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International SMS And Call (Iphone + Web Application)



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Prepare My 2010 Taxes


I am an Independent Contractor and I need someone to prepare my 2010 taxes for me.

I will receive one 1099 for less than $25K. I created a DBA earlier this year for tax purposes. I have a ton of receipts that I will organize by category before providing you with the relevant info.

I have not paid any taxes on my income yet, so there may be penalties.

I need someone completely comfortable with US tax law to manage this process. It should be a very straight forward job for an accounting expert. I obviously want to pay as little tax as possible, so a professional with a keen eye for saving is preferred.

I will pay in full upon completion and review.

This is my first time filing as an independent contractor, and Im not totally familiar with how it works, so I might have questions on the way. Patience is appreciated.

Note: I currently live abroad, but that wont affect my tax payments.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Marketing For IPhone App (audio Streaming)


we have developed an iPhone application that allows to stream music from the computer to the iPhone. It is ready to be released by the end of January.

For the month of january we are looking for a marketing specialist who can help us to

create press releases
submit press releases to blogs and magazines
optimize app description
engage independent reviewers
involve independent YouTube app reviewers
translate the app description page to other languages (or have it translated)

The applicant should preferrably

speak fluent English
have an iPod or iPhone
have technological interest
have strong marketing skills

Im looking forward to hearing from you.


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Independent Reps


In a low-pay dead-end job ? Do you dread getting up to go to a job you detest, that bores you to tears and makes your mind numb? 

Are you embarrassed to get a paycheck that is in the 3-digit range instead of the 4 or 5-digit range you dream of? That you see others getting? 

Is the so-called American Dream still a dream for you? Few that read this post will act. They will give up without trying. If you want to change your situation then do something different. With this post you are given the chance. However you are simultaneously losing forever the right to use the excuse that "you were never given a chance!"

Getting Unstuck

For the past five years, sunless is one of the fastest-growing segments of the indoor tanning industry and makes about $5 Billion a year in the US.

It is estimated that some 28 million Americans make use of indoor tanning salons, of which there are some 25,000 across the States.

Like any service in any industry, sunless tanning is enjoying the fruits of improved technology and healthy competition. The benefits are clear to salon operators as well as consumers.

We are the US branch of a world leader in aesthetic medical and self tanning technology. Established over 20 years ago, the product we represent is a global research-driven medical technology company that discovers, develops, manufactures and markets technologies around the world. 

Experienced sales professionals, our product is the one you always wish you had to sell. We will provide full training in the product and more importantly how to sell it like a pro.

Become an independent rep:
The most important benefit of being an independent rep is basically, if you are able to perform, the sky is the limit! . Working on commission, a highly motivated and successful sales rep has enormous potential to make an incredible living. If you are able to perform well, there is no effective limit to your income.
We offer:
– High commissions
– Protected territories
– Marketing support
– Full training

Job Description:
Headquartered in Miami, FL, We currently have an outstanding opportunity for individuals with a successful track record in sales.
Our Corporate Sales Representatives sell very high-end devices as a turn-key business solution.
We screen all candidates carefully. We are not "mass" hiring, though we do have multiple positions open since we are growing our sales team. We only invest our time and other resources in those we judge to be potential winners, those that will make a serious commitment towards learning and mastering our sales process, those that want to find their way into the top tier of earners in sales, and stay there.
You will be part of a professional team and expected to act accordingly and to do what it takes to meet or exceed the high standards we set. 

Above all you must be a "closer." This does not mean a manipulating liar. It means someone that can earn (by doing a first-rate presentation to a qualified prospect) the right to ask for a decision, right now, and not be stalled and disrespected. You need to understand how business works in the real-world versus oversimplified theories.

You also need to have:
– Bachelors degree with 3 years of documented sales experience
– Strong interpersonal and English communication skills, quick problem-solving ability and computer literacy are required.
– Applicant must be a highly motivated, energetic, entrepreneurship-minded team player with a proven track record of success.

If you are interested in a future with this highly respected company, send your resume to be considered for this immediate opening.

