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Facebook Page Creation

Need facebook page customised and developed for small Film Production Company. To work like this

Needs to be Twitter and Tumblr linked

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Facebook Fan Page Creation

I have a new gay and lesbian news and social networking blog ( and need someone to design an attractive and SEO friendly Facebook fan page to help promote it.

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Lading Page Creation

Please note have a fixed writer to do this job for me. No need of bidding here.

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Landing Page Creation

Dear All,

A good looking, Eye-catching, landing page required urgently.

The page design, pictures and content is all your job, we will give you an idea of what we need.

Landing page size should be same as normal screen sizes.

Wording and pictures should be catchy so that when customers see the advert their mind shold go on clicking it.

We nearly wants it done in next 24-48 hours.

Please include your previous landing pages, not the website designs or anything like that. Just good landing pages.

Please keep in mind "Landing Page Design, Photos and Eye-catching content is all your job"


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Automatic Page Creation.

We need to around 100-200 pages made for our website. all of these page will be the same except for some text changing. We are looking for a programmer to make a menu that lists all the citys in the US (we will Provide) and each city will have its own dedicated page. here are some example of exactly what we need. The page These link go to are the menu and the links are to specific city pages.

Each page will have a city specific url for example – /locations/custom t-shirts-chicago.htm

The meta data will need to generated as well this will be the same expect for the name of the city like in the examples above.

This will need to be put on our server with no interuption of any other pages or functions.

Please provide price qoute and turn time.

Please PM me with prices or questions.

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Auto Page Creation With WHMCS

I need to have an auto page created when a client purchases a product through my WHMCS software

The flow would be 1 of the 2 options with the same end result

Client signs up for a FREE product through my whmcs billing software version 4.2.1

The billing software using auto script install through Softaculous or cpanel ??? whatever is easier

and creates a subdomain page ( will private message an example )
on this page is included the same design , colors , my google adsense code or banners system
a flash player that is playing the music stream my whm sonic created , there website name will appear

2 nd option

if your not able to do this through whmcs i would like a register form and then this subdomain page automatically created but remember you will need to make the system create the stream in whmsonic ( will private message an example )

looking forward to bids and this to be done quickly

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Index Page Creation Or Edit

I believe that I need an index page created or edited for my website because I see the information below when I view my site in a search.

Index of /
Index of / .ftpquota.

Additionally, the full name of my site does not appear in searches. For example, it does not show or, it just shows com.

This should be an easy fix for someone who knows what they are doing. The site/files are all PHP and HTM. Im looking for someone who can complete this immediately. Please be smart with your bid and please have recommendations.

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Landing Page Creation

We have layered photoshop designs that need to be converted in to landing pages, need a price per page.

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We Page Creation

We are looking for a developer to put up basic static PHP web pages for a series of domains that we have. Each domain to have ten pages. Basic header and navigation.

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Landing Page Creation

I want to create a landing page similar to


I just want to copy it and make some minor changes to make it look different. Please review and bid. Need this within 1-2 hours!

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Clickbank Style Landing Page Creation

I am looking for somebody to make a Clickbank style landing page for my new product (Web application, NOT an info product).

Please read the full description of this project before bidding, any mass message bids that I get will be ignored.

The design MUST be unique, you must not use a template from elsewhere.

The design must be very user friendly and eye catching, examples:

NOT Like The Following Boring Pages: – Too Small, Horrible Colours. – Too Plain, Just a very standard template. – Also too plain and standard template.

Examples of pages I LIKE: – Very nice design, cool graphics. Text is a bit messy but this design is 100X better than any of the above mentioned pages. – Again, very nice design, not standard, images overtop of headers and footers rather than inline banners, this style looks very very nice, I especially like the optin area too.

My product is based around 3 things:
1) Earning $ Online;
2) Social Networking;
3) Viral Marketing.

These 3 areas are giant online so there will be no shortage of images available.

Additional Requirements (The following are included in this project, bid for a total amount, not seperate):
Logo Design;
Nice Looking Optin Form On The Landing Page (Themed, Not just textboxes, I will handle the backend).

3 x Image on Landing Page that will also be used within the script (250×250):
1 = Earning $ Online Theme,
2 = Social Networking Theme,
3 = Viral Marketing Theme.

Each of those 3 images must have the same style border so that they will look nice next to each other, almost like a flow chart. You will probably understand this greater once the project has started but I do not want to post too much info in my project.

The template MUST be in HTML / CSS Format. Absolutely NO PSD FILES.

Once again, please make sure you have read the full project, total requirements:
1 x Landing Page;
1 x Logo Design;
1 x Themed Optin On Landing Page;
3 x 250X250 Images;

All web design files must be in HTML / CSS format (Apart from images obviously, but absolutely NO PSD Files!)

Bid for full project requirements, not part / seperate.

Once project has been completed I will also require some affiliate banners to be created as a seperate project if this would interest you.

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Sales Page Creation

We are looking for a experienced sales page creator. Particular with marketing an sales background. My sales page is in the fitness niche. Iam looking for a sales page similiar to clickbank pages. here are a few examples of styles i like
a header will need to be created that will also be used on the Cd covers photo as im promoting a membership site.

please reply if your interested and have written similar pages before. we will require samples of previous work.

sincerely nate,

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Web Page Creation

Need to make a few changes to the Sign Up Page and create another Sign up Page.

1. On the

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Sales Page Creation ( Clickbank Style )

Hi there,

we are looking for someone with experience in creating one page websites ( sales pages & lead capture pages ) like most of the clickbank etc. pages out there. WE provide the Content, Pictures and Videos. We need someone that can design the page and set everything up.

Please reply only if you have made these sort of pages before and you can show us some samples of your work.

Also PM us with the pricing.

Sincerely, IgorB.

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Creation Of Auction Accounts Needed

Auction accounts needed with the creation of PayPal

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I have five years experience in data entry field and new to freelance, doing all type of non-voice oriented jobs like data extraction, data mining from websites, data conversion, data typing, email accounts creation etc.,

Now i need a good business with new clients. Dont bid here for getting hired.


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Create Accounts On 100 Forums

We have a list of 100 forums we would like accounts created on.

We will provide the name and email to use.

After creating the profile on the forum we then need you to fill in the pre-written "about me section" and put in a "backlink" in the signature page (if applicable).

After that, we would like you to make ONE intelectual comment on a post. If there is not spot for a signature we would like you to close off the post with a pre-written name and link.

You must then copy the post and send us the links.

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BMD Accounts Creation (Social Bookmarking Demon)

We are looking for a service provider who is using the software Social Bookmarking Demon (BMD).

BMD is working with about 100 social bookmarking sites at the moment and we need someone who can register and activate us 15 accounts each. In future we will need LOADS more.

We need the BMD export (csv file) in order to import it on our side.

We can provide email adresses.

Please place your bid for 15 accounts. Also give us your rate for one account per social bookmarking site at BMD.


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Uk 2500 Fans Need

OH I have another same project but here i need fans from UK

I need 2500 facebook fans from UK.The requirements are:

*Fans must be from UK

*All fans must be real people with real facebook accounts not made by boot

*And must show what you will do to not have the page banned by Facebook

Fans to be acquired evenly over time

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Facebook Page Promotion And Facebook Accounts

I have few new Facebook pages that i need traffic go to it and the traffic need to press the "like" .
i will also look into many friends Facebook accounts but please i am not a starter and do not need all those fake accounts that all are your other users like many other was trying to sell me.

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Sales Page Creation – Have Example

I need this website sales page done, all the same features as

please check the site before hand and give me an appropriate bid and timeframe, thanks.

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