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App Integration With Gps External Navigation Apps

We have an existing app for iPhone to find restaurants and pubs in seaside towns with Gps localization. The app is based on a database and the request to the database is managed through a web service.

Now we want to give users the possibility to integrate the search with two important Gps navigation apps running on iPhone. From the details page of the restaurants the user will launch the external Gps app to find the route.

Budget: 400 $.

Please bid only if you have experience in this kind of integration for iPhone.

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IPhone App Tracker

Basic Overview:
Looking to develop an iPhone app that can tell when other apps used/opened on your iPhone.
The information is for user use only and I have an idea of how to display which will be discussed upon acceptance .

If you think you can code this please get in contact with me

Greater details upon discussion.

Any examples of current work in the Apps store would be preferred.

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IPhone App Trivia Game With GPS And Maps Integration

Im in the need of a programmer that can build an Iphone app and depending on that well possibly ask for a second version for Andriod.

This project is for a non-profit organization

the app consist of the following:

-the user must create an account with username and password to start using the app

-User must create a profile and join a group or team of users already in the system

-User is able to search team members, teams, and be able to create a new team name.

-Once the user is registered, he/she is able to play a trivia game based on points by answering correct questions, the game is played in teams/groups

-Tour guide: using gps technology, the app will pop a message and let the user know when he/she is passing by a historical landmark

– Important dates: the app will hold a calendar of events which will let the user know if that day is a historical day or just to notify about events or other important dates

-Fundraising: this will allow the user to make a donation to the organization by allowing them to donate from their phones, and will also hold paid sponsorship/advertising banners.


admin should be able to manipulate the following from the backend:

-manipulate users

-manipulate teams

-add remove trivia questions, possibly linked to important dates or specific historical landmark

-add remove historical dates

-add/remove location of historical landmarks, be able to map to a location using GPS

-Fundraising page, be able to integrate a way to process donations, possibly paypal or other merchant account

-be able to add/remove sponsors/banners

The person selected for this project will work hand-to-hand with a creative team, which will allow a better understanding of the project, and will also provide any assets, UI design, and UI structure.

Well need a portfolio of apps done in the past, well review them and make a final pick based on that.


A test or demo is also required prior to starting the project, to estimate timeframe and quality of the product.

After completion of this project well possibly require an Android version which will be a separate project.

Thank you for taking the time to read the description of the project.

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IPhone APP – GSM/GPS Location

Im looking for a programmer that can build me an iPhone APP that connects to our OpenGTS server (Linux) and the user can view their tracker on the iPhone.

A few of the things I would like displayed are:

1. Location on Map
2. Direction
3. Speed

Would like to keep it simple until we have time to test it and see what other features will need to be added.

Person awarded this project will be used for further development of this APP and development of this program for the other mobile operating systems like Windows Phone, Blackberry and Andriod.

Thank you for looking at this project.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


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Iphone App: Dating With GPS: Like Zillow

I want to have a iphone Dating app. It should use GPS for location.
If you are familiar with Zillow (real estate app), I want something similar to that for dating application. A map and a bunch of dots that represent each dates location. If the date is of your preference, the dot becomes green, otherwise red.. something like this.

The user database should be ~1000 people (not looking for a crazy big system; just decent size).

Please let me know whether you can develop such a system for iphone, your way of making it ( should use map, GPS,
some kind of server…), and how much you charge, what is the development time?


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Convert IPhone App To Other Platforms

We have an iPhone app that has been fully developed and would like to have it ported to other platforms including Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile. The app is written partly in native iPhone and includes some .aspx pages. It uses the mapping and gps functions native to the iPhone and would need to access those services as well on the other platform. It is a database driven app. We have all of the code available to us.

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IPhone Profile App With Wifi, GPS, Phone Cell Support

Hello, I want an app for iPhone like "MyProfiles" or "SbSchedule" but with Wifi location Support. If the iPhone is under a know Wifi, it must switch from 3G to 2G. And If the iPhone is out of the know Wifi, it must switch from 2G to 3G.
The app must be compatible with ios4. Compatible with AppStore or Cydia. It the same. I Prefer the AppStore.
I would like the app source.
Thank you! 🙂

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Need An IPhone App

I need someone that have good experience of develop iPhone . You must have knowledge of how to get OK for Apples App Store.

You will do the coding and i will do the graphic elements in need.

I need:
– It will look like (but dynamic data fetch from wordpress)
– Capability to get one main category is top 10 entries this week dynamicly.
– Fetch "header" from the main server (if it changed since last visit)
– Calculate distance to the "goal" from the current gps-position.
– Capabitlty to interact with facebook (not sure how much yet, not prio)


More details in PMB!

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Iphone/Ipod3G/Ipad App GPS Enabled

I need to have an application written that will allow gps coordinates to trigger specific video actions which are preferably not web based. We can talk in more detail after a non-disclosure/non-competition agreement is signed.
As far as budgeting is concerned, we are in the initial setup of this project. We require consultation with programmers to determine what it will take to get this project done so that we may come to a mutual agreement on initial cost, possible royalties and/or profit sharing. We are hoping to create a project that creates a self perpetuating requirement for constant updates and expansion (ie. full-time work).

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Urban GPS Social Iphone App

We need an iphone app that will use gps maps with the ability to mark spots on the map and write messenges to other person.
we also need a regisration screen and the app should send it to db.

for more details please contact me in PM.

the budget is : 600$

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