To Apply
Send a meaningful cover letter (email) with an up-to-date resume. Tell us what you are looking for and why you should be considered for the position. Its best to copy your resume into the body of the email. If not, attach as a MS Word doc or PDF file only. No phone calls please – candidates that are to be considered will be con

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Independent Sales Rep


The global market for outsourced services and technology relating to the translation of information from one language into another is more than US$26 billion. This includes written translation, software localization, website globalization, spoken language interpreting, voice over work, dubbing, subtitling, and ancillary services such as desktop publishing and multilingual transcription.

EPIC Translations is a premiere global language service firm headquartered in Michigan and expanding throughout the country. We translate in over 150 languages, in diverse industries, all across the globe.

To facilitate our national expansion, EPIC Translations is hiring highly motivated independent sales representatives. Our corporate office will provide you with all the necessary training and materials. We are looking for you to provide a positive attitude and strong drive for success.

Our ideal client is a multinational corporation with global operations. Please only respond if you are confident that you can attract this type of high-level clientele.

This is a commission only position, but with immediate potential for high earnings. Our ideal candidate will fit the following qualifications:

– Bachelors Degree Preferred (Will consider equivalent experience)
– Strong Sales Background: Including Cold Calling and Networking
– Excellent Communication Skills (Both written and oral)
– Must have a cell phone and computer with internet access

Please respond with your resume and a cover letter describing why you would be successful acquiring clients in our industry.

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We Are Looking For An Independent Or SOHO Website Corder

We are looking for an independent or SOHO website corder (designer,Creator) to create design and cording our website for global social networking e-commerce site.

We are start up company with our first closed beta site being released soon in US and Japan and also we have to more create a website with around 10 pages. It is pretty simple templates.

Please submit your proposal as soon as possible as we need to start this project very quickly. Also dont forget to mention time required to complete this project, total cost, which methodology you are going to follow.

We would like to know detail of what expertise you have.
This projects is "agile method" which works great for outsourced projects use of Skype or some.

Job Title: Website corder designer creator
Type:Contract,Temporary,Full-time,Part-time, (SOHO,Indepenent,according to situation)
Industries: Internet social networking e-commerce site.
Job location: Wherever there is a network connection.
Company URL :
Job Description:
interest in new interaction modes, what is beyond the PC and mobile era.
understanding and fluency in web 2.0 tools
strategic thinker, self-motivated, decision making
Japanese: more than middle level
English: native and business level

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Independent Contractor Agreement/NDA


We are recruiting freelancer musicians produce educational songs for our educational program.

We need a well written contract/nda agreement with the below points and more if needed. Also note that this agreement should cover projects already completed by the independent contractor.

– Copyright 100% is mine
– NDA Agreement
– Payments will be made after work has been completed to my satisfaction
– Contractor cannot showcase projects in any online or offline portfolios/mediums
– Contractor cannot compete with me or conduct similar work for our competitors.

(We are open to suggestions as well)

This agreement should be very straight forward, bullet proof and original. We would like to have it completed as quickly as possible.

Happy bidding!

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Fingerprint SDK

We would like to build a fingerprint sdk, this sdk must support many fingerprint devices, we need to support mainly digitalpersona, megamatcher, and L1ID devices.

1. Use C# and MS Visual Studio 2008 for the development
2. General interface that can work with multiple fingerprint devices (or at least 3-4 famous devices)
3. Independent function that can get the fingerprint image from the fingerprint device
4. Independent function that can convert fingerprint image to template (ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005)
5. Independent function to compare 2 templates ( one to one match) and give the results YES or NO (template based on ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005)
6. Windows form application to test all functionalities above
7. Must support xp/vista/windows7 x86 & x64
8. Percentage of comparison

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Seeking Experienced Independent CRM Sales Representatives

About the Company

BigContacts, LLC is a web 2.0 company that develops and manages Web Based Contact Management Software for Small Businesses that have outgrown basic solutions like Excel, Outlook, Goldmine and ACT! – yet dont want the cost and complexity of CRM system like We offer our software through a SaaS model (Software as a Service), allowing small businesses to easily get started with $0 cost in upfront hardware and networking costs.

