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Algorithm Implementation – Exams Timetabling


– Find any paper (to be approved) written about exams timetabling that deals with any algorithm and implement it (program it)
– Algorithm can be any evolutionary algorithm, genetic algorithm, or memetic algorithm, scattered search, or anything you propose
– Language of implementation is not restricted, it can be anything, but it needs to run on Windows
– The user should be able to change the input parameters
– After the implementation, should show a description of how to use the program and write short report showing results of the experiment
– Should be done in a maximum of 4 days

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Apply A Genetic Algorithm Through Spss With The Help Of VBA

I want a programmer that can handle SPSS and VBA. The main project is to write a VB code which can read a .sav file from spss (with unlimited variables), manipulates them and apply the method of segregation of data in order to get a new .sav file, runs a regression analysis through a VB environment, analyze the result and if it is not fulfilled specific requirements loop and run from the beginning the regression analysis.

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