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Drupal Content Importer, Bulk – Need Drupal Programmer ASAP


I have a project that requires an experienced Drupal programmer. I get each week many articles from my content providers for my websites. They come in .txt and have special syntax described below:


Word Count:



Article Body:

I need a module that will allow me to import them as many as I want in to my website. Each imported article is saved in its node (preset node type). Beside the body and title container it should have several others CCK fields such as: date, keywords, word count, the actual .txt file available for DL…

Upload interface can be ugly, I dont care. Just make it work. I suppose there must be a bulk upload field. Please test how many .txt files can be uploaded at once. It should manage at least 1000 at once. Also add an option to set a node type for the files that are uploaded.

You can ask for a milestone, but you will get the final payment after a week of testing so I can make sure that there is no bugs and errors with other modules.

When posting a bid or sending me a PM, write "importer" first.
Thank you!

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Facebook Email Importer Script

Hello all bidders,

Our website is a website where people can do alot of fun stuff, check if someone is online on yahoo, jokes etc. We want to implement a script in the website that allow visitors to log in with the USER and PASSWORD of facebook and IMPORT their contact emails and save them as .XLM or .TXT or return the email results on the page.

The script should not get captcha or security thing ( I think this can be bypassed with facebook mobile, not sure, please come with a solution )

This project is urgent and we do not have much time.


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Need Nop Commerce 1.6 Xml Importer

We require the following:
* ability to import xml in nop commerce 1.6 using the same format as it outputs.
* documentation regarding where code is changed or replaced and any information on database usage required by the code you use to do this.

Example of how it outputs can be seen the BusinessLogic library (ExportImport directory) source files.
e.g. ExportManager.cs, ImportManager.cs

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Address Book Importer

Import Contact From Yahoomail , gmail ,hotmail etc

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Facebook Email Importer Script / Invite Script

Facebook Email Importer Script / Invite Script

Hello, we run a gay social networking site. We need a script that will allow our new members to log in to persons facebook account from within our site and retrieve there friends email addresses, (all of them) i know this is possible as i have seen other sites do gain traffic, it must then send a personalized message (which we will create) as an advert for them to join there friend on our site. We will then need this integrating on step 2 of our registration.

Payment on completion and testing ONLY .

Previous work done in his area will be a big advantage

St James Consultancy

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Import CSV Files For All In One SEO Pack

Now i use the worpdress plugins:csv importer.(

i want to use the CSV importer to import the All in One SEO Pack Tile, Description and Keywords fields.

To be honest this could be a very simple job not even requiring any coding as "CSV text Importer" will already do this if you know the field names so if someone can,please bid or PM me.

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Repair: WordPress Content Importer Via API


I have a custom WP plugin that feeds XML content through an API and posts it on the blog that suddenly stopped working. I need someone to look at it and fix it. I can provide more info to interested parties.

Only people with previous feedback for WP/XML/API projects please.

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French Importer Website

This project requires an intro animation with music, and the main site needs to be built in flash as well.

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Importer From API For Clip-Share Video Site

I need an importer based on something like Magpie to fetch embed code and several other metadata and have them added to the database of a ClipShare-database

I can provide API link to the feed with video details and a page to a similar script with sample code. I need the embed code, thumbnail, duration and that kind of stuff inserted into my database with an additional check to see if the video already was added. Importer should function as a cron job to run every hour or so.

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Fix "Facebook Comments Importer"

OK I installed this Plugin called FACEBOOK COMMENTS IMPORTER …

basically transfers comments made in FAN PAGE posts..directly to my wordpress post (if they are the same)

but it seems it only works..if I post the Link of my wordpress POST directly as a note..on the FAN PAGE..
I used Networkblogs..which imports the posts on wordpress directly to my fan page..using RSS I believe.. but this plugin doesnt recognized those…it only recognize if I do a manual update (adding the link my self to the FAN PAGE wall).

Can this be fixed? and make it faster.? Since it takes time to update new comments.

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WordPress Plugin – CSV Importer

I require a WordPress plugin designing based around an existing importer that has ceased to work with the latest version of WordPress.

The importer will need to be able to upload a csv spreadsheet and create a post for each line, assigning the posts to the correct category/categories, and to add tags, an image, title, description, price, and a buy it now button from the corresponding fields on the spreadsheet.

I will supply the existing importer, I would like a similar interface, more details will be provided as to the operation of the existing importer to the winning bidder.

I require all rights to the plugin upon completion.

