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Google Crawling Scraping Web Based App For Linux Server

Hello – this is a very simple and easy project.

We need a web based app building and installed on our linux server. I want avery nice designed interface also

The app will do the following.

There will be a admin section where i can add / remove users etc and decide superusers.

A user can login to the system and enter title text and also article text.

At the bottom of the page there is another box where they can enter keyword phrase, once these 3 things have been entered – the following is automatically calculated and shown –
Number of words in article
Number of sentences in article
Number of paragraphs in article

We can then click calculate and the following is calculated and shown:
Keyword density in % in article of entered keyword phrase
Number of times keyword appears in article
If the % number is between 0% – 3.7% then there is a sad face displayed
If the % number is between 3.8% – 7.0% then there is a smiley face displayed
If the % number is between 7.1% – 100% then there is a sad face displayed
We can also click highlight to highlight the keyword phrases in the article
Keyword phrase in title ? Yes in green text, No in red text
Keyword phrase first 2 sentences ? Yes in green text, No in red text
Keyword phrase in last 2 sentences ? Yes in green text, No in red text

Next we have a button called LSI, when clicked:
What this does in realtime is – say we enter stop smoking fast in the keyword phrase box. It goes to google and enters in the search box the 3 words separately and makes 3 separate searches in this format:


For each search we scrape the first 100 results of google and take the BOLD only words from the results. The software put them in a table and makes sure all are unique words. This needs to happen very fast. Then a pop up table appears and shows the results:

Stop Smoking Fast
— —— —–
—- —— ——

– Next to each word are 3 columns – Number of times found in article, Density %, and a highlight button (if we click this it highlights this word in the article.
Above each of the keyword columns there is a highlight all button – when clicked, all the words found in the Smoking column that are found in the article are highlighted with the same colour.

At the end of the main page there will be a Copyscape button. (we have a premium account) and need the article text either sending through Copyscapes API or the text entering on their site, and the results of the scan showing in our software.

This needs to be fully completed / tested by us and working on our server in 5 days from award.

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Web 2.0 Or 3.0 Require , I Need Good Design That Attract

I am looking for developer who can develop websites and I have bulk projects but I want perfect websites or all are related to academic projects so If you can provide attractive websites with unique ideas then do not hesitate to bid

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MAV-Backend Server Application Phase 1

Description of Organization:
mavnewmedia is young and responsive company with a passion to work with you to bring long term sustainable success to your business by providing the knowledge, services and IT tailored solutions.

We develop solutions for our clients as well as custom products to sell to an international market. We are looking for a partner to initially develop some components of our current application and later on build a long term partner for future develop of our projects in the pipeline

Project Purpose:
Web-based application to provide application to frontend client devices (web and mobile clients)

Functionality Needed:
Database, Backend Web Administration, SMS Integration, Statistics & reporting via graphs and reporting engines, google maps, Message template generator

Programming Environment:
PHP, Symfony 1.4, Doctrine, XML/JSON, Javascript, reporting engines, PHP Excel, MySQL

The professional will provide:
Concept, Database, Layout

I am looking for a contractor who can offer:
High Quality [over Fast Delivery and Low Price]

Additional Specifications for the Project:
* Work time scheduled to fit German core working hours (GMT+1. 08:00 – 18:00 + breaks)
* Daily code commits with sufficient comments in our SVN
* IM-Availability via Skype during working hours
* Mandatory status calls every 2/3 days
* Each design decision / approach is to be discussed with client before implementation
* Documentation is a key requirement for signing of code
* Emphasis is laid on good understanding of requirements to avoid implementation delays

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Online LMS System Website

Looking to develop an online Learning Management System that allows students to get course delivery online. Will also require each static course to be converted to online delivery

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Need Good Web Developer

I am looking for a good developer to design my website.
I need a website on SEO and internet marketing company base website.
The website must be SEO friendly.

please submit your demo,sample design for my company,quotation,time limit,service ,without domain and hosting.

please dont bid of new developer.I will ignore your bid.