We currently serve several thousand Small Businesses around the world. Our software has proven to deliver measurable results in three key areas:

1. Improving Client Retention
2. Streamlining Work-flow
3. Closing More Sales

Read more about what our clients say about us at:

To date, we have marketed and sold our software solution exclusively through our website at: We have developed a growing stream of new business from our website and are now ready to add a new distribution channel. We are aggressively seeking to add qualified Independent Sales Reps across the country.

Are you the kind of person that would like to get in on a ground floor opportunity?

Who Were looking for

We are looking for Sales Professionals that are self-directed, highly motivated, honest, ethical and are motivated to make great money.

Ideal candidate will have:

* Previous success with B2B sales is required

* The candidate that is currently selling software to small business will have the greatest advantage in this position, but this is not a requirement

* Desire to learn new technologies

* Self-starter and self-motivated

How You get Paid

We are seeking experienced and professional Sales Representatives throughout the United States to aggressively sell our software in different territories. We are hiring Sales Representatives as Independent Contractors (responsible for your own taxes, etc) and the pay is 100% commission-based. There is a small quota and no limits on your income. Its really up to you to carve out as much income as you want.

Commission Rates are very high – we pay 60% of the initial sale. The same commission rate applies to any additional sales (i.e. adding new users) that you make to the same customer. Commission are paid each month after the customer has been successfully billed.

This position is flexible. You can represent BigContacts as your sole focus, OR you may already have other sales opportunities and are looking to enhance your income in a truly exciting and growing space.

Learn More

If you like what you have read so far and would like to learn more (information on income examples, job requirements, quotas territories and more), please visit our site at: .

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Independent Sales Representative

Our company is headquartered in Europe. We are seeking motivated sales professionals to join our team as independent sales representatives in different time zones (US and Asia) in this international project.

A successful candidate is expected to have business contacts and network with individuals in travel, insurance, health or regional industry, coupled with a basic knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing.

We are looking for an offline B2B account manager whose essential work duties will include:

– researching local business opportunities,
– making appointments with potential and existing clients,
– presenting and discussing the product and/or the market,
– preparing and presenting competitive sales proposals (xls),
– assisting in setting up the account for the services,
– assisting in designing and running customized projects,
– communicating with clients on an ongoing basis (with a view to renew the services).

Key skills and abilities this position requires:

– independence,
– great organization,
– more than 18 years old,
– access to the Internet,
– excellent needs analysis for a client,
– outstanding interpersonal abilities.

We work online in Google Apps and CapsuleCRM.

You will start as a commission based role with profit sharing and generous bonuses.

You are going have exclusive rights for generating business in your territory.

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Independent Contractor Agreement/NDA


We need a well written contract/nda agreement with the below points and more if needed. Also note that this agreement should cover projects already completed by the independent contractor.

– Copyright 100% is mine
– NDA Agreement
– Payments will be made after work has been completed to my satisfaction
– Contractor cannot showcase projects in any online or offline portfolios/mediums
– Contractor cannot compete with me
– Contractor cannot steal my clients

(We are open to suggestions as well)

This agreement should be very straight forward, bullet proof and original. We would like to have it completed as quickly as possible.

Happy bidding!

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Need An Expert Programmer To Review PHP Code

We are looking for an expert in web programming (particularly PHP). We have code that needs to be reviewed to ensure that the code developed is organized and commented properly to allow any third party to easily understand the code.

To be hired, you must have many years of programming experience. If you win this bid, you will be one of two code reviewers (yourself as well as an independent third party consultant we will be hiring).

Your discoveries on what needs to be improved to make the code cleaner (modular, more scalable, etc.) will be compared to the discoveries of the independent consultant to identify commonalities.

The payment for this review service will be based on the number major recommendations you make that are in common with the recommendations made by the independent consultant. The definition of "major recommendations" are higher level recommendation which adhere to the basics of creating professional code. For example, if your recommendation is to change X, and the the independent consultant also recommends to change X then you will be paid per recommendation instance. If you make a general recommendation such as "Needs more commenting or commenting unclear" you will place symbols within the code to symbolize a particular general recommendation (even though you may place several comments pertaining to that one recommendation, the payment will be for one major recommendation).

Please bid on the price for identifying 