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Code Search External Database Within WordPress Site

I would like code written that can be placed within a wordpress website that searches and displays content from an external database and displays the results within the wordpress site.

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Search Of Average Salaries For Expatriates In Ghana

The task is to find the average salaries and allowances of European and American expatriates in Ghana.
Ten examples of current open positions must be given for jobs at managerial level and five at executive level (e.g. staff engineers).
The jobs must come from private companies, preferable. Some jobs from NGOs might be included.
Also, the benefits must be detailed, such as allowance for house rent, schools, travel, etc.
The delivery is a word document detailing the ten job offers for managers and five for executives with the source of information (internet address) and a PDF file showing screen shots of all the websites used as reference.
The delivery date is Saturday 12th of June.

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