and easily implementing clean css based templates (independent of code) and multilingual support (translation files to add multiple languages later). Please evaluate how you consider more appropriate to do this (what framework/template system), when could you start and when to expect to have some demos and final script ready. * Should include translation or multilingual support. PAYMENT Full amount can be escrow before work start. Payment is released only when everything is up, running and fully functional + TESTED, as in project description and implemented with honest intentions.

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PHP/MySQL Framework

We have a small web application (project archive for a small architect office) to build. What we need is a php framework for data entry (admin function) and search (data retrieval). There is one form/mask for entry and search. One data records contains text and 3 images. Design and implementation is done by us (it runs in a intranet). Please let us know asap. if you cloud take this job. Do you also have wordpress experience? Here are some details of the project:
What we need looking for is the php/mysql framework and part of the layout/css integration. Can you start right away? How many hours do you think you need to build this? Let me know if you have any questions.

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IT Project Management Website

Multi level admin.
Multiple projects for single/multiple clients
Multiple Departments
Invoice system (Multiple invoices could be issued for same clients and add Google Checkout for payment)
Recurring payments
Assign employees after adding a project.
Attachments by admin/employees and clients
Project development percentage
Ticket System
Web based Installer

Development Requirements:
Must be in PHP with mysql.
We prefer framework but OOP programming without framework is also acceptable.
We will own 100% of the code. We will be the copyright holders and you cannot resell it whatsoever.
No Milestone payments. We are okay with escrow but will not release anything until 100% of the code is complete.
We are okay if you use any open source plugin/script but you must tell us in advance and we must agree to use it before it could be used.
No commercial plugin could be used for this development strictly.
You agree that if you steal code from anywhere without permission, you will forfeit the payment for this project.

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Code Conversion – Java – VB .NET 3.5 Framework

I need this project converted to LEGIBLE VB .NET

Not thru a code converter. A meaning conversion, utilizing .NET 3.5 where applicable, etc.

Well documented and structured.

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Online Shop PHP + EXTJS Framework

Looking for programmer PHP + EXTJS framework
We design professional software for multilingual online shop.
Open to cooperation with programmer in PHP + MySQL, who well knows EXTJS framework.
Shop administration panel would work on this framework.
We assume there is at least 3-4 months of work.
The candidate should have a lot of time available

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PHP Developer

We are searching for a PHP developer for a longterm partnership. Our job is mainly related with custom PHP solutions and we use CakePHP as framework.

Successful candidates will have skills of working with CakePHP framework, finish task on time and have a good coding style.

Please bid only if you have more then 3 years of experience in PHP.

Please provide your latest works and also at least one example of a website written with CakePHP.

Also, please include your hourly rate and availability (can work x hours a day and y days a week).


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Convert Existing Flash Website

I need a very professional web developer to convert an existing corporate website that is based on flash to one that looks like this

Provider must send the following information with their bid or it wont be considered.

1. What framework was used for How did you determine this?
2. Provide a portfolio of your past work with the above framework?

Project Requirements:

1. Take the current content from the flash site reuse the content and creatively incorporate the new features (video , service assessment survey) into the site.

The provider selected must be willingly to work with client on a long term basis for future expansions to the website and MUST have experience developing corporate websites.

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Joomla Expert T3 Framework And K2 Items


I am looking for a joomla expert that can teach me how to use:

1. T3 Purity II framework
2. K2 items
3. Add new items using joomfish component
4. Add submenues and translated submenues
5. Add google analytics to joomla
6 Add simple tracking code (kayako support and Post Affiliate Pro 4 script)
7. How to add user friendly urls
8. How to migrate Moneybookers payment system from simple php to joomla

Fees on hourly rates

Tags: , , , , , Java Spring Framework Integration.

Create payment gateway for eCheck payments via gateway. Implementation into existing spring framework project

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Delivery Food Website

Looking for a professional with skills in Java and web projects to build a website of delivery food. It will looks like this website: .. please, its not a copy, but the same idea.. so it will run over Java, PostgreSQL. For the UI, it will use Jquery and some java libraries.
The database is already done and the layout as well.
The Java framework is Vraptor ( its a very simple framework, but if you not feel familiar, we can discuss another one.

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Zend Framework, PHP, LAMP Developer

Completion of a site that needs to be rolled out for Beta testing. Modifications and changes are mostly minor design and layout issues.

Please provide examples of work.

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WordPress Child Theme (Hybrid Framework)

I need a custom WordPress theme based on Hybrid Framework to publish book online for free reading.

I need a simple and elegant solution on par with best practices of current WordPress programming.

The concept of this project is similar to Getting Real book from 37 signals.

Plus I need up to three blocks of Google AdSense integrated.

Youll be provided with a book in PDF format for design and typography reference.
Detailed wireframe willl also be provided.

Publishing content of the book is out of scope of this project though you should demonstrate the working prototype according to the requirements.

How to apply
Demonstrate your experience creating WordPress child themes, even better experience working with Hybrid framework.

