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Graphical Website Design And Logo

Hi there,

Small Dutch based writers house looking for a sharp quote on a low-end website design and logos

-1 splash/homepage design
-3 subpages
-3 contact pages

The design of the subpages and contact pages are similar, the only difference between them will be the coloration.
The graphical concept of the pages will be available, so all pre work is already done, off course there will be room for your own creativity.

Designs have to be converted into the CSS templates in order for us to integrate it into a Joomla CMS.

Besides the website designs we will need three low-end logos consisting out of letters only. The logos need to be printed on all kind of surfaces, such as letters, beach balls etc etc

We actively reach out to international freelancers, we run across different projects from big to small, so long-term collaborations are always what we strive for.

Regards Joey

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Design Website Header

Looking for a designer who can make a header for a sleeping bag site. The dimensions are 1000 x 165. My budget is $5-$10. Who ever creates the best looking header will be paid for the header he submits in a message to me and a long term relationship to create headers weekly.

Let the competition begin!

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Psd Grpahics And Banners


I need 3 static banners produced 650 x 160 pixels (1 non adult) and 2 adult content.

I need a graphic to be modified – a header for a website

i also need a graphic modified and changed from jpg to psd format. i will provide full details of all parts of the project


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Log Header And Several Banners For An ECommerce Website

I am looking for a graphic designer to design a logo, a header, and several banners for a developing ecommerce website. Prefer Apple type of look and feel. I am looking for a completion time by March 15, 2011. I have a budget of $200 for this project.
Also if this project is satisfying, there will be more opportunities coming for graphic designing (background images, buttons, icons, artistic numbering etc).

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Record Label Website Design Needed

A basic yet appealing web design is required for a small business record label. The record label "Track Animators Music" signs artists and produces music in all genres.

The website design in question will be something along the lines of:

With approximately 5-6 pages.
Other sites that would be helpful examples:

What I can supply:
*Basic Logo Design
*Page Content

The domain name and webhost is ready to go. An ftp account will be provided.

If you need any further details, you can contact me through (Posting of contact details is prohibited by admin)
Please provide examples of your past work.

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Image Mapping

Very simple project – I send you a background image and 3 logos (EPS or JPG). The task is to create an image map and place the logos onto a background image as I specify and provide me with the final image and html text that I could post on the website. Each logo must be clickable, and the html code must be flexible, so that I could easily change the destination URL for each of the 3 links.

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One Page Website Design + Php Integration

I need one designer, preferably one that lives in Romania, Ukraine or similar countries. YOU MUST BE A PROFESSIONAL DESIGNER AND NOT A PROGRAMMER THAT KNOWS A LITTLE ABOUT DESIGN.

— I will give you an example of a website design and you revise it or create a design similar to that. It must be in PSD.

Then you will

— Cut the designs and integrate it into my PHP script. My php script runs of a tpl file so you will basically need to just code into my my header.tpl, index.tpl and footer.tpl files




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Hosting Website Design (with Logo)

The job is to create a design for my site. No development work is needed.

The work include :
– A 12 pages attractive Hosting Website design (some pages are the same, see details)
– A logo (a simple one is ok and ideas are allowed, so please describe the logo when you bid)
– A shortcut icon similar to the logo

Principal details of the job :

Hosting Website design must be similar to :
Instead of blue, main color must be YELLOW.

Products (unrollable menu) -> Unlimited hosting plan, Domain name, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Server, Reseller and Services.
Why us
Contact us
Sign Up

Please look the attachment "homepage.jpg" to know the disposition of the promotional boxes. Boxes that background is yellow are boxes that are seen when the visitor arrives on the page. Boxes must be rounded and must have a "Continue" button (except boxes 5,6 and 7) just like on Boxes must have a title.

Each products must have its page but its all the same. There must be a promotional box with a title like (in this example, the title of the promotionnal box is JustPlan Hosting Features). Then, a table so that I can compare different plans of the product.

Like on

Like on but the title is "Why Us" instead.

Like on but the title is "Contact Us" instead.

Like on but the title is "Sign Up" instead and the button is "Continue" instead.

Like on but the title is "Sign In" instead and theres no button.

Youre not allowed to sell the design to other persons after and the design is my property.
If I forgot any details as it is my trial project, please feel free to ask me your questions.

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