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As2 And Flash Designer Needed Urgently

Experienced as2 and flash animator needed for a flash banner.

will provide details via pm

job is very simple. but needs to be done immediately

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Referral Needed Urgently

Hello there
i need referral so much in many sites
i need sample work also for first to select you

here is link you need to sign up and after sign up just pm me so i can check it and tell you

waiting for your bid and pm

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Article Spinner/Rewriter Needed Urgently

I will keep it short.

We need a good english speaking REWRITER/SPINNER

You can use any software you wish.

1$ per 450-500 word article rewrite/spinn.

After 20 good rewrites the price goes us.

Send us a sample with your inquiry. No sample no reply.

Sincerely, Akuma

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EzPublish Specialist Needed Urgently To Complete An Existing

We urgently need an experienced and very skilled EzPublish developer to finish an existing site. Url:
Start immediately!

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I want article writers who can write on various topics of Biotechnology. UK/US/Canadian citizens will be preferred. Articles should be unique and must pass copyscape. No rewriting of articles is required.

– I will pay 0.27$ per 100 words.
– Articles must be of 600+ words.
– Payment will be via GAF.
– There will be 30 articles in first assignment.
– Please provide samples of previous work related to biotechnology only.

*** Do not waste time by placing bid if you are not a Biotech Expert**
Please place a bid of 30$..

Happy Bidding!

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Leads Needed Urgently —- : )

Leads Needed Urgently —- : )

Pm Your Price !


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I want article writers who can write on various topics of Biotechnology. UK/US/Canadian citizens will be preferred. Articles should be unique and must pass copyscape. No rewriting of articles is required.

– I will pay 0.27$ per 100 words.
– Articles must be of 600+ words.
– Payment will be via GAF.
– There will be 30 articles in first assignment.
– Please provide samples of previous work related to biotechnology only.

*** Do not waste time by placing bid if you are not a Biotech Expert**
Please place a bid of 30$..

Happy Bidding!

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Academic Report Critique Needed URGENTLY

This job is urgent. I need referencing redone in Harvard (I will send you a guide)

You will also need to check the resources (provided) and give me a file with the page of where the references are made throughout the report.

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Graphic Designer Urgently Needed (Oct 17th 2010)

Dear Freelancers,

We are looking for a graphic designer that is skilled in logo design, image editing, video editing and all skills necessary for the maintenance of our website.

Your daily tasks will include:

1. Create / improve Website Pictures once per month.
2. Edit / improve website videos and add watermark monthly. We may also require you to create simple 45 second video clips by using images ,music and voice over (we will provide the voice over). These are mainly website videos.

Please place your bid. We will escrow your bid amount before you start the project.

Best regards


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Drupal Guru Needed URGENTLY (Drupal 5/6)


We need a Drupal guru urgently. Must have good experience with both Drupal 5 & Drupal 6. We have redesigned the website but cannot connect the design elements and pages to the correct database tables/modules. If you need more details or link of the website where the problem is, please send PM.

Also, in PM, please answer following questions:

1) What is your hourly rate
2) What are you working hours
3) Can you work on THIS weekend (its fine if you dont usually work on weekends but we prefer people who can work on this weekend at least)

Please bid soon because I would like to choose someone fast and get going.

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Skilled Writerrs Needed Urgently

Im looking for 5 to 10 talented writers who are interested in working with me on a long-term project.
Ive some terms and conditions.


*You have very good English skills.
*You have great flow in your writing.
*You have experience in writing and rewriting articles, and are able to provide unique work that can pass CopyScape premium.
*You are able to provide 5 to10+ articles daily. Note article niche can vary so you should be open to all niches. You have to agree to all the terms mentioned below.


*My rates are $1.25 per 500 words (original) and $1 per 500 words.(rewrite). If you dont agree then dont bid.
*Turnaround time have to be 20 hours no matter you take 5 articles or 30, you have to provide them back within 20 hours. Or you wont get any payment. and will be terminated from the team.
*Weekly payments only.
*Place a bid with samples of your recent work, plus you will need to write a 100 word passage using keyword "freelancing" twice. I just want to see your flow. Any bid without this passage and samples will not be consider.

I can provide as much work as you want. And you have to start from today. Thanks
Happy bidding…..

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Blackberry Developer Needed Urgently

Publishing company wants a expert skilled Blackberry developer with good understanding of the platform for urgent project to start today.

Must have understanding of APIs and other platform dependant requirements.

Please supply your Skype ( if this is allowed )

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US Votes Needed Urgently

Hello Bidders
i need ip changer expert for my competition programming

one thing i have to clear is that i need votes from US only you have to able to change your ip address or proxies for US

you need 2500 votes and small comments for each votes you need unique mail id like yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc

i need to do done this work within three days

i will select provider and give him details of voting

Due to providers fraudsters i cannot give you escrow but i will give you money guarantee and bonus if you work good
please bid your best after reading description thanks

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12 Banners Needed Urgently – $30

I am looking for an experienced and fast working web designer to create a series of GIF banners for travel websites.

Banner sizes:
– 125 x 125 (buttons) * 6
– banners (460*60) * 6
no bigger than 50k

No material from the client is supplied, so the design job will be based on the images available on the websites only.

Basically, these banners should be catchy, with clearly visible text, and comply with the websites graphic chart.

Please provide samples of your design works including banners, logos and page design.

The job must be done for this Sunday.

Price: 30 $ ($5 per button).

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VB .Net Programmer Needed Urgently

Needed VB Dot net programmer urgently who can work on this weekend on some parts of a project. This project needs to be completed this weekend only.

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U.S. Editor Needed Urgently


I need an editor to edit 50-100 articles a day. they are 500 – 600 words long.

Youll be paid $0.50 per article.