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Social Network Site Using Yii Framework

I am looking to for a web development company to re-develop a social network site I have been working on. The site has been written in asp, java and .net framework, and I would like to convert the site to php to deploy on Linux based server infrastructure with cloud based scalability. Developers interested in quoting for this can use the .ASP site as a development brief and software design scope of what needs to be developed. The site needs to be developed with deep integration into twitter, Facebook and the Google maps Api. Successful applications will also be required to provide monthly maintenance, product enhancement etc on a monthly retainer based fee. An iphone, android, blackberry, Symbian smart phone applications will be briefed after the initial site is completed as a separate project, applications will be required to have substantial mobile application development skills. Additional requirements: Applicants will be required to develop the site using the PHP Yii Framework – refer to

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Basic Framework To Be Expanded On

I need a developer to code a basic framework, with comments, to be expanded upon by my team.
Needs opening page, table (expandable), Navigation controller, and views that call a webview of a html file stored offline (expandable).

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For Specialists In Yii Framework To Customize Script

Looking for a Yii Framework Specialist to work with us on an ongoing website development projects. Therefore, we are looking for someone reliable & affordable. You are also required to be contactable via chat, and provide constant updates.

The first milestone would be completing the requirements below:
Although these do not necessarily require a yii specialist to work on, wed prefer to work with the same person throughout the development of our business.

1) Interface Design: We need some small tweaking in the layout & design of our website. We have a .psd file that needs to be converted & implemented.

2) Script Testing: Weve tried most of the functions in the script, and they seem to be working well. However there are couple of parts that require attention such as codes not calling out the php function properly.

Wed rather reveal the rest after selection. Please give me your best price for the work mentioned above. If the price is over the budget we have in mind, I apologize but wed have to close this project without further notice.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to consider this.

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Timesheet Cloud Application – PHP Framework MVC

Im looking for a development partner to build an online web application for timesheets. Similar sites include:

As this is an application there are roles and users to be defined. I will try and keep these consistent throughout the project.


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DLL Scantime And Runtime Crypter

Im working on a project for IT sec purpose. The goal is to build up an attack framework for browsers to let system and network administrators test their own network / browser in order to prevent attack from real world hackers.

The framework is kinda like metasploit and is in the "FUD" phase now (make things undetected by Antivirus).

The project for bidder will consist in taking the dll into one exploit from metasploit and make it a crypter algorithm in PERL that will make the dll undetectable by Antivirus. This crypter must not disturb the code running. So once crypted and OS get it, it should be able to run normally on system targeted.

exploit here:

Important point you MUST agree before bidding:
1) the crypter must be open source that I can modify and integrate it into my IT Sec project framework.
2) the crypter must be written in perl not in another language.
3) I must be able to integrate it into my primary project.
4) you must provide the code and review that I can test if all is working fine before receiving payment.
5) If you bid an amount for the project you agree that this will be your final bid without any extra at the end of the project.
6) Dont bid if you dont know what this project involve or dont understand howto encrypt dll to let them run.

Also Im able to write exe crypter in order to make them undetectable by AVs but I don,t know how dll structure work so thats why I ask help here.

Thanks for your help.

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Zend Framework Socialengine 4.0.5 Customizations In Plugins


I want to upgrade my SocialEngine4.0.5 based website with some customised features with current plugins.

Please dont bid if you are not familier with the Zend framework and Social Engine 4

Its really a simple job for someone having this particular skills.

Ask me for the wireframe what exactly we want to do.

Look forward to get quotes from your side

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Basic IOS Framework


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Integrate Java PayPal NVP API In Spring Framework.

Im looking to handle the following scenario:

1. Registered user come to listing
2. Click on Buy Button
3. User will be taken to PayPal where he will be charged
4. The money user pays goes into "escrow hold"
5. Seller is notified that sale has been made that he/she will is charged fee via PayPal at the end of their monthly billing cycle.
6. Seller delivers.
7. Buyer releases the hold on funds to complete the order.
6a. Seller cancels the order
7a. System automatically refunds the charge and marks the order as canceled.
8a. Fee will be refunded to the Seller.
6b. Seller will perform partial refund.
7b. The system fill partially refund the customer.
There is dispute and all special circumstances have to be accounted for. I dont know what this could be but you should as experienced developer in Java NVP PayPal SDK.

Now monthly billing:
When seller enables his/hers first listing for public they will be redirected to create CreateRecurringPaymentsProfile for their invoice monthly payments.
Invoice totals will be calculated via internal system that will keep track of all the fees.
Once a month the seller will be automatically charged the due on their invoice.
The seller will have option to keep account balance in which case that will be charged first and the their PayPal account will be charged for the reminder of the due amount.

There is already existing Spring Framework that is fully functional. There has been some attempts to do this but it requires solid experience with the PayPal Java API and Spring.

