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Teach Me To Code A WYSIWYGE And Spun Content

You know those softwares and online sites where you use an editor to spin an article so that its not duplicate content. These "editors" are like a Fckeditor or smoething where you can modify the text heavily, make api calls to third parties and retrieve translations from thesauros or whatever.

I need to code one of these for myself. I do not have enough expertise so I need someoen to code with me from scratch co-working over skype. When we reach a topic I dont know about that person must explain it to me.

I would also like to lear php file encryption and locking apps with costum keys with limited licenses.

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Solve Bug (PHP)

Experienced coder able to track a bug needed. (urgently)
bug occuring in a mailinglist sender (customized php script). It has always worked but now it suddenly stops after sending like 200 ~ 300 mails. This must be a small issue as there was no tempering with the code. Anyone experienced and capable of tracking the problem right away can bid. Youll get access to cpanel.

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Project Number One Two Three


I have a website that has repeatedly been hacked. The hackers have managed to change pages on the website, steal my custom-designed PHP scripts, send out emails from our server, inject code, upload files, you name it. I really want to put an en …….. Register/login to view more details
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VBulletin Image Upload to External Site Plugin


I need somebody that can code me a VBulletin plugin which makes users able to upload a picture to an Image Hosting website. The Image Hosting website is

The Plugin I need is the same like this plugin:
The only improvements to this scripts functionality is that the plugin needs the following things:
#1 I need to be able to select which USERGROUPS are able to see+use this plugin
#2 There should be a + button so users can upload up to 5 pictures at once instead one after another

Just try out the plugin from to see what it should be like.

You also need to tell me then what kinda PHP file I have to code and place on, so the forum-plugins request to a upload a picture will work.

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.htaccess php special charset modrewrite

I need some fix to display special charset in my friendly urls.
My .htaccess and some php files are limiting my friendly urls

so it does not display charecters like ÉÁÜŐ in the link and also does not let users register with those names.

Only bids 30 or under would be considered.

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unlock php files

I have a couple of files that were locked with codelock. I need them decrypted. Fast and easy

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