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Website Overhaul

Established website, partially overhauled (inc files added for header, footer and side columns) but has some problems where text is unstable, can end up dropping to the below the columns. I think it needs to be modified to a set template, but Im open to suggestions. I built the site from scratch, but with very limited skills.
Also, website needs several different features,
Assistance in understanding how to use my own site, including inc files
A slideshow type box on homepage to feature articles (about 5) with a numbered buttons for user to be able to switch between them.
An ad-tracking system with report facility
SEO We Google well, but our page rank has dropped recently and we would like to improve googleability
A comment facility added to article pages
A smart looking drop-down menu bar
Pagination for articles.
New logo
Facebook page/s customisation
Design assistance with ad layout

All of the above are important, but can be split off from this job if nec.
I need a firm date for work to be completed, I dont want it to drag on for a long period. Looking to spend money before close of tax year!
I also need a phpbb forum website to be converted to a shiny new forum which i will post as another project

Important – the ability to edit my own site content, advertisements and ad new sections as necessary. control of my own ad tracking system, etc.
When the inc files were done I was not given the means to edit them myself, and this is just not workable for me – I do know basic html

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Excel Data Entry — Mine "Inc. 5000" Website List

We need to mine this website — — for ALL the companies

How you can do a great job:

1. Click on each company name (ex. Lexicon Consulting #4, WDFA Marketing #5, TheFind #12, etc.)
2. Copy/paste info from each company page into the attached Excel, with all 10 columns we want labeled on attached template (Columns A-J)
3. Email us your completed Excel file, and youre done!

There are a total of 5000 companies on the list (100 pages of 50).

Feel free to ask me any questions, and happy bidding!

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Domy Inc. Website Content Retouch

We need somebody who can retouch the content of our website.
The content should be informal, but professional.

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Domy Inc. Website Content Retouch

We need somebody who can retouch the content of our website.
The content should be informal, but professional.

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We Gotta Change

"We Gotta Change" is the first of a series of a positive hip hop songs to be produced by GrillPeace Productionz. The song was inspired by the tragic death of a Pastor at the United House of Prayer for All People in Richmond, Va. The song speaks about the need to change the way we live our lives and motivates both old and young to stay connected with each other so as to close the "communication gap" that is gaping wide open. Proceeds from sales of the song will be donated to the Richmond Chapter of the Continental Socieites, Inc. This non-profit, charitable organization has been working in the community for over 30 years helping put new coats on the backs of needy children, taking curious teens to a variety of colleges so they can learn about furthering their education, hosting free dental and health screenings and workshops to help keep children and parents aware of medical concerns and stay physically fit. They have also been giving scholarships to needy high school graduates so that those recipients can go to the college or university of their choice.

GrillPeace Productionz plans to record a full length cd featuring several talented artists, all united by the vision of making music that matters, to raise awareness of the real elements of hip hop that have been forgotten over time. Hip Hop started as a cultural outlet to give youth in the community a means of expression and improvement. All songs from this project will be postive, motivational, inspiring and proceeds from the sales of each release and the full length project will always be donated to a charitable organization. Presently, we have partnered with the Richmond Chapter of the Continental Socieites, Inc but we are open to partner with any other non-profit, charitable organization as well.

We are currently designing a series of promotional items,i.e. t-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, etc. to further promote the project, the mission, and to help increase the amount of money the Richmond Chapter of the Continental Socieites, Inc can provide to teens who need help in order to attend and/or stay in college.

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Nard Inc Website

Had a site built using a php script. need to modify site to do some additional things. I need someone that can get it done within a short time frame.

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Abmw Painting And Drywall Inc


Please only bid if you

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Project For Compass 7 Inc

Please respond if possible. tjhanks

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Excel Data Entry — "Inc. 5000" Website List

We need to mine this website — — for ALL the companies listed.

How you can do a great job:

1. Click on each company name i (ex. Lexicon Consulting #4, WDFA Marketing #5, TheFind #12, etc.)
2. Copy/paste info from each company page into the attached Excel, with all 10 columns we want labeled on attached template (Columns A-J)
3. Email us your completed Excel file, and youre done!

There are a total of 5000 companies on the list (100 pages of 50).

Feel free to ask me any questions, and happy bidding!

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Operation Management, Assignment #2: Delta Plastics, Inc. A

Assignment #2: Delta Plastics, Inc. (A)

Students will read the case and prepare a three to four (3-4) page DOUBLE SPACE response to the following:

1. Analyzing the case more closely, speculate which definition of quality each of the four main players was adhering to and discuss your rationale for each employee.

2. Using one of the quality tools presented in the chapter, analyze the defects in the quality dimensions between the super plastic and standard material.

3. Based on your findings, recommend a quality control strategy for Delta Plastics, Inc.
The format of the report is to be as follows:

o This paper should adhere to APA style standards including the following: Double space, 1

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CMS Website Design


Please provide several cost proposals to accomplish the scope outlined below. The budget must encompass all design, production, and software acquisitions necessary for development and maintenance of the web site.
Hosting will be addressed separately and costs for hosting are not included in the budget for this project.
List pricing for:
��Phase I: Discovery, Requirements Planning & Site Definition
��Phase II: Site Development, Testing and Deployment
��Hosting: We have not yet made a decision to host on or off-site. Discussions during the discovery phase and your input and advice will help us make a decision in this regard.

