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B2b Website – Bugs Free

Same as,, etc…..readymade script withouts bugs ….. cool.
Only bid – who have done a similar kind and have a demo to show….

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Website Tester

I am looking for website testers.Who are ready to commit for the projects please bid

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Project For Rudaalmeida

Need webscraping of 2100 yahoo group messages and import into forum

Need forum modification to allow global member subscribe to daily digest of posts

If you are not rudaalmeida do not bid

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Need Freelancers To Bid On Projects For Me


I am in need of freelancers who can bid on projects for me and do whatever is necessary to win the project. Each project that is won, once the project has been completed by my team, I will give you 5% of the cut. If our relationship is going well then within a few months itll go up to 10% and possibly higher depending how good you are. I will have a seperate account created just for you to bid with. I will give you all the necessary qualifications and project types I want once the winner is selected.

This is basically free money for people putting in very little time. You need to be able to give a good sales pitch to win the bid. In your PM please give me information how you feel you will be able to provide that for me.

Its a win win situation for both of us! Good luck!

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