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IPAD App For Healthcare

Develop and iPhone/iPad application for Healthcare with-
– bluetooth barcode scanner integration
– Web Service integration

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Employment Service Web Site – New Build

This is a new build of a web site that will offer the following:
Allow an employer to upload text of job description, search db of Candidates (once registered and logged in).
Also they must be able to save Candidates for later viewing and consideration.
provide a user section for the employer to type in description of a job.
Employer must be able to use a payment system (Our (BMS) PayPal and traditional Bank account).
Employer needs to be able to register as a special User, log in with a password, and be identified to us with a special numeric number for tracking all user accounts and select pricing from a pull down.
Employer will need a user page (later phases will build tools and other servers there for that type of user).

Job candidates (Candidate) must be able to register, login and search job DB.
Candidates must be able to tag jobs and save for later viewing
Upload documents (resumes etc) to their profile and make updates at will upong returning (logged in).
Candidates must be able to use other services that will be built out in later phases.

Guest users must be able to use search (simple and advanced) And all links to free services from the Home page.

Other things that will need to be built:
Chat (invites between Employers and Candidates, BMS, etc
email (receive email upon registration, password reset, etc.
Ability to upload Articles
Ability to upload Video
Ability to tie in Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, linked-In
Ability to link to Internet news sources other then our own (CNN, MSNBC, WSJ, etc.)
Ability to allow merchants to advertise on select pages within Users sections.
Service Panel to update code and add additional code

And other typical web site capabilities.

we are looking for Web 2.0 features in this site. Utilizing PHP, mySQL, CSS, Java, etc. and the most well recommended technologies. We are no mimicking other sites but the tops sites on the net like Linked IN, Monster, Facebook, are utilizing the tech we are looking to build our site with. Not all of them but the most well known, secure and build-able with growth in mind tech is desired. Some Droople and WordPress is also desired for certain sections.

Note: this is the initial phase, thus the site MUST be built in such a way as to add on services for the type of users listed above for growth.

Additionally: we are open to design and development consultations that could result in changes (slight or major) that will yield the servicee to consumers we desire.

We will expect (individual and organizations) to sign a Non-Disclosure and Non-compete as a condition of acceptance and BEFORE discussions and work begins.

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EA For Metatrader MT4 Program

I need an experienced MT4 developer to create an EA – alert required when a Moving Average crosses over. Require email and/or text notification of the crossover. Will email more information if required.

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Fiber Communication System

Need assistance to create program for data analysis on Matlab Project (Simulink).

Immediate Urgent Project submission.

I would like to need guidance from Matlab Programmer to finish the project about Fiber Communication Network. It should be simple simulations (with block diagrams or coding) to perform the results.

Looking for programmers that have knowledge on Matlab and Communication blocks.
The illustration design of the project would be provided to give small brief explanation.

I really appreciate your support, thank you very much.

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Mobile App

Looking to develop multiple mobile apps. We are seeking motivated developer to build long term relationship with.

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Phone System Voice Recording Required



Do not post a bid if you do not fit ALL this criteria
1. Voice Quality and Accent are key, a nice sounding voice, that is clear and concise is mandatory
2. Good quality phone that does not rattle, hiss or make other unwanted noise.
3. A quiet environment where your voice is heard clearly and nothing else.
4. You must be able to clearly speak English. THIS IS A MUST

You will record messages from a predefined script.

We will provide you with a telephone number to call. Canadian telephone number will be provided. We will also provide you with the exact script to record. This could be 1 word, or 1 paragraph. Not more than that. Each script will not take more than a few minutes to record. Each session can consist of 1 or more recordings. In most cases it will be only a few recordings after the first set of recordings.

1. You will provide us an email address where we can email you the script.
2. You will follow the instructions on the email and record each script.
3. Once done you will reply and let us know that has been completed.

