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Joomla Security Expert

We require an expert security technician to determine where and when a joomla site has been hacked. This is an immediate project.

The site in question has seen an 80% sales drop on increased traffic and no market changes. When the site was moved to a new server, sales jumped back up for two days before dropping again. Our server logs show daily hack attempts but do not seem to be successful. This project will be based on a project fee and an additional reward of $500 if the source / type of hack can be proven and stopped.

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Fix Oscommerce After Hack

We need a programmer who can fix one of our clients websites after its been hacked. We already have it running again but it still has some small issues, for example session directory not writable, htaccess which is not right ect.

This website has been setup in 2006 and is an Oscommerce installation with minor code changes. Not a lot has been modified, the biggest modification is probably that its in Dutch.

You job would be
* Fix the installation so that it works.
* Make some security updates so that it doesnt get hack that easy again.

As you can understand this is a job that needs to be done quickly, we dont want the client to wait for days, so only bid if you have time to do this within 24 hours. Its an easy job for someone whos familiar with OSC and shouldnt take more than a couple of hours.

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Hacker To Hack Into A Email

Need to get someone Hotmail password. And get in to the email.

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WordPress Hack

I need a provider get into my wordpress website through my cpanel. I have CAPTCHA Code plugin that will not let me login properly. I need the plugin removed and I need adsense added from my adsense account. Also need a option added to the search bar so it can link back to another website. this is a small project so dont over bid (it will be ignored). Smallest bid will get the first consideration. Serious providers will have examples of their work. I need this completed within 24 hours.

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OsCommerce Update For Security Fix

Hi all,

I had someone hack into my hosting account. I assume it was via one of my 2 installations of OSCommerce, which are outdated.

I need someone to update my 2 OSCommerce installations to newer versions, making sure that a future security breach does not happen again. I would like to get this done as soon as possible, to make sure they cannot hack in again.


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Fix Hack Attack On Server Plesk With Centos

Our server was attacked and we need to find the problem and fix it.
There is a possibility of a bad script, virus, bot net or some other hack.

The server was suspended because was scanning other computers on IRC.

It is possible that we need to reinstall Plesk and all the websites again.

I need someone that have security experience and can secure the server for the future.

The server is down I need the work done fast.

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Earn Easily From Data Entry

Hello, You can hack easily paypal/moneybookers,
I had learned from a website, and i had gotten a handsome amount from hack ,
so please visit the website and learn hack :

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Lord Of Ultima Hack Wanted – Browser MMORPG

I am looking for someone with knowledge on building hack programs to build a hack for Lord of Ultima. I would like to enable unlimited resource, gold, and diamond production. Im not sure if any of this is possible, which is why Im posting here. I would also need to be able to have at least some sort of understanding as to what is going on.

Thanks in advance.

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WordPress Hack To Include / Into Slug

WordPress 3.0.4 does not allow / (forward slash) into the slug. It seems to convert the slug into blank space. I need the functionality to have / inserted into SLUGS when i use the slug edit option in wordpress. This requirements is urgent and i believe is a small change in the code of wordpress. There is a part which sanitizes the slugs entered by users and removes the slashes, the solution should fix this .

I need instructions so that i can change my setup on my several blogs. Am willing to pay 15 dollars for this.

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Email Password Recovery Hack

My friends wife is cheating on him. Task is very simple you need to recover password for 2 emails.
I will give you 2 emails. The rest is your job. PM for details.
You will be PAID only after the proof.
Thank you!

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Admin Password Recovery

I want somebody who can hack admin panel of a website made in.I guess its a simple taks to hack asp website. Details will be given in pm.

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Hack Website

Im looking for somebody who can hack into the back-end of a CMS.

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Private Game Hack

Looking for the creation of a custom hack for a game. The hack needs to be undetected by in-game anti-cheat mechanisms.

Contact me through the PMB to find out which game I am targeting and the hack I am looking for.
The project will be under a strict NDA.

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Kinnect Hack

I want some help in creating Xbox Kinnect hacks. I am self learning openCV , openni and some other packages to enable gesture recognition and customer engagement framework to be developed around the kinnect hardware. If you have some previous experience that would be amazing.