E-lectriccoop Inc. has not determined a set budget for this RTB request. The budget will be allocated based on responses to this RTB.
Hosting costs will be addressed separately.
Company Profile
The e-lectricCoop is a free on-line exchange specifically serving members of the electrical contracting industry to bring together buyers and sellers of surplus, new and used electrical products and equipment.
The e-lectricCoop is a free exclusive membership service for electrical contractors to trade with each other and receive better value for their surplus supplies and equipment than selling to middle men. Through control of membership we can ensure honesty and good business practices.
The e-lectricCoop is a free exchange where electrical contractors can reduce their inventory and recover lost investment as well as locate difficult to find equipment and supplies.

Stakeholders and audience groups:
Current members, and employees.
Prospective members (Buyers and Sellers), and employees.

Scope and Guideline

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Private Project For Shmai Inc. – Add-on To Previous Job

My client has asked for an additional form to be added to this project:

Please bid/accept this project & Ill send you the ftp and job details.

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Japanese To Englishi Subtitle Translation Job

Dear Translators,

We found your name in website, and we would like you to translate

a Japanese video into English.

Please see below for more information.
Field of expertise Subtitle translation

Contents:55 minuite length video

Language:Japanese to English

Delivery deadline:JuLy 12, Japan time

Translation fee:We will let you know later.
Please contact us when it is possible to take this job and send your translation sample.

We are looking forward to your early and favorable reply.

Best regards,
Miyazaki of Sankou, Inc.

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Mailing List Development

I have a list of 5,000 company names. I want you to find one to four contacts for each company including title, email address, phone number, address, city, state, zipcode, and website (preferably also NAICS or SIC code as well).

You must have access to hoovers, jigsaw or other databases that have the company information and email addresses.

I am looking for one contact within each of the the following categories:

Top level:
President or CEO or Owner

CFO or VP Finances

COO or VP Operations or VP Manufacturing

VP Sales or VP BUsiness Development

Please provide your price PER CONTACT (must have email included) AND how many you can produce per day, and when you can start. Also, please indicate which sources you will use to obtain the information.

Following is just a sampling of the company names:

A&B Machine Inc.
A.J. Rose Manufacturing Co.
AA Gear, LLC
ABB Control
Able Manufacturing & Assembly L.L.C.
Absolute Machine Tools, Inc.
Accurate Tool & Manufacturing Corp.
Ace Metal & PowerTech. Co., Ltd.
Acme Gear Co.
Acme Industries, Inc.
Acme Machine & Welding Co.
Acme Manufacturing Company
Action Tool & Machine
Addy Machinery Co.
Advance Industrial Manufacturing
Advance Industrial Manufacturing, Inc.

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Clip-bucket Install (inc. Ffmpeg)

Easy job, not for us.

We have been trying all day and got tired of it.

Please install clip-bucket, including all required server side stuff
Dedicated server, only 1 domain on it. Tell us which OS you prefer and it will be installed for your worl to start.


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Litnik Communicaitons Inc. continually strives to enhance the value to our clients and the end-customers we share. Through operational excellence, technology innovation, and global skill set sourcing; Litnik Communicaitons Inc. provides greater end-customer satisfaction and incremental client revenue at a reduced cost. Our service model makes customer satisfaction more affordable by aligning the right resources, technology, and processes with client needs and end customers expectations.

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Need Simple Amember Php Error

I have a error on my signup page. My current programmer is out of town, so I need someone to edit this file. here is the error users get when they try to signup.

WARNING: Cannot find applicable e-mail template for [send_pending_admin,en,,] in line 1212 of file
WARNING: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/wwwexcel/public_html/users/ : eval()d code:382) in line 43 of file

Looking for reliable trusted programmer with feed back and can work now.

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Bucks Inc

I want a team for Bucks Inc Project. Payment is 0.75$ if u give less than 10k per day. Payment is 0.80$ if u give more than 10k per day. If u agree to the rate please bid, otherwise ignore it. Payment every 2 days by paypal.

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We are new in Get A Free Lancer. We do web designing project and supply captcha projects for captcha experts. We have a captcha project for individuals and teams. Rate is 0.9/1000 captchas. We only need captcha experts who make very less mistakes. We dont need people who are making much mistakes because has something called Priority if it is 0 means less mistakes if it reaches to 3-5 means the id has become slow. 5-7 means the id has become very slow. 8-9 means the id has become blocked. If the id has become blocked before 3k the payment wont be issued. so if yourll make very less mistakes the priority wont go up so soon. So captcha experts Please Bid. Rates are fixed. We dont need time wasters, we only need serious bidders payment from Get A Free Lancer or Paypal…

Happy Bidding

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Captcha To Lookingwhat1 Bucks Inc

Bucks Inc
rate: 0.90$
payment 3k complected.
gaf or paypal

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Graphic Guru Needed Full Time

We are looking for someone who can take a concept and bring it to life.

This can involve taking a high quality photo and use photoshop to superimpose it on multiple layers to meet the criteria of the concept.

This can involve taking an image of an object and recreating it in a vector format.

This can involve taking a group of vector illustrations, a group of sounds, a group of photos and videos and combining them to create a flash video concept.

This can involve creating a cartoon drawing using illustrator.

All work must be original. All rights to work created must be transferred to Adgilus Inc. Work created for Adgilus Inc. cannot be transferred to any other person or entity except Adgilus Inc.

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Need Expert Workers For Buck Inc Project And Captcha2009

Hello every one
i need 100+ workers for buck inc project
i ll pay u weakly by paypal if ur id goes to 14k+
i need 2k+ entries per day
i want experianced workers not those who are new
i also need 30+ workers for
this is case sensitive captcha work and its timing is 1am to 6am indian time
i need 1k+ entries in
reviewed freelancers are prefered
if u solved buck inc captcha before then inform me also and u r prefered also……
more information will given to u in pm
take care
and happy bidding

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