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Contact Importer For Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail In PHP/.net

Hi there,

I need contact importer code for yahoo, gmail, aol, hotmail….

Either PHP or ASP.Net is fine…
if its PHP, i need it as XML API (i will pass username and password in query string and it should return the xml with contact list…)

I will provide the xml format….

I can give 15 USD….

Rajendra Prabu Elias

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MLS Importer For Joomla

Hello, I have a joomla website and would like to add in a mls search that pulls information from an xml file. I have the site build and the feed but I need to integrated the mls feed. Many thanks!

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PhpBB To SimplePress Forum Migration


I am looking for experienced PHP developer who can write an importer for SimplePress forum from phpBB.
we have both forums installed. simplepress is a wordpress plugin so you have to know how to handle its database.

we need the importer to migrate everything from phpBB to SimplePress including users, posts, topics, private messages, groups, everything.

Please quote your best price and time frame.

experienced person with lowest price wins the project.


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Stationery And Packaging Importer Required

Hy all,

We are a Printing an Packaging Company in Pakistan. we need importers from US-UK-Canada-Europe-Australia. where printing is expensive. if anyone can collect business for us we can pay good commission. take an online survey and get the orders from local market and take a quote from local market and from here also . freight charges are included in quote.



Happy bidding

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Fix Error On Contact Importer

Fix errors with script

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Linkedin Importer

Detail was talked via email.

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Gmail Message Reader And Importer

I need a php script that will import the UNREAD messages from my gmail INBOX folder onlyand save them in .txt files on 25 messages each like list000.txt list0001.txt , i should put only user+pass of my gmail account.php

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Contact Finder

A simple contact finder api, that we can request with the following paramters;

1. provider type (ex hotmail).
2. Username.
3. password.

In return we want a xml that returns all contacts of the user. fields:
1. Email.
2. Contact name.


Providers that needs to be supported:
– Hotmail Addressbook Importer
– Yahoo Addressbook Importer
– Gmail Addressbook Importer
– AOL Addressbook Importer
– Orkut Addressbook Importer
– Plaxo Addressbook Importer
– Multiply Addressbook Importer
– Rediffmail Addressbook Importer
– Linkedin Addressbook Importer
– Freemail Addressbook Importer
– Photobucket Addressbook Importer
– Bigpond Addressbook Importer
– MSN Messenger Contact Importer

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Yahoo & Hotmail Messages Importer


I m looking for coders who can develop or already developed this software

I need a software to be designed which imports emails from yahoo and hotmail accounts.
It should be able to grab accounts from text file.
Proxy rotating support should be there.

I m looking for lowest bids. Please show the demo copy at the earliest.

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Twitter Contacts Importer

Twitter contacts importer

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Contacts Importer .NET & PHP For Linkedin/Twitter 61

Looking for developer to write and code some scripts to import contacts from Social networking sites after fixed price. functionality required:

Post content to MySpace using PHP, cURL and .Net
Import Contacts from Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN

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Facebook Email Importer

Facebook email importer required. need to be able to import email addresses from my friend list

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Contact Importer

We need a contact email contact importer and social media contact importer,like orkut,facebook etc.
it should support most of the email service providers and most of the social networking sites.

see the demo here

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Php/mysql Oscommerce Work

You will work on 3 of our client websites:

1) website 1
you will adjust their feed importer system to allow import of a UPC field. Then you will adjust their amazon feed exporter to include this field and a manufacturer field.

There feed importer has a oscommerce to feed category correlator. You will also adjust the feed importer system to show a list of categories that are not correlated with his site after the feed runs.

2) website 2
you will install our custom computer creator from an install kit we have

After it is installed, you will customize it to allow quantity inputs for the parts in the computer. The admin can control which categories have quantity inputs.

3) website 3
this is a rental movie site. Your job is to allow a way for him to delete a "box set" sub-product. If this product is deleted, it will replace in the customers rental queue the sub-product with the parent product.

You must be able to work on this project immediately. We will have more work for you if you do well on this task.

Individuals only, no companies please.

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Addressbook / Contact Importer Scripts

Need to be able to import contacts from our Artists/User accounts, so they can promote their music to all of their contacts from various Email & Social Media Accounts

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Youtube Importer

yOUTUBE.COM Videos with keyword Dutch


Import into CMS

Display on homepage or category list.

Check if video is hosted on youtube.
YES –> Stream from YT
NO –> Stream from

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ulk COntact Importer Scritp for Yahoo and Hotmail

I need bulk email importer for yahoo and hotmail

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