We will require 20 sessions of recordings. In total this should not take more than 2-3 hours of your time. Each session will consist of 1 or more scripts to be recorded. We may decide to keep renewing the number of sessions based on performance.

Required Items:

1. You are required to upload a voice sample with the following text. IF you do not upload you will not be considered for this Bid.

Hello, you have reached ABC Group. IF you know your parties extension please dial it now. For Sales press 1. For support press 2. For accounts department press 3. Otherwise please stay on the line and a representative will contact you shortly.

Thank and have a great day.

2. Please upload your resume so we know what you have done in the past.

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Very Basic Android App

Make an Android version of an iPhone app.

It is very simple. All of the content is online, it just needs to show a table list – when a list item is tapped, it opens a web page in the app.

I will provide more details on the app.

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Web Build Revisions And Work With A Third Party Application

I need a web developer who has experience or can teach themselves how to work with a third party application called IDX . The application is simple for a web designer and I will give you access to check it out prior to the job to confirm. You may check it out our web site at I need to be able to give you direction to this third party application and make sure you are figuring it out yourself when I ask you to work with it. In addition to this I will need the following things to to my web site:

301 redirect on the web sites – all pages
adding new content to the existing pages
add images to top of pages within IDX application
fix the blog direct: should take you back to the home page of the site (not the blog)
take out search on top right hand of page and add

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1200 Forum And Web 2.0/ Profiles Require

Hi guys urgently require 1200 forum profile.

all profiles do follow and 4+pr

A detailed excel sheet which contain the following :

1. Site Domain
2. Site PR
3. Profile URL
4.- username

We expect only $30 bids maximum.

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Need IOS App Ported To Android And A Few Small Tweeks

Need My photo app ported over from iphone to Android.

2 versions with one small difference. One with color manipulation and one without.

Also need ad code replace in one android and one iphone app.

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Need VBulletin Quiz System For Vb4+ Website

I need an effective quiz system for my vBulletin website. Solution should create an educational relationship between subscriber (aka "user") and moderator (aka "admin").


User – person who takes (and can submit questions for) quizzes
Admin – person who creates (and can approve questions for) quizzes
Level – the different stages of the exam the Users are studying for
Domain – subject matter area that a question belongs to
Subdomain – a sub category within a subject matter area (or Domain)
Source – text book (or required reading) where the question comes from
Page – page in text book (or required reading) where the question comes from

Note: has to work on iPad, ie, no Flash, no Java.


– be an integrated CMS solution (ie – maximum front end)
– general settings (access, maximums) in the ADMIN section (ie – back end)


– create a master question bank to be populated per below
– create a master quiz bank to be populated per below

Formulate quiz questions:

– populate the question bank with M/C, T/F, or Essay style quiz questions
– assign questions to a Level, Domain, Sub Domain, and Source
– create those questions one at a time, or in bulk
– assign date control to each individual question (ie, date/time posted)

Question options:

– attach an image to a quiz question or series of questions
– list source where quiz question came from (book, chapter, page number)
– note which answer is correct answer (for grading purposes of M/C and T/F)
– allow for essay question (Large answer field, submit to admin for grading)

Question bank control:

– add/delete/modify/suspend questions in the question bank at any time
– update date control to question (ie, date modified)
– list, search and sort questions by level, domain, sub domain and source
– list, search and sort questions by author, date control value

Admin question controls:

– control the maximum size of an image that can be attached
– force the quiz question to resize the image if larger than allowed

User question controls:

– allow users to submit questions (to be approved by admin)
– award points/credits to users for submitting questions approved by admin

Formulate quizzes:

– allow me to manually build quizzes by pulling from the question bank
– assign quizzes to a certain level, domain, sub domain, or source
– allow me to generate random quizzes by level, domain, sub domain or source
– assign date control to each individual quiz (ie, date/time posted)

Quiz options:

– control (and/or modify) the max time permitted to take the quiz
– provide description field for quiz
– set the maximum number of attempts for a quiz

