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Pregnancy WordPress Theme

You will need to create a simple wordpress theme.

It will have 2 columns with a left side bar. Must be able to add widgets.

The theme should use css and SEO friendly and optimized.

The topic for the theme is "Pregnancy"

You should use nice colours and will just have a banny graphic at the top that resembles pregnancy.

Must be able to be used on wordpress 3.0 or 3.1

If you are new to freelancer and want to get your first project, i encourage you to apply, but please do tell me how you are qualified to do this.

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WordPress Theme Design

I need you to create a new WP theme for my site. This site will feature free WordPress themes for download, so it must display the themes attractively, as well as offer a live demo of each theme. You can use this as an example of what I am looking for:

You should be an expert WordPress theme designer capable of creating custom themes quickly. If you can do a good job with this I have lot more theme design work for you (15+ themes every month)

Final version of site should be completed by April 12.

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New WordPress Theme Design

Need a structurally more wordpres compatible theme than the one we have.

The colors, Pictures, and skin must stay.

We just want you to develop a theme that works with Wp commerce plugin.

1) Move the items in cart and checkout to a new location. Currently Cart is on page and not working.
2) Integrate custom created (will provide sidebar images) social networking images to sidebar
3) Add light box to two links to open two pages.

The whole theme must be redesigned for compatibility and image quality needs updating.
We need this within 5 days. Lowers bid with verifiable wordpress skill takes the project.

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Design A WORDPRESS Theme

I need a WordPress theme designed. The theme options should be very clean and user friendly. The theme should have options to:

Add adsense, CJ, CB & amazon ads that can be displayed on the blogs posts/pages/achives/search-results on TOP,BOTTOM,MIDDLE & mouse hover keywords and an option to display a peel away ad.

Also, the theme needs to have various color options and should be fluid magazine layout.

Please BID only if you can do the task

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WordPress Theme Design

I need a very simple wordpress theme that will allow me to have 10 pictures on the home page, that visitors can vote on. I also need an additional page designed that will display one image that is the top voted on image.

Feel free to use current wordpress plugins to make this site functional.

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WordPress Theme + Facebook Page + Twitter

PM with past work

I need you to create:

1. WordPress template, (PSD design + template code!)
2. Facebook page in FBML (PSD Design + code!)
3. Simple backround + design for Twitter

The design is already available, you can scetch after it
Max 40

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WordPress Theme Design

I want you to design my blog wordpress theme this is not hard its like copy other theme.

hit me with your previous work and we will talk in detail.

its about product review blog.

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Simple WordPress Theme Design

I would like to create a wordpress theme that is identical to the theme found at www dot DenverHomeBuyers dot com. I need the capture information on the right hand side of every page just like theirs has. Please bid on the project and provide links to your work that is similar.


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WordPress Theme Design

I would like to create a high-end looking WordPress Theme. It is for a specific science fiction television show that I will tell you when we start the project. I will give you all assets.

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Webmaster Needed

I need someone who is dependable and can make fast changes for me. You must be online scype 24/7 and be able to do small jobs very quickly. Payment is based on fixed work, but after one month I am looking to hire someone on a monthly salary to work full time with my team. You will often be given video instruction and you need to be able think outside of the box. You must be able to do basic graphic design and you need to be an expert with wordpress.

Jobs will be paid on a job to job basis.

Your english must be 100%
And you must be dependable with a 12-24hr turnaround time even on the weekend.

Apply within if you have read everything carefully.

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WordPress Theme Design

Need wordpress theme ASAP.

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WordPress Theme Design

Need wordpress theme ASAP.

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WordPress Theme Design |

I need someone who can create a wordpress theme for me similar to the the "Sliding Door" theme available in


Them theme should be similar in format. I am relying on your graphical design experience for a good design but would sugget the following likely:
– Maybe a white background design instead of black
– Should be a general theme applicable to many different types of blogs
– Important that it has the ability to display pictures in a similar way
– Need help submitting it to
– Project not done until submitted to and received acceptance (there may be little changes asked of us)

You need to be an excellent graphical design (photoshop etc.) and I need to see your portfolio. You will get the project if you bid around $100.


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WordPress Theme Design

I am looking for a custom designed wordpress theme to put on my website. I need to retail all rights to this theme.

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WordPress Theme Design


need a simple wordpress theme design.

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WordPress Theme (Design + XHTML)

I need a new design for wordpress blog which is highly customized. Its about 4 different page types (template files) and I need the design done + the html which I can use to code a wordpress template file by myself.

Here are some requirements:
Design for the current (custom) homepage
Design for my categories (they are custom too)
Design for the single post view (I like to see great comment list/form)
The archive list (except the first page for categories) must be clean and nice
The HTML must fit the current default WP theme (2010)

Here are a few sites where I like the design:
I like the header section (colors and typography) anything else is very basic.
I like on this blog how they work with background colors/backgrounds. The part for the post title (incl. date and meta) looks good too. I dont like the dashed lines in the related section.
The comment list look really good, I found those on several sites.
Nice blog, dont like the wooden background, but the zigzag is cool. The header section is not common and looks good.

Some more information which should help you to understand what I need:
The article text should be on white background but I like a darker background for the "unused" right/left side
Dont abuse the header section, the most important information should be above the fold
I dont like the arial/helvetica font type
on my current template I have the templates ad in the upper right corner. I can change that add (Its my site). Maybe we can place this ad in a other design in a footer section
A footer section is nice too
I two columns side bar is not required
I post "code" in most of my tutorials, please keep this in mind.
I dont like to create thumbs for all my (older) articles, I can do this for popular articles and new ones
Spend enough time for the comments list.

