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English-US Writer Needed – Gardening Articles

Native US Writer needed to write 4 (four) articles about garden tips. Ill provide the subjects.

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500 Interesting Facts + 20 Articles – Gardening

Looking for a writer to conduct a series of articles and facts on a topic based on an aspect of Gardening (will be discussed via PMB). We will supply the exact topic once a bid as been placed to ensure you are able to conduct this research/writing task. I will provide you with some basic outlines of Sub-Topics which should make your task easier. You may derive the Interesting Facts from within your written articles if you wish, but these must be quality facts which relate 100% to the topic.

As this is a trial phase we are looking for serious writers who are willing to complete this project for a lower price to prove themselves and their skills in writing. We are looking for bids of around $40 for this initial project and will pay more for future projects if we establish a good business relationship with the chosen writer.

This project will be seen as an initial trial phase for you, as if you provide quality information on our desired topic we will be looking for you to create several eBooks (5 – 6) which we will pay generously for a high quality result. This payment works out at $1 per article (20 x $1 = $20) and $0.04c per fact (.04c x 500 = $20).

Interesting Facts 500+ Instructions:

We are looking for 500+ Interesting Facts on our chosen topic.
Can be one or two sentences long but no more than 140 Characters (For use with micro blogging technologies)
These must be original facts, and can be reworded from other content as long as there is no copyright violation.
List these in any order as they will be used over a time frame where users will want multiple facts on varying topics
Keep them fun, fresh, interesting, entertaining
Use formal English

20 Articles Instructions:

Must be 600 – 1000 words in length (Please decide on what is necessary to cover a specific sub-topic)
Must be on varying sub-topics of our Niche topic (Will provide you ideas to get you started)
Interesting and detailed articles are a necessity
These must be original articles, they can be reworded from other content as long as there is no copyright violation. (We will use copyscape to check before payment)
Interesting and specific headings for articles
Use formal English.
Keep the articles fun and fresh, new ideas, topics, to get the readers actively involved
Make it sound easy to do for a first time reader
No slang terms unless it is relevant to the article itself

We are looking to find article writers/eBook writers who have quality skills and also are interested in the area of our Niche market. We look to develop a long term relationship with our writer(s) to develop a series of eBooks in the coming months. Please only apply if you have experience in the writing industry and believe you can provide valuable articles, facts, and eBooks.

Please PMB with a title of I like to Garden and provide us with some of your recent work (articles, eBooks etc). We look forward to hearing from you and will be in contact soon.

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Articles On Homeschooling

I am looking for someone to produce 30 articles on homeschooling. I will provide you with the keywords. They must make sense and be positive in nature. I am only able to pay $1.00 per article at this time but I will provide you with an increase in pay as my profits increase if I decide to keep you as a long term employee.

The articles only need to be 400-500 words a piece. I will provide you with a keyword. They should be SEO optimized.

I will require a sample article before I hire you but it will count as your first article if I choose you as my provider.

I will pay through freelancer and provide good feedback upon completion of the work. I will escrow payment after 15 articles and release upon completion.

I retain full rights to your articles and you may not use them anywhere else even as a sample.

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