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Script For Automatically Checking Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo

We need a script that can login to all of our Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and Gmail accounts and perform a couple functions (click a couple of buttons) based on perhaps a from address or some other criteria we give. For example, maybe the "time received" (time and date of the message).

Let me know what you are able to do in your cover letter. What I mean is, can you:

1) Login
2) Search the inbox for a specific subject line OR select all messages sent between 1pm-2pm on X Date
3) Delete those messages

It would be something like that – can you do that with EACH of the 4 providers?

Also, we have a LOT of email accounts, so the script must take an input file with usernames and passwords and it also must be fast. Tell me how fast you can make it.

Thanks and take care!

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