Quiz bank control:

– add/delete/modify/suspend any quiz at any time
– update date control to quiz (ie, date modified)
– list, search and sort quizzes by level, domain, sub domain and source
– list, search and sort quizzes by author, date control value

Admin quiz controls:

– control quizzes that a user group can access (all, none or selective)
– control time period quizzes are available (ie – quiz expires if not taken)

User quiz controls:

– none

Taking quizzes:

– display time remaining in countdown mode in quiz
– allow user to go "back" and "forward" during quiz
– allow user to "flag" a quiz question to review before final submission
– allow user to navigate to "flagged" questions prior to final submission

Reporting quizzes:

– when a user takes a quiz, grade/report results via private message
– display missed questions, give correct answer, and list question source
– track quizzes taken/scores by domain, sub domain and source

Admin post quiz controls:

– enable admin to disable missed question reporting (ie, give only score)
– if disabled, give score plus "please review" using missed question sources
– enable me to analyze scores of all users by domain, sub domain and source
– analyze scores of individual users by level, domain, sub domain and source

Im currently using a product called iQuiz. I can give you more details.

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Boxee Box Application

New application for the Boxee Box

Project will include 2 RSS feed panels, several buttons, and a search function.

Project will also need to store username/pwd, etc.

I need someone with experience in Boxee Apps and will require an example and someone willing to start immediately.

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Backlink Package

Looking for someone to generate backlinks for a wholesale buyer website.

All links must be do follow
Links should be centered around US web sites
Links should use Anchor Text provided when possible
All links will link to the homepage of the website
Will require report of link postings

Looking for a $50 USD package

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Unpacking Service – VMProtect & CodeVirtualizer

There is a device driver for 32 bit systems which is protected by VMProtect / CodeVirtualizer. We need a complete unpack of this driver ( virtualized code -> x86 instructions, encrypted strings, and everything else what is needed ). Driver must be fully loadable and viewable in tools like IDA. We are looking for long term cooperation. Good worker might get a contract with our company.

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Take Picture Then Upload To Web Server With J2ME Application

I was in need of java developers who can create features that J2ME applications can be running on the Blackberry, Android, as well as some other camera phones such as nokia, sony, or samsung.

Desired application features:
of the application, I can photograph the photo. after that there are menu options: upload / no. if the upload menu is selected, it appears his form upload field consists of: name of image, image location, and description. after the submit button, then the picture will be uploaded to the web server and a new image data will be added in MySQL table

If there is a question / less clear about the features of the desired application, we can chat on skype.

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Windows Desktop Application / Program

I need a software that can run on Windows, with the following criteria:

– Preferably no need for frameworks (e.g. no need for .NET framework)
– Preferably no need for installation of the program on the customers machine
– Program will display text on the screen with an invisible background
– Program has to minimise to tray
– When minimised to tray, program must display a notification windows saying that it has been minimised to tray
– Program must run while minimised
– Program must be able to work with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Ill send the functionality and wireframes to selected bidders.

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Purchase Order Management System For Windows Intranet

Im looking to re-create a paper system for issuance and tracking of materials purchased by our company using purchase orders. Its basically a database to be built, that I want integrated into a (not yet built) company intranet.
When making a purchase, I need to enter the Date, the Vendor, the quantity of each item, the item name / code, a price per unit. It should record who is placing the order. And it should generate the sequential next purchase order number. There should be a field to notate whether item is for our company or a drop shipped item to a customer. If dropshipped, fields should be presented to input client information for future reference. Once submitted, the item should appear on an "open purchase orders" list, sortable by vendor / purchasor / date placed / order value.

Upon submitting, the item is "open". I then want a way for "checking in" the item once it has arrived. A different person in our organization would upon receipt of the items, check them in "line item by line item" with an ability to notate that some but not all of the quantitiy ordered have arrived.

