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10k Strictly NZ Based Fans Required

We would like prices for 10k Strictly NZ Based Facebook Fans

* All fans must be real accounts (No Spam, No Bots, No Fakes!)
* All fans must be accounts with 50 friends or more
* All fans must be from New Zealand
* Friends from other countries will not be paid for
* All fans must have at least 2 pictures
* All fans must be between 18 and 55
* All fans must have status updates that go back max. 30 days (they should be active)
* MOST IMPORTANT – You must not add fans in a way that will get the page banned or suspended — there will be no payment if the page is suspended within 14 days of delivery. NO SPAM ALLOWED!
* You must use legal means of obtaining friends (If the Facebook page is banned, I will note that in your comments and feedback!)
* YOU WILL NOT BE PAID IF THE ACCOUNT IS DELETED: You must not add fans in a way that will get the page banned or suspended – there will be no payment if the page is suspended within 30 days of delivery.
* We will only pay for fans that remain active after 10 Days
* We would need a reference from your previous similar project.

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BDM Required For An Emerging IT Firm Based In Melbourne

We are looking for a motivated Business Development Manager (BDM) to join our IT firm. This role requires an individual how has ability, agility and drive to make things happen.This would be a long term relationship that is built on mutual trust and values.In addition to sourcing business, this person will work directly with us (Directors) in developing value driven proposals that win business!

Our company offerings are
– Website design implementation & hosting
– Ecommerce system design & implementation
– IT System Integration
– IT Consulting

Proficient with Microsoft Word
Proficient with Microsoft Excel
Basic proposal writing

Nice to have :
Working Knowledge of Microsoft Office Project
Business process proposal writing
Management Consulting

10% commission for all projects. This position would be made permanent depending upon performance and commitment.

Please tell me why this would be an excellent position for you, attach your resume to the PMB and tell me how many hours per week you can commit to this opportunity

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Herbal Incense Manufacturer

We are looking for person or company that is capable of manufacturing a steady flow herbal incense products.
We are looking to produce 2000 + pieces per week.

the process will include
Treating Raw material evenly with chemical

and shipping to us

We are looking for consistency, and experience in this field.

Please supply your bids based on Us supplying the material to be used, If you are currently in this field and get better prices, we will use your sources.

Thank You

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Medical Paper Edit Work (cardiac Electrophysiology)

I have a medical paper related to cardiac electrophysiology.
Title: Effects of nerve growth factor on delayed afterdepolarization and triggered activity in the infarcted ventricle of rabbit model, words: 2800
I am looking for a medical expert with related subject experience and proficient English (preferally, from US) to edit the paper.
Please bid properly.

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Oracle BI Publisher Required!

We are an IT based consulting company and we are in the market to expand our growing business. We are currently seeking a professional with Oracle BI(Business Intelligence)/XML publisher experience. Based on your skills and qualifications, this can lead to long term work. Interested candidates please apply within.

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Medical App / Router Config Support

I am trying to resolve an issue with a Linsys router that needs in/out traffic on port 9922. The traffic goes out just fine but will not allow inbound. We are using 9922 for sftp and can not change that. I can access this information from any other network except this one. I need an experienced router expert to guide me through the necessary steps to remedy this issue.

Router internal ip:
Static ips for servers: .2 – host for VMs, .3 – DC, .4 medical app server needing access in/out port 9922(SFTP)
Range : .5 -.25

The medical app (Aprima, if anyone has experience) and connects to Availity SFTP server. The upload works fine but to download the rejected files doesnt work. It isnt a permissions issue because I can log into the sftp server and see all the files, download the rejects, no problems using winscp from any other network.

Submit offers based on resolution as payment is contingent upon resolution.

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UK And US Based Article Submitters ONLY

I will send you hundreds of articles that will need to be submitted to article directories.

I need hundreds of submissions per month so looking for around $0.05 per submission if possible.

Manual submission and experience is essential.

If you have an IP in the UK – please bid
If you have an IP in the US – please bid

If you have access to multiple IPs in either please bid

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Transcription ASAP!

I have 5 or more audios that need to be transcribed TODAY. They are between 45-60 minutes in length and I am paying $10 per audio. Again, I need them done today. I will send one at a time and wait for you to finish so I can make sure you are doing it right.

I posted this earlier and accidentally closed it after only choosing one person that could not complete the job.

PLEASE HAVE EXPERIENCE with transcription. People think it is so easy to do and it is harder than you think it is.

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