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Increase Traffic And Business

Hi Folks,

I have couple of websites in different areas, I am looking for a candidate who can improve traffic and business for my websites.

Need someone with very good experience with facebook.

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The Cable Connection

Hi Guys,

I am looking for a few things.

Firstly need a new logo designed.

Then I need a customized look created for my bigcommerce website.

Lastly (at this stage) I need an eBay HTML template for use with my listings.

I would like someone who has good experience with BigCommerce and with ebay also. I have the website already in place and the highest bidder will have around 2-3 weeks to get the work done before I go live.

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User Experience Specialist With Good Online Gaming Backgroud

Looking for a User Experience specialist who can review an online financial strategy game pilot (based on flash/flex) and provide recommendation in the following area(s)

1. General Navigational aspect of the game (Ease of use/standard gaming controls etc.)
2. Colors/Fonts/Controls related to the game
3. How to improve the user experience (What we are missing and what it would take to get this game to the next level)

and so on.

We are not looking for Programmers.

Please do respond with your experience in the above area, if we are satisfied with your background we will discuss the next step.

only for serious bidder————-

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Japanese Culture/Language Blog

I just started a blog on Japanese language and culture.
Im looking for people that can write about the following:
Japanese vocabulary lessons
Japanese kanji,hiragana, katakana lessons
Reviews of Japanese candy, food ingredients
Japanese recipes
Japanese traveling articles
Japanese history articles
Interesting cultural facts
Japanese etiquette, manners, way of life
Japanese book reviews
Japanese music
Japanese culture teaching materials
and more

I will pay a fixed rate of $2 per submission of 500 words.
$4 for 1000. I will increase your pay if I am satisfied with your initial work.
Im also willing to negotiate but keep in mind that asking for too much might take you out of the game.
Im looking for people with experience or with good research abilities
All work must be originally and properly cited

For more information on what Im looking for feel free to visit:
There is potential long-term relationship as well as editor and moderator permanent positions.

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Classified Ad Poster-600/Month Minimum, Good Growth

Serious group looking for long term relationship with classified ad poster.

This will be in apts/housing for rent sections of various sites.


Place an initial bid and PM me for more details

This is an excellent, long term opportunity for someone with good experience.

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Need Cpa Approval Service

Hey everyone,
I am looking for someone who can make calls to cpa network and get approval, it would be better if you can fill the application form too.

you can get $$$ for every acc approved.

Ill provide you details, phone number etc.

For those whore really good and have experience to do this, please send me a pm .I need some CPA account.


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Drupal developer with good experience

We are looking for a long term Drupal freelancer to work with our team.

1. Write PORTFOLIO details in PMB.
2. How many years of Drupal experience you have?

Neednot quote amount now

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E-book revision project

I am having a 75 pages e-book in pdf format. It contains nice presentation of text, graphics and has normal security settings.

This project is to revise it. You need to add /delete some text, replace some tables and appropriate images, which will make it of about 120-130 pages.

The text matter for revision is ready with me. I will give you the old e-book and the word file, for the new version. I can also supply some additional images. However, you need to arrange some more images and graphics which will be appropriate to the newly inserted text.

You must not change the overall design of the e-book. You can make some changes to make it more attractive and presentable. You need to insert text as per my instructions, replace three tables and add appropriate images. You also need to see the overall presentation of the text is smooth. For this you need to see the titles, sub-titles, and the text under them and fonts for all these. The color combination also needs to be looked into.

You need to have a good experience to handle this type of work. You should be able to show me some samples of the e-books created by you.

Once assigned, you will have to complete the work and take my approval before making a final version. You may be required to make some revisions, if I ask you to do that.

Work must be completed in 7 days.
Payment by escrow and will be released only after satisfactory completion of the work.

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