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Prevent Certain Programs From Launching

I need a hidden background program that launches when game is launched to prevent certain programs from starting I.E. Game hacks; i understand that people can create their own game hacks but those people im not really worried about since most just google hacks and thats what they use so i want to prevent these hacks from opening so that they cannot use them. them not being able to open hacks is 1 method i thought of if you can come up with another method that is fine too. you can download game @ under the download section to mess with it and im sure you can find hacks for warcraft 2 on google to test out your project
I run my own server to host this game for multiplayer so if you think of a way to implement this onto the server that will be considered too. We are currently working on a new version of the game that we want to implement an anti hack too amongst other things


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Mobster Game On Myspace

I play a game on myspace called mobsters,i would like to know how http://www.bbballerz com/mob-cash http://www.weownmobsters com and other sites are able to sell mobster cash/energy points etc.All i know is they need your myspace login details and it`s something to do with the bounty`s if this helps,you will have to show me how they do this hack,do i need any software to do this or can i do this from my desktop without any software(TELL ME IF YOU BID WHAT I WILL NEED TO DO THIS)basically i want to be bigger in the game so i need to hack it for more cash/energy points etc.Thanks

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Project For /nur Virteumart Qunaity Hack

Project for /nur virteumart qunaity hack

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Database Hack

If any one can hack a database of one website,

i know the address as


if any one can find a solution to download it…
more details in PM

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Gmail Hack Help.

Do anyone knw by any means can v find out from which place someone has sent a mail?

Actually my gmail was hacked.By someway i recovered my password.

The hacker sent mails to others using my gmail.

I want to know from which place it was hacked.

I am from Bangalore, Karnataka, India.


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Email And Myspace Password Hack.

I need to get the password of the email related to an amateur bands Myspace account, plus their Myspace password.
Dont know whats their email, but I know one thats really likely to be that.
I will only release milestone after I get to test results.
It is also important to let me know how many days you will need to finish the project.

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Hack USB/Flashdrive

I need program created that would do the following:
when a USB/flash drive is inserted it will automatically copy the USB to my c: drive without letting the person know.

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Teach Me To Hack/reverse Games


I have intermediate programming skills in a variety of languages.

I am looking to learn how to reverse engineer games and build my own game hacks. I am looking for an individual experienced in this to walk me through the processes of creating hacks for games. This may also involve creating a simple hack for a game and documenting the process or stepping me through the process as you do it.

Preferably looking for someone who has experience in providing hacks for steam/valve based games.

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Poker Game

This poker software is just purely player vs computer and the software need to able to adjust the difficulty level or computer winning %.

Poker game requirements:
1, Multiple player vs computer and then the software is able to set difficulty level in order to meet the preset profit %.
2, The software should able to come out an AI engine. E.g. which player will win or lose based on their bet amount and historical record to ensure the preset profit %.
3, The software should have an anti hack engine or you can suggest us to buy any anti hack software.
4, The software should have admin, operator and agent portal.
5, The software should able to create bot.

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Anti Hack Program For A Game

I need an antihack created for a client.exe that will block usage of Cheat Engine , Packet Editors and other hacking programs.
More info after being hired.

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Oscommerce – Little Hack To Shopping Cart – Simple Project


I am looking for someone being able to do a little hack on my oscommerce website which is running actually.

What I need is very simple :

– I would like to be able to fix a maximum of products that can come into the shopping cart
– If the number exceeds the maximum a message (multilingual) displays that the max is reached
– The max number of products can be set in admin

Lets give an example :

A client shops at our store and put products in the shopping cart. If it is less that six (for example) products everything is fine he places his order. If an additional product is placed in the shopping cart then a message is displayed and he cannot place the product in the shopping cart. We explain him that the max has been reached.

Be attentive we are not looking for a maximum of items of one product to be put in the shopping cart, we are looking that the shopping cart has not more than XXX products.

If we are happy with the job and relation we will have other hack to perform on the website. Have a nice day

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Private Project For Toinnisfree Vm Front End Product Hack

Vm front end product quantity update. As previously discussed.

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Dupe Hack/Buy Anything Filter For WoW Pservers 3.3.5 +


im looking for a dupe hack or a buy anything filter for wow pservers 3.3.5. Im well aware how its working using some kind of tools like wpe pro or cheat engine.

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