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Facebook Game

I need a game like this one.

Only difference is that I need only 1 single photo that changes every week, no clues and 8 differences.

There needs to be a leaderboard for the quickest that week.

There should also be a winnerspage, with previous week winners.

Each week there will be 5 winners, the #1 and 4 random numbers which are published when the new round starts. (for example # 321, # 755, #1567, # 2387).

Further details will be discussed with the potential winners after the first selection.

Please start your bid with the word "Spot", bids that dont start with this word are deleted.

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Monopoly Like Game

Hello. I am interested in a multiplayer monopoly like game(i dont know yet the name i would choose). Preferably in Java with a decent "graphic", at least like the game from . I would also need to know in a PM box if possible what hosting do i need so the game can run decent with 300-400 players online. No payments, no sign-up fees. A computer should replace a disconnected user , exactly monopoly rules, customizables city names from administration control if possible(for example if i dedicate a room to german people i should be able to change the names of the cities within that room only. note that this is not a requirement) .More details on prv message.
Feel free to bid the appropiate amount for a more than decent work.

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