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Car Year, Make, Model, Trim Database

I need a database with the follwing information for United States Autos:
Years 1970-2011

Example. 2006 – Nissan – Aramada – LE – 4×4
Nissan Aramda has two models LE and SE both with 4×2 and 4×4 database would need to show all models for each year.

This will be used on a web site to select from a drop down list that will auto populate the next field with data using java.

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Web Database Programmer Needed

Looking to create a searchable database online. Need for people to be able to enter the details into database via web and then have database be searchable via the web.

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Online Progress Notes Web Database

I have a form that I need to be programmed into a database. It is for a small speech therapy office. We have field staff that are constantly out of the office. We need the form (already in PDF format), to be put together, but a backend database similar to Access that will allow for grouping of Data (so by Patient Last Name, First Name & DOB). We want the ability to search the database and create a report for a particular child if necessary and print date ranges as well.

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We would like to build a simple WEB 2.0 health site with a coupon database containing all of the coupons from does not have an API that you may use. You must build the database completely (this could involve a Screen Scraper or Data Parsing to populate the database).

Our website MUST have a web 2.0 design and function. You must have a Web 2.0 portfolio.

We would like the scripting language in PHP. Must have a "join our mailing list" functionality.

Site must have MySQL relational database. Must have ad management and ad affiliate marketing programs, as well as a very user friendly and advanced admin interface and control panel. We must have the ability to update, review, edit, set, add and modify content, coupons, and advertising accounts.

Also, our database must automatically update coupon feeds, remove expired coupons, not link to spam, and be organized like We would also like a rating and review system for the coupons.

We would like an "ask the doctor" section. We would also like a custom Tumblr blog (similar to foursquare) linking from the website

Must have big colorful icons for following us on Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, subscribe to RSS (orange icon), Youtube. There must be a referral program, a way to share the coupons with friends. Must have facebook

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Database Hack

If any one can hack a database of one website,

i know the address as


if any one can find a solution to download it…
more details in PM

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Membership Site Built And Database For Queries

Objective: To have a functioning membership website which is clean and professional in design; database to store data and run reports for end users; the site should follow best practices for SEO guidelines
General Web pages:

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Interactive Collaborative Database

Im looking to build an Interactive Collaborative Database with a Spreadsheet styled front-end.

The system allows multiple users (<10 per account) to update data in real-time, simultaneously. Changes made by one user should update in real-time for that users designated "group".

We use ppSD2 to manage our users – site needs to interact accordingly.

Serious developers only, please. I dont want middle men or people looking to sub-contract the project out to someone else.

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Transfer WordPress Sites

I have 170 wordpress sites installed and working at hostgator on a VPS level 3 account
50 sites will remain there.
You will transfer 40 sites to a different hosting account
You will transfer another 40 sites to a different hosting account
You will transfer another40 sites to a different hosting account

So – you will transfer 120 sites to 3 different hosting accounts
The hosting accounts all have mysql, cpanel, fantasticio,
phpmyadmin, etc.

The domains names have been added
You will do everything else needed

1) You will download the original site then upload to new account
2) You will download the original databases and upload to new account
whilest editing any files that are needed such as .wpconfig
3) You will do whatever else is necessary to transfer these sites so that when you are done
they will be working on the new host.

Again – You are just transferring from one host to another. Domain names, files , everything remains the same
the only change is the host other than the database infomation.

Please submit any job history or anything you have to prove you know what you are doing.
Please ask me any questions that you may have.

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Web Database Tool !!

We are looking to develop an online, interactive, database tool.

At a previous organization, we developed a similar tool (on a cd), where an individual representing an organization would be asked a series of assessment questions about a particular interest area / challenge around HIV/AIDs organizational competency, and would then be directed to resources, both Websites and Online .PDFs and White papers, as well as uploaded documents relevant to that particular organizations assessment.

We are currently hoping to develop a similar tool for the Managing Neighborhood Change program. Is this something to which your group would be able to develop?

See below a list of requirements:


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SEO Site Cluster With Database Content To Be Indexed

Have a large database of content that needs to be indexed

looking for a system, buy or build, leaning towards a MySQL backend, php/perl and or python on the frontend – but any proven technology will be considered.

several domains will be used
initial design is to use apache rewrites to php scripts that perform queries to database content and present each page as static spider friendly content

goal is to index over 100000 pages per site in the shortest amount of time possible

funded project, time is the concern, looking for a proven system to purchase

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Web To Database

We have a database on the web

We need to alow multiple partners to populate the database from their own site

Som of the fields will need to be pre-populated

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Recruitment Database ( URGENT ) For Existing Web Site



Instant start . Online database for collating and managing applications for careers to an exisiting web site. There will be three main functions that relate to the databse these being as outlined as below.

Application to be built in PHP.

We require a skilled and quick freelancer to build an online recruitment system that will allow the user to answer specific questions and upload documentation. The application will be staggered throughout so reporting and accessability are key to the design. We will require automatic email repondents throughout the recruitment process for acceptance , failure etc etc.

We are ready to go are you!!

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CV Database For Existing Web Site

Instant start .

Online database for collating and managing applications for careers to an exisiting web site. There will be three main functions that relat to the databse these being as outlined as below.

Application to be managed in three stages of execution, if the applicatnt fails at any level then the system will archive the details for easy recovery and re analysis.

Archive of specific infomation required for each applicant such as picture, documentation and identity scans, these are to be referenced and archived in an document area for easy call up.

Email templates to be automatically generated when certaain stages of the application are reached.


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Connect Site To Keystone Database

This is an extension of another project. It requires a connection to the keystone database. The products outside the keystone database will be displayed differently.

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2 Logos

Need to create 2 creative logos for the below companies;

COMMTECH; Commtech Provides Network Services and IT Solution. their products provide Multi Functions like Mail Server, Web Server , File Server , Access database

Tiba Integrated co.; engineers and contractors

any needed details will be provided to the choosen pid.

NOTE: work should start immediately, where demo logos should be provided very shortly.

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B2B USA and Canada Databases

Looking for a updated b2b database of USA and Canada. Must be available on a quarterly udates. Must contain usual fields company name, address, city, postal and sic… email a bonus and web sites.
Approximate size is 14million USA and 1.2 million Canada.

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searchable database

We have a web site that needs a re-design searchable business directory database with e-commerce abilities. Our site will content 17,456 businesses listing which will be provide as a E-cel file, new businesses can post a new listing or correct/update they already posted business listing for a fee, we have a CMS site were the data base will operate from!

The searchable business directory listings site is similar to a traditional yellow page directory searchable website. We will need a Mock Up to see how its going to work. This project is needed ASAP

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ARB Web Site Integration and basic cart website is almost done just need to include a shopping cart
I wrote the site in php and already have a form and database through mysql.

I would like to have the client info string to the creditcard form so they do not have to put their name in again. and send back data to authorize the user name as processed to allow user to login

On the subscriptions page I want to make it for ARB it can be a simple radio button to select monthy, quarterly, yearly
on a seperate page I want to sell one time purchase that can be selected(this is going to be a description not a picture) does not have to be a cart once again can be a select box
sample code can be found at

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