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Website Header Image Needed

I need a header image for my new website. I do not need a whole template or complete website design. I just want a header image that will be displayed at the top of the page. The website will be based on proof of Gods existence and everything related to this. So the header must be related to this subject. The header must be unique and cannot be found anywhere else online. I will be checking for duplicates for up to a week after the job is complete and will release payment only after no duplicates have been found. I would like the header to be mostly light colored and must be pleasant to the eye. The image must be professional looking and clear/not blurry but at the same time I do not want it taking up so much memory that it takes forever for website visitors to download when they visit the page. The header must also be neutral on religion. I do not want to promote one religion over another one in the image. I am open for suggestions and ideas before bids are accepted. All other details such as the exact width and height can be stated by PM.

It would help if I could see a past piece of work you have made but it is not required. It will only help me choose the winning bidder. I will reserve the right to reject any header image if it does not meet my requirements or liking. So please read everything and ask me any questions before starting the job.Thank you for bidding.

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Header Image For Website

Im in need of a header image designed for a website in development. This project is only for the image as the rest of the site is almost complete.

Im looking for a talented designer with excellent Photoshop skills to design a high-quality header, on par with:

Please take notice of:

– The usage of blending, layering and textures.
– The "feel" of the image, especially the modern, cutting-edge feel of the text and the layering of the background portions as well as various other text and light effects.

I will be able to provide guidance and some graphics to incorporate.

Serious bidders only. Must have experience designing a header of this style – please send me your examples of such work done.

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