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Integration "Site Messenger"

Integration "Site Messenger" [Removed by Admin]
in dating script [Removed by Admin]
use php, mysql for recognition members, info, ecc.
see site messenger manual-info for method integration.
minimum budget

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Game Lobby

Need to design a game lobby that will allow users to login and be able to join open "tables" or "rooms" that will have a max capacity of 8-10 players. The room will need to automatically close/lock once this capacity is reached. Before entry into a table, the user will need to pay an entry fee (PayPal API?) of anywhere from $1-50. It will closely mimic the game lobbies used in online poker clients such as FullTilt Poker or Pokerstars, but once the users pay the fee and enter the specific "table," that is essentially all the program needs to do. The administrators/operators should be able to kick players in each table. In-game chat, etc would be nice as well.

Initially, the client just needs to be simple and prototype just for user testing. Later, using the feedback from user tests, I would like to make a polished, final version. I know very little about coding, but after some research Ive read that it will likely use mySQL and PHP. Eventually Id like to have it written in possibly HTML5 or similar (for use on iOS devices). Please post or PM me on here if you are interested or have more questions. I would like this completed ASAP! Thanks alot, hope to hear from you guys soon!

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Vacature Site Meer Info


Een site als

Gebruikers moeten zich kunnen aanmelden aals werkgevers of ICT-ers

Met als verschil
-er vindt geen enkele betaling plaats op de site
– de site is voor iedereen gratis te gebruikren, geen betaalmoduke
-dit soort modules dienen dus ook NIET gemaakt te worden!

Overige goede functionaliteiten moeten er wel inzitten:
-Dus wel echt een goed kopie
-geen simpele site opleveren

Extra aandacht voor:
-SEO, alles (cv en vacatures, vindbaar via google)
-zo onderhoudbaar en beheerbaar op CODE NIVEAU als mogelijk

-in PHP, MySQL

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PHP/MySQL Script : Make A Classifieds Site

I have purchased an Enterprise Script from AlmondSoft to create a classifieds listings site.
I need someone to help me program the PHP/MySQL so to my specifications.
I am looking for very urgent work and want it done IMMEDIATELY.
Please only contact me if you are ready to start immediately and are experienced with PHP/MySQL Scripts.

I want to use the script to make a website similar to nateslist (dot) org . This site was also made from AlmondSoft Script.

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Completing Small Clock-in And Clock-out Site.

I have a small clock-in and clock-out site where employees can start and stop their workdays. The site can show lists of hours for each employee for specific periods. And each employee has hourly rate, and extra charges that are valid for specific time periods and days. Then it can show salary notes for each employee.

A programmer was making corrections and small additions to the site but had to cancel the remaining parts due to personal issues.

I am looking for someone to make the final corrections.

This must be made on the site:

– Detection of weeks. (Every employee has defined a "Normal hourly rate", "Total weekly hours" and an "Extra weekly hours rate". When the employee works more than the "Total weekly hours" the salary note starts calculating the "Extra weekly hours rate" instead of the "Normal hourly rate". But right now it does not reset the week and start calculating "Normal hourly rates" when monday starts but just keeps calculating with "Extra weekly hours rate". This must be fixed so that a week is from monday to sunday and then a new week starts.

– PDF print. (A PDF print of the salary note, which is a basic overview page)

The site is made in PHP and MySQL.


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Need A PHP MySQL Site Completed

Looking for a team to help complete a project mentioned below. See attachment in regards with what has been completed and what remains to be completed. The back end of the site has been created for the most part, the front end of the site still has some design work ahead, see the attached sheet for more details. I am looking for a design team who understands the direction I want this site to head in and can take some design initiative to complete the site. I will be available mostly US eastern standard time business hours via email to answer questions and such.

"Looking for a design team to work with me in creating, designing and launching my website. A simple PHP / MySQL auction type site. One user will post a listing, while other users will bid for this listing, then the user who posted will be able to choose the bid they want, based on price and user ratings. Users will then be able to rate one another on the experience for future users to get instant referrals. I want this site to remain very simple, similar to craigslist. Also I want it to be free. I would like to allocate space on the page down the road to integrate advertisement.

I would also like the site to be search engine optimized so people looking for the items on my site can find them on the major search engines.

The site will have 60 categories and about 600 locations. See attachment for further details. I will send a more detailed file once I have a design team on board who signs a non-compete agreement, the attachement has all the information you will need to price the site. All in all I want the site to look and feel like craigslist, but with some other features mentioned above. Also scalability and future customization is a must.

Thanks for looking at my project and feel free to let me know if you have any questions."



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PHP & MySQL Programmer Needed To Customize PHPMotion Site

I need someone to integrate some Addons to my site currently running PHPMotion 3.5
for information about PHPmotion visit

For Addons that need to be integrated in to this are

I am not sure if you guys do this sort of work but if not can you please suggest someone who are willing to do.