The requirement will be to design necessary controllers and services to be used as beans in the spring framework. The presentation layer is written in Freemarker and handles only input, no business logic so copy and paste from paypaljsp.war samples will not do.

There will be no need to integrate the above into existing project. All is required is that you will take look at the exiting logic take out what you need, make separate simplified application that does not have DAO layer (simple comments like persist the transaction here will be enough). But the simplified application has to fully work with paypal sandbox and there have to test case created. Either via documentation or through JUnit, Selenium and mock objects.

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Couponic Customizations – Framework Yii

I have bought the Couponic script (similar to Groupon) and need to implement the changes explained bellow:

1) Possibility to bill the clients only part of the deal price, for example, the normal price is R$100,00, the deal price is R$40,00, but the client will pay now only R$15,00 (defined in backoffice) and the other part (R$25,00) will be paid directly for the supplier. This functionality must to be clear in the deals main page, once the client need to understand he will pay on site only a part of the deal and the complement for the supplier. Example:

2) Create a main page where the user can see several deals for the same city and not only a main deal and others side deals, like it is today. Example:

3) Implement a specific webdesign.

The developr must have previous experience with the Couponic script or at least experience with Yii framework.

Thank you and please give me your best bid.

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Gantry Mod For Joomla Extension "JotCache"

JotCache provides extended control for the cache settings with Joomla components and modules.

My site uses the Gantry Framework and the template index.php can not be modded as simply as shown in the JotCache tutorial.

On my site I require all pages to be cached, though the module position "sidebar-a" to be cache free. This is to be done using the JotCache component + plugin. In addition, a guide detailing the steps needed to implement this mod on other sites is required.

The JotCache Extension:
Gantry Framework:

My site uses Joomla 1.5.22 and the RocketTheme template "Quantive".

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Longterm Slicing PSD To WP Theme

I am looking for a capable individual or a small development shop that is interested in a longterm relationship converting PSD´s (or existing websites) to WP3 themes that are W3C compliant and coded to take advantage of the SEO-capabilities.

For the initial project, you will be given 5 PSD´s that need to be converted into 5 different themes. I prefer the themes to be child themes of Hybrid Framework.

Must quote GMAPWP in PM and explain which framework you will use (own only with provided sample link)

Payment through escrow will be released in milestones (20% per working theme demo and reception of all necessary files)

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PHP/Cake Website Layout And Graphic Implementation

Have a website that has been built on a CakePHP/MySQL framework. Have 2 PSD full-designs of the website as well as a flat HTML file with cutouts and placement of all the images/text.

Current CakePHP website has a default template that comes with the application. Need developer to be able to take PSDs/Flat HTML and CSS files and apply to the template portion of the CakePHP framework.

Around 20-30 different files make up the websites templating system.

Must have quick turnaround, very clean and simple coding.

Will give SSH access to a dedicated box to do the work. Am myself an experienced coder, but just do not have the time to finish the project.

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Integrate MyBatis With Play Framework

To write a plugin for Play Framework ( to use MyBatis ( as a database access layer. Please look at JPAPlugin (

We expect a nicely designed, fully integrated, functional and tested plugin. This includes handling the transactions correctly.

In addition, the plugin should have the ability to be extended to connect to multiple databases. See

Furthermore, we prefer the plugin to be compatible with Google Guice. But this is not a hard requirement.

The deliverables are:
– The fully documented source code of the plugin
– A concise user manual
– Test cases/samples that demonstrate that the plugin works

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Small C++ .net Framework Help

Need to change the color of the interface so that it look different

budget is 15$

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Genesis Framework Design Integration Project

I have a website designed for my blog. I will provide you the this design, genesis framework, and its child themes it is similar to thesis framework.

You should have experience integrating a design in wordpress theme using genesis framework as well as other small little things i might want to customize such as graphics, css etc.

Please show me any samples you have done in genesis framework.

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Looking to hire a person full time on a monthly basis.

only senior developer (no mid or junior developers sorry) who is an expert in:

– 4.0
– javascripting
– mssql
– table-less css /xhtml (you will be required to take psd files and slice images as necessary to create valid xhtml css)
– (mvc framework also plus on some other potential projects, but not always)
– source code subversion tools (tortoise svn)

i will track your work via scrum framework on a daily basis where we set the daily/weekly project plan.

please supply your price on a monthly basis.

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Zend Framework

Hi Freelancer,

I am looking for a zend framework website developer.

Its very easy website. Just like a job website.
And budget is very low.
For more detail pm me.


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Need Cocos 2d Developer/Team

I need a developer or team for cocos 2d games. I have couples of application which i need to develop using Cocos 2d framework.

Only those who have experience in cocos 2d framework can apply for this job.

Description of my first application
– I need a simple application in which user needs to move the block something similar to Unblock me.
– i dont need that much of the levels.
– Integrate apple gaming center and iAd.

This is basic description of the app. Send me message for details.

*lower bid will be selected as i need to develop more games in low budget. I have total 15 ideas which i need to put on apple store before march.

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