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Newspaper Ad Work Graphics Design

Newspaper Ads Graphic Designing for our Loans/ Finance Company for newspaper print advertisements on monthly basis..

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Photo Restoration, Logo Design, Vector Work, CD/DVD Art

Graphic Designer conveniently located online with FAST service.

Proficient in all Adobe products. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and many more.

Plenty of experience in college, internship, clients, and more.

*Photo Restoration * Logo Design * Vector Work * Information Data Graphics * CD/DVD Art * and much more.

Fast response times.

*+4 years of experience

*Reliable and willing to meet your needs

Please feel free to message me with any questions and projects.

Graphic Designer + Fast and Reliable

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New Feature – Video Uploading And Showing.

We are in need of new feature to be implemented. Users to be able to upload video to their profiles.
This video will be shown on home page random, and in users profile too.
Your task is to implement uploading form, new table for home page where these videos to appear, new table in users profile and page with video frame.
This will be done in existing body pages so no need to design it.
Show me your work in this sense.
More details to winning bid.

Escrow only will be placed, and released when we approve this on our server.

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Nostalgic Design

I am happy to do design work in Garments,Stationary,T-Shirt and other dress materials
Also visual merchandising,Innovative designs

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Packing Art Design

A- Our reference MXArt001Sydney light packing art design
We are interested to change the packing art design, the existing design we need to change the colour and the art.
1-Provide many art design at least 4 type to select for four model Packing Light
2-When you finish Item 1, then Give us three dimension photo suitable for advertise with our full logo and address and advertising word

B-Our reference MX Art 002 Automatic Change over switch
We are interested for packing art design for two sizes, the existing design we need the colour and the art. the second one we will provided to you later, the difference only in size of the box and extra words
Dimension of the packing box L 180 x W 194 x H 105 mm
1- Provide many art design at least 4 type to select for packing box
2- Provide sticker design written (Main, AG, HG, LOAD), other place (LOAD P&N, Trip, N, MAINS, AG, HG).
3- When you finish Item 1, then Give us three dimension art suitable for advertise with our full logo and address and some add written word

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Design – Product Labelling And Packaging – Product: Battery

Companies / individuals who have prior experience in designing product labels and packaging are expected to bid for this project.

Project involves designing one of our upcoming product line – USB Battery.

The product is very unique and we are in the look-out for highly creative labelling and packaging concepts.

You can find more details about the product from one of our competitors website –

Scope of work:
– Product name (suggest about 4 to 5 names)
– attractive and catchy tag line (suggest about 4 to 5 options)
– Colour concept – Shades of green (or a concept that represents ECO friendliness)
– Product labelling (AA & AAA size) – (3 to 4 design concepts)
– Product packing (2 & 4 pack – for both AA & AAA sizes) – (3 to 4 design concepts)

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Graphic Designer For EBooks

We are a publishing company looking for the right individual to add to our team who can produce designs for our books. Our requirements are that English be your primary language, that you use InDesign CS5 and Photoshop, that you be creative and detail-oriented, that you are available via Skype or phone during US business hours, that you are interested in developing an ongoing relationship after this first project and that you answer email promptly.

Please verify the above requirements and provide at least three samples of your design work with your bid. This project is based on designing a book in InDesign CS5 of about 100 pages. Turn-around needed is two days. Budget is $30 per project.

Please also mention if you have skills in: Flash, After Effects, Audio/Video Editing, Writing, Editing

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2d Illustration

To draw art work of a house
may need some pencil drawing

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Looking For Graphic Designer


I am looking for a graphic designer with creative mind that can do the following and provide great designs :

Business Card
Website design
Flash banner

**Please Include your rates and services for each of these product in your bid and an example of your work attached (NO LINK). Please bid 30$ for 1 days since it is a long term job. The winning bid will be selected if there is all those requirements.


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Drupal Footer Work – Needs New Design

We are seeking a new revised-enhanced footer area for our Drupal sites.

Like this but maybe not so much of it but something like it fitting more for me.

I want a nice footer though like you see around on Facebooks and stuff.

What I do have is some things I do I would like to promote

The only Twitter I have is for the Cycle store and it never really got done.

I have a hosting company too

I could also include these people in my footer

I just had new footers done on my zen cart stores here.

It is an easy footer job for a designer that knows what he is doing. In fact Gurus footer is something similiar to what I am talking about in which I would like, not copying theirs, but something similiar

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Mediashare Templat

I want to make template for media sharing web site
The template shall support RTL & LTR languages
So the user can select his language
1- the template must have full support for RTL language like Arabic with all respects
I mean every thing must start from left to right including but not limited the menus .
2-the template must be unique and look very professional(art work ) .

Here is a demo site :
And it using smarty engine & PHP .

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Minimalistic Design Website


I need a website for a company, around 10 pages with CMS, SEO, Google maps and Google analytics integration, photo gallery. Website comes in few languages and should work on all browsers.
Person should have done minimalistic design, corporate websites.


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A Secondlife Viewer

To compile a secondlife viewer to a specfic website and to use some supplied art work

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Website Design And Intergartion

Website for a virtual reality theres a skeletol system already can be seen at more content and a bright look i already have some art work

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Private Work For DJ DESIGN

DJ DESIGN ONLY – New brand log required for website which is an online service for buisnesses to manage tasks and track workflow and deligate work.

I am seeing Cloggs or circle arrows as its a work process tool.

thanks jon

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bud beast product label design

Ok the latest product to be developed by our company is a product we have called BUD BEAST

our product is a plant supplement that is given in addition to a regular feed of nutrients, what our product does is stop any vegetative growth of the plant and permit the plant to put all its energy into producing much much larger than normal flowers, by keeping the plants small but with much larger fruits and buds (beasting the buds) the time taken to grow the plant is reduced and also the person growing a product will simply get more money for the crop as it will weigh more than usual.

original artwork is required fro this and should be scaleable so it can fit a number of bottles, however the inital size will be roughyl 9cm by 9cm

there would be a back design to this as well so although the front of the bottle must catch peoples eye and make it absolutely clear about what the product does a back design must also display relevant information that i would later have to add.

we are a dynamic company, we do not settle for standard art work on any of our products.,..this project would suit somebody dedicated to creativity in their work, there is most certainly repeat work available as this is just the start of a 20 bottle range that all need seperate artwork.

as we seem to get our time wasted on here time and time again by people claiming to be graphic artists that are infact no better than myself we would ask that not only you show us a portfolio page as a minimum, but also as we need to get it right, this be ran as a type of competition, come up with a design, put in your bid, water mark your design and send it to us to see (make sure you watermark it for your security and peace of mind) then we can simply choose the best artwork and contact that person so we can buy it from them without watermark.

kind regards

04/06/2009 at 14:37 EDT:

some pointers for yo all as we have had to be honest some bland results so far with nothing more than id expect to make myself or be seen on a bottle of washing up liquid or on a jam jar or honey pot !

think monsters…think plants, think short monsters, think bigger plants..

our product stop plants from growing big and allows the plant to focus its energy on producing "beasted buds" massive massive fruits and flowers.

as long as the artwork is exceptional and original we don’t mind paying what you request as your bid, and if its that good and we think you have undervalued your work..we will let you know and pay you extra !..we are if anything a fair company

hope this helps

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