Im in need of a partner who is able to think in solutions, its about a WordPress site and not just a website design. The design need to fit on my current blog and content.

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Minor WordPress Thesis Theme Design Change.Almost Done.

Requires Knowledge of WordPress Thesis Framework. –

I will provide you with:
1. Thesis framework
2. The blog theme that is almost done.

What I need:
1. Most of the design/CSS work is already done. The rest of the design needs to be completed like
2. On the right navigation, there must be a tabbed CSS box(should be LI not javascript) for "Current Hits, All Time, For Begineers, My Favorites" like homepage.

Only freelancers with feedback & knowledge in WP, Thesis framework to apply please.

11/19/2010 at 4:40 EST:

3. Add a 468×60 ad widget in the header.

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WordPress Theme Design Equires

Looking for designers to create a well seo optimized WordPress theme at $25 per design. I have many site needed. Do attach sample of work for my reference.

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WordPress Theme Design Finishing Touches

I have a wordpress theme 3.0 Design It has some minor bugs in it and the programmer is no longer working on the theme, so I need someone to help fiinsih up these minor fixes:

1) Upload a social media icon button
2) Fix the titles are to far apart
3) Fix the pictures are being cropped imporperly in welcome area
4) Featured page on he front page, words are not matching

I need an EXPERT WordPress Designer that can easiliy fix these issues and I can also give you more work with more features.

PLEASE POST ONLY YOUR WordPress 3.0 expereince with creating themes. Please provide Links to your Themes youve designed.

Need this done Asap

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WordPress Theme Design

I am looking for someone to create a new wordpress theme for a brand new website. The website will be bingo themed, but no knowledge of bingo is necessary.

Your design and coding skills need to be exceptional, I can offer you some sample sites for ideas but the design should be original and of excellent quality.

Please provide proof of your previous WordPress theme designs along with your bid.

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WordPress Theme Design + Coding


in two words:
– there is a website I like and I need similar design, wth slightly modified structure
– than it need to be cutted as a WordPress Theme
– some blocks of the theme need to be coded so I can change content on them from admin area. Very simple coding.

Site has 3 types of pages that need to be designed – main and two different internal.

All additional details via PM.

Please send me your portfolio or examples of similar job. Bids without portfolio ignored.

Payments through GAF only, 20-30-50% scheme (20% escrow before you start, released after mockups done. 30% escrowed and released after wordpress theme is ready. 50% escrowed and released after coding done)

Few revisions are obligatory.

Preferable budget – $300-400, time – 1-2 weeks.

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WordPress Theme Customization

I need the theme files of an existing wordpress membership site customizing to look like another existing website.

My website is and I am wanting this existing membership site to look like Full details of the project can be found by visiting: and logging in using:

Username: temporarywebdesigner and
Password: asd456

Once logged in click on the

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WordPress Arthemia Customization

I am looking for someone to customize a wordpress theme called Arthemia.

If you feel confident and you have some wordpress development experience,
please send me the url of your latest theme online.

You will be selected based on your previous works.

The job is very easy.

You only need to change 10% for the initial theme. (I will provide the files)
No graphic design needed.
Only CSS changes.

I need something fast and cheap.

This is not an one time shoot.

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WordPress Theme Development And Customization

For a client, we need a new wordpress theme that is almost identical to
For the shopping cart, we plan to use Shopp (we have the plugin) or if you propose any other, we are ok to use your preference.

The site looks should be as close to icondock as possible. The functioning should be EXACTLY the same.

Instead of right side product summary, we will have a sidebar. There we will put some widgets like testimonials etc.

The client wants everything to be on the mainpage as possible. Only the blog will be seperate. So please arrange your design appropriately.

This project has 3 phases:
1. Design of the theme
2. Development of the theme
3. E-commerce implementation

You can bid for all 3, or just one of these. So in yor bid please specify which part you want to build.
And to prove yo uare not a spammer, start yor bid and/or PM with "Im human".

This project is urgent, and at least the design+development should be over in 3-4 days most.

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Design New WordPress Theme – Basic For GNU

I would like to commission the creation of one (1) original wordpress theme to be distributed freely with GNU. It will be posted on and other free theme locations.

The design should be interesting but basic. I dont want fancy design with integrated widgets, etc, etc. Just good basic theme for wordpress 3.x . It must be original and not look much like other themes.

The theme will be used to promote our business and build back links, so design credit will be ours. If you can encrypt the footer link without a lot of cost, I would prefer that. If it costs much more, I am not interested.

These will not be sold for profit and we will retain all rights for distribution. In other words, once they are paid for, we own it and the provider cannot use it without permission.

Please show your experience/ portfolio and offer a good price. 50% up front payment, 50% when complete. Freelancer milestone/ escrow only.

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Graphic Design For Calender Wanted

Graphic Designer wanted to design wall calenders and page a day desk calender
We will give you the theme and you design around it.

Theme 1: Nature Nurtures

Theme 2: There is more To Life

Theme 3: Spiritual Insights
Only serious offers. Priority will be given to someone who has done it before.

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WordPress Theme

Need a custom-made WordPress Template that will match with our website. Please message with portfolio, price, and timeline. We are looking to get this project done fast. We want a sleek, funky, and very clean design.
Thanks! Looking forward to submissions.

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