The articles are generally well written (by US based writers), and your job will be to make sure they adhere to my specific guidelines. Sometimes youll need to fix an article up if it has grammar, spelling or any other errors.

Generally, when youre done, the article will need to be exactly how I wan it.

An occasional COPYSCAPE error might pop up so youll need to take care of that as well.


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Downloaders Needed Urgently, $ 2-$4.5per Download

I need someone to download multiple softwares and install them into his/her machine which I

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Copywriters Needed Urgently

We need someone who can help us create 6 articles(300 words each) on the following topics. We will pay $2 per article.

RIA SERVICES (2 articles)
WEB DESIGN (1 article)

the article must be written as if its a success story. the audience is for people who might want to engage our various IT services. so, the article must have the following sections below

CLIENT (you can put client A, client B, client C and so forth)

and here are some reference materials for you

we will use copyscape and various other methods to verify that you dont just simple copy and paste from anywhere. only people with high reviews need apply.

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3 Editors Needed Urgently Today – Longterm

This is a test project and is really simple. Only bid $30. I need 1-3 editors to look over articles and check them with grammar expert plus. I will give you the software. All of our articles are written by English writers but they do so many articles they sometimes are mistakes. With the software you should be able to check 40-50 articles an hour. You will be responsible for fixing misspelled words, grammar mistakes, and rejecting any that does not flow correctly or read right. We pay .15 each article. We do 650-800 articles a week. You will not have to rewrite any, if they contain a lot of errors you will reject them. You also will have to look at the client instructions and make sure the writer followed them. If they did not then you will have to either highlight the keywords or erase keywords that was used to many times or reject the article.

This will be awarded to multiple providers. All of you that bids $30 will be given a chance to edit if you pass this test.

If you dont pass or take the test your bid will be erased.

Thanks For Bidding

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We need a developper work on our website for the following point: 1) GOLD MEMBER: ( a gold member subscription… Only yearly fees… No commissions…Employer or provider can be a gold member… Also, gold member have all the three up-grades for free: FEATURED, HIGHLIGHT, BOLD). 2) FULL TIME JOB: ( On the listings page, The full time jobs should be clearly indicated., The employer will have option to pay the provider: weekly, monthey, quarterly or yearly) and the subscription fee is different… so they should have advantages… 3): When people bid, as a employer, you can go to MY ACCOUNT (user) and then RECEIVED BIDS, then you will clic on ACCEPT to be able to see the biders introduction paragraph… We want it to show under the bid example like on GAF. 4): The bidding accepting pages… just like on gaf, also, if you edite the inial posted project, then it should be clearly indicated that you have added addional infos… and creation of a clarification board.

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New Comers Needed Urgently!

We need a new comer or a team to design and develope a site. Must have good designing and backend coding skills. No advance. No escrow. Payment only after full satisfaction. If you dont agree to the conditions then dont bid! Budget is low, hence only for new comers.

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Essay Writer Needed (Urgently)

I need an essay writer quickly. The Essay is on literature. Actually its two small (4-5 page) Essays. I will post the actual description in the PM area. Please read it before bidding. The project is VERY urgent; needed within 3-4 days from today…Thanks…again…

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Twitter Bots Script Needed URGENTLY

This is a project re-post since we need more functionality than in the previous project we posted.

Project Details:

1. A php script which will run on cron jobs and each time it runs it needs to check who are the new people following my Twitter account. Then it needs to autofollow these new followers but also send each of them a Direct Message saying "Thank you for the follow". IMPORTANT: There must be a variable in the php script which allows me to define how much people it can follow on each single script run. Eg: To not be labelled as spam bot by Twitter, I may want to only follow 10 people at a time per run and only send max 10 Direct Message.

PAY FOR THIS SCRIPT: $10 (Its a 30 minutes job for a good programmer).

2. I need a Twitter php script which will again run on cron and which is able to Retweet tweets having a specific keyword. Eg: To retweet tweets having the word "I love you" in the tweet. The important part is that I do not want this script to search via Twitter Search results! I have a twitter account and I want the script to ONLY search within tweets OF PEOPLE THAT I AM FOLLOWING. So basically it is to extract tweets having a specific keyword from my friends timeline and Retweet it in the format: "RT @theperson The tweet goes here"


3. I need a third script which will run on cron job (PHP). This script must search on Twitter search results for specific keywords and send copy the tweets (upto a maximum of 3 tweets per run!) and then send these 3 tweets to my twitter account via Direct Message.

Eg: Here 2 twitter accounts will be involved. One for the bot and one is supposedly for me. The bot will check tweets having eg keyword "Earthquake" and then copy the tweets exactly as it is (if possible removing the original author name) and then send me a DM on twitter of the tweet.

A sort of alert robot but for personal use only.

Pay for this one is $10.

Awaiting your bids. Total budget for the projects $30 + Possibility of allocating you further work in the future if I like your work. Please bid by first saying the word IREAD and then PM me sample of your work. Those who have already worked on these projects or already having it will be given priority. I need these scripts by tomorrow latest! (Sunday 12:00 GMT)

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Academic Writers Needed Urgently

I have two projects:

one – persuasive research proposal – 8 pages – RUSH – must be done within next 24 hours – $56
another – business finance (Financial Forecasting) – 10 pages – must be done within next 2 days – $50

Total budget – $106

You must be familiar with Harvard citation style.


If you are just 1 minute late, the project will be declined from you.

The payment will be done ONLY after the projects are done and then revised if needed.



If you are interested, please send you CV and a writing sample.

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Facebook Fans Needed Urgently

I am looking for someone that can add real US facebook fans to my fan page. This needs to be done quickly and efficiently. I need someone that knows what they are doing and add the fans in a way that is not suspicious to facebook.

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