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Icon Designer For Tablet Gesture Interaction


We need to design a set of icons which will appear in an iPad App to show user how to navigate with the elements.

The style should be clean, and mono tone (black + white + grey gradients) like

Icon style – but need your redesign as we dont want to copy them /

Here are the icons we need.

1. Tap and Double Tap – finger with circle, or 2 circlesm or vibration waves
2. Tap and swipe left/right / same as Tap and Drag / same as Tap and Rub (see 2:30 – could be a finger with left and right arrows.
3. Pinch and Spread – finger with arrow opening / closing
4. Rotate iPad (to tell people they have to rotate from landscape to portrait or portrait to landscape) see the Rotate icon here with 2 hands holding an iPad (top middle)

All should be in vector format .AI and .PSD and .PNG, transparent. One set black, and one set white.

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Windows Icon Creation

Create an original icon for an application to be installed on windows. The icon will be used to be displayed in the start menu of windows. So, it will be a relative small item.


1.) 4 unique designs
2.) The original design file in layers (so that colors or other could be modified if needed in future)
3.) ico file (64×64)

Please personal message me if you are interested and I will send you details about the application, industry, and other colors used in the application. Please also send example icons or logos that you have previously created.

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Graphic Designer Needed For IPhone App Icon And Load Screen

Just like the title says. Need someone to design an iPhone application icon and load screen for our nutrition app (retina display optimized, which means higher resolution). We are into simple design, nothing too complex. More details will be revealed upon selection if needed.

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Icon Designs

I need some more icons designed. Will give details in PM.

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