Once items on a Purchase order have been fully checked in, the system should generate an internal e-mail to the accounts payable department that the PO has been complete and they are approved to make payment for any invoice that comes in relative to that purchase order.

I want to be able to see a list of all the open orders, closed orders, cancelled orders.

This may change based on conversation with potential programmers, but this is the gist of what Im trying to do.

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Backhoe Design

I would like assistance to design a backhoe also called a rear actor or back actor. I wish to design this piece of excavating equipment and require the assistance. Please email me for further information,

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Articles Needed

I need articles. For each topic I need 1 500 word article & 1 350 word article. So I will need a total of 10 articles.

They must each correct length
Must pass copyscape
Must be original

The following topics are:
Dedicated Server
Application Hosting
Managed Hosting
Cloud Computing
Cloud Hosting

Priority will be given to expert authors at article directories. Please provide link if you are.

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Association Member Management

The solution should work under the following environment
– Windows 2003 Web Server x86 English
– IIS6, ASP.NET 2 3.5 or 4
– MS-SQL 2008 Express (or MySQL)
– Smartermail Server v7

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Iphone Application – Camera Photos -> Web Server

Application is only for my personal Iphone (demo application for now).
Application shows buttons, "take a photo", "view my photos".

take a photo button:
When user tap this button, application open iphone camera and allow user to take picture,
When user capture image it should automatically uploads image to web-server (php)
Captured image should be saved into iphone lib.
* you should provide php script that capture the image and save it on the server.

view my photos:
will show photos from exteral web url (static), you will define format you need (xml), user may save photo to Iphone lib.

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Iphone Application – Camera Photos -> Web Server

Application is only for my personal Iphone (demo application for now).
Application shows buttons, "take a photo", "view my photos".

take a photo button:
When user tap this button, application open iphone camera and allow user to take picture,
When user capture image it should automatically uploads image to web-server (php)
Captured image should be saved into iphone lib.
* you should provide php script that capture the image and save it on the server.

view my photos:
will show photos from exteral web url (static), you will define format you need (xml), user may save photo to Iphone lib.

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Improve Service With Twitter OAuth

I have a Twitter service running on
The script is using oAuth but its not working good because of the twitter "rate" limit (
To solve this problem we installed on our new linux server but now the script must be modified.

Im looking for a programer to make fully functional. This is not a big deal for someone having experiances with Twitter oAuth and memcached.

There is also an other small taks: Setting up the new server with preinstalled memchached. This means: place the domain on the new server (WHM interface), install the new script incl. database.

So your job is done when works perfect on our server.


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Web Scraping In C# Console Or Form App

I need someone to scrap data off a website. the data is stored as json data.

I would prefer that the script be built in C# as a console app and then writing the results to a local text file that is delimitted so that i can upload it into a database.

If it is easy I would also like a way so that the site doesnt know I am scraping it using either some sort of proxy or ip hiding or similar

I need this project asap within the week.

I will have further details for the prospective winners.

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Web Service For Mobile Apps

I want someone to write a webservice which says an update is available. I have a website which works like a yellow page, the database is updated every week. And I am currently building apps for iphone, android and windows mobile. The apps have to get updated every week. The database and 4 small images are updated every time user updates the apps. However, I need a webservice which tells the apps that updates are ready every week and then users will be alerted by a message when they use the app and there is a new update available. More information will be given once the project is awarded.

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Install Gazelle Tracker


The project is to install the latest version of Gazelle on nginx on my server / VPS Debian 64.

You should know what is Gazelle and what you have to install on the server

I know exactly what you have to do and install but I dont know how to do it by myself. So please, if you have never install Gazelle, dont waste your time and mine.

Thank you

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Website Design

Hi, I need a custom design for my new website and someone to skin it to my website.

Its aspdotnetstorefront shopping cart hosted on my 1and1 Dedicated server using Windows 2008.

I am looking for something very clean and shopping friendly.

Mostly will sell Cell Phones / Cell Phone Accessories & Video Game s & Video Game Accessories.

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