If this sounds like you please let me know

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Android App Developer For A PHP And MySql Site.

Hello All,

I have some ideas for an android app and apple app for mobil phones. I want to start off with Android Apps.

I am looking for a seasoned android app developer.
I am looking for a developer who codes with performance in mind.
I am looking for a developer who has integrity when they build their apps.
I am looking for a developer who has a unique style when developing apps. Appearance, Functionality, Performance are very important to me as all APPS are rated by their users.
I am looking for a developer who will maintain the apps.
I am looking for a developer who will fix issues.
I am looking for a developer who wants a long term relationship.
I am looking for a developer who isnt shy about sharing their ideas.
I am looking for a developer who will test the app out before they send it to me for testing, you must insure that your functionality of the app works.

I prefer to only work with Developers who have a history on freelancer and have many ratings.
I would like to see your past work/portfolio.
I require constant communication via email or any other method, ON A DAILY BASIS. A summary email will work just fine and weekend and holidays I dont expect a summary. Please notify ahead of time when you have holiday.
I will publish apps.

My first app will be for my current website, I want to see if it would be possible to have the following in an app.

1. I want to create an app that basically will do what my site does.
2. My site is a three member website.
3. My site requires registration for each member.
4. My site notifies people when projects have been posted.
4a. I also want members to be able to take a video or picture from their smart phone and post it with their project.
4b. Other member type once notified of project can bid on project.
5. Members rate each other.
6. My site has MySql and PHP
7. I will want users to register via this app.
8. Only one member is charged a fee for registration, payment processing will be needed for this one member type.
9. I want my users to be able to send private messages to each other via this app.
10. One member will have logos of their business, would it be possible for their logo to show up?
11. Currently my site uses zip code db to notify users that match profile criteria and this maintains a 50 mile radius.
12. EXAMPLE: I want one of our members to be able to search for their needs by inputting a zip code (or using current gps location), and when they enter a keyword and if we have 10 registered providers that are within a 25 to 50 mile radius, 10 profiles will appear to the searcher and they will be able to contact SMS/EMAIL/CALL the users, once services are rendered, we want reminders of the searchers to rate the providers services. so we must tie these to members together somehow…
12. There is more.
13. I will need your professional input as well. If I suggest something and your experience suggests otherwise, please let me know and we can discuss.
14. Once droid apps prove successful, I then will want to open up another project to build same app for iphone/ipad.

Thank you.

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Flash AS Developer Required For Poker Game

I am looking for some Flash AS Developer for my Poker gaming project; i need to custimized my flash based poker lobby..

Required Skills;

Flash Action Script

contact ASAP,

skype: hamidejaz

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Site Modifications (SEngine, Zend Framework, Mysql, PHP)

The bidder must be very familiar and comfortable with using the Zend PHP framework to create clean code.

Ideally located in the US OR UK.

Customization for a social Engine, networking site.

and possible maintience too (ongoing support will be agreed in addition to this job).


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PHP/MySql Site Redesign

Looking to re-create an HTML review site in a database format. We currently have a site that lists stores by state/city with information relating to each store. We need a site created in PHP (preferably) that populates the data for each store in each state/city from a MySql database. We will need the site setup, the database setup, and an easy way to input new data and edit current data.

10/07/2010 at 13:54 EDT:

Domain name and hosting is already setup.

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Once register.php submit button is pressed, my project checks to see if a checkbox is checked, if so, I want to create a vBulletin account through MySQL, on the users. All I need you to do is help me create the account so it works with my coding. Here is what I have currently:

$salt = $this->fetch_user_salt();

$password = $this->hash_password($pw, $salt);

mysql_query("INSERT INTO user(usergroupid, username, password, passworddate, email, showvbcode, usertitle, joindate, reputation, reputationlevelid, options, ipaddress, referrerid, salt) VALUES(2, " . $user . ", " . $password . ", 2010, " . $email . ", 2, Junior Member, " . $date(u) . ", 10, 4, 45108311, " . $_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR] . ", 2, " . $salt . ")") or die(mysql_error());

Header( "Location: login.php?message=Accounts+succesfully+created+you+may+now+login+on+NV+Board+and+MyKUpload");

function fetch_user_salt($length = SALT_LENGTH)
$salt = ;

for ($i = 0; $i < $length; $i++)
$salt .= chr(rand(33, 126));

return $salt;

function hash_password($password, $salt)
// if the password is not already an md5, md5 it now
if ($password != )
$password = md5($password);

// hash the md5d password with the salt
return md5($password . $salt);

And it is not working correctly, thanks.

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PHP And MySQL Work Required On OsCommerce Site

I will make the details known on PMB.

Please do not bid if you have less than 10 reviews or you have incomplete project reports.

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Add Search Feature On A Php/mysql Web Site.

I need to add search feature on a php/mysql web site (job agregator): search exact wording or phrase, search only title.
You will be explained in details in PM.

Please only bid if you are very proficient in php/mysql, can do the job rapidly and have a rapid communication.
Please put in your bid the word "PHP" written in the first line. Otherwise, your bid will not be read!

Thank you.

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PHP Trading Site Script

Im basically looking to start a person2person (p2p) trading site. I notice there are several b2b sites for buying/selling of business goods, but I want this on more of a personal level where users can post wishlists of things they would like to get and also post listings of things they want to trade on the trading post. I was inspired by the story of the guy who traded a paperclip to a house ( and decided to make a site called TradeUp that would let people trade their unwanted items UP to better things.

Right now, this would be a local campus service at a particular university in the US (Duke) so we are calling the site Devils Trade Up. The website domain has not been purchased yet though. The idea of the local service is that people will stop by a local trading post booth on campus to perform trades, rather than hassling with shipping. The presence of a middleman ensures successful trades.

The site basically functions like eBay (only with trades; this is designed to be a moneyless business), with users able to register/login, message other users, and make offers on trades. They can then accept offers, reject them, and things like that. Updates on Trades (such as offers/rejections etc) should prompt email notification. Wed also like the site to be only for people with email addresses (so provide a sort of verification).

I am roughly able to provide a website layout (although if you can provide one that is customizable thats great) if the script is flexible enough to be put in an existing layout with PHP includes or a similar code.

Similar sites to my project (also competition):,

Please let me know if you are able to code something for us like this. We are broke college students trying to start a really cool business, so the cheaper the better (ideally within the $1-100 range, but be honest with your quotes). Also please include some examples of your previous work if possible.

Thanks so much for considering!

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Cleanup/Debug Of Existing PHP/MySQL E-Commerce Site

We have a home-made e-commerce site thats been running for several years. There are a few bugs that appear every once in awhile. Our site uses our own merchant account PLUS PayPal & Google Checkout.

Were looking for someone to go through the entire checkout process code, and clean, streamline, security check, and debug. No cosmetic changes at this time. Strictly coding.


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PHP MySQL Site – Improve Security!

Before jumping into the next phase of the project, I would like to make enhancement into the current matchmaking codes.
When I did a code review, here is what was found in the current codes:
1. Need to improve security!

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Tasks For Unfinished PHP/MySQL Site

Brief: I have a unfinished site with a few bugs/tasks I need completed.
Sample Profile:

I. Integrate this photo gallery into profile page:

II. On profile Page under "Location:" – When user is online there should be a small icon and text saying Online Now"

III. From homepage when you choose a State (New Jersey) then "…see all members" the VIP Scroll box is fine, but once you click a "Main Category" or "County" and start browsing the site the VIP Box gets messed up. Copy or fix the coding from the page where it works to the pages where it doesnt.

IV. When multiple photos is selected on sign-up page, online 1 photo shows up in the created profile and the others are discarded. All photos selected must upload to profile. Also each profile allows 1 video upload. The video does not get uploaded.

V. Some field information entered on sign-up, DOES not show up on the profile once created. Test the sign-up process to see which. Also on sign-up… some fields/questions are the same value as some Sub Categories (IE.. hair color, etc) – The ones that match, when selected should automatically check off the matching Sub Category.

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Php Mysql

We are looking to create the ecover generating engine like the one used on – we dont want to graphic editing part, just the part where it generate the 3D ecovers. this site is using imagemagick to do this, we can use the same method.

please quote.

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Extract to WordPress Page (1st segment of WordPress Based Site)

1. PHP Script/plugin to Extract Article matching a particular search phrase from a news website.

2. Extract will be from a particular year to current.

3. Script will be run every hour to extract most current article.

4. Extract will grab "Title" and then the Name of the article writer, the Date, the jpg (logo) of the original newspaper and then the article itself.

5. The extract Title will be inserted into the "Title" of the wordpress posting. Everthing else will be inserted into the "Post" Portion of wordpress.

6. Article that requires a member account will be skipped

7. The URL of each article will be domain/title

8. I want this on a wordpress page. Also give me an RSS feed for this page.

9. WordPress All in One SEO Plugin will be used for this page.

10. Developer will implement wordpress based on agreed upon theme

11. Adsense ads and banner ads will be inserted on the body of the extract and on the page.

This is the first segment of a wordpress based website. Next segment to follow after this.

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Creating flash game for casino

I need an experienced flash designer to remake slot game for casino (see attached screenshots). All graphics are to be redrawn in vector, so that the game could be resized to 1280×1024 w/o quality loss. Also, we need additional animation.
If I like your work, I also have more similar games to remake. But this is for further projects.
Please let me know about your past projects – I want to take a look first before providing more details.
Game logic is PHP script. Its my part as well as complex ActionScript in Flash. I want only graphics, composed in library and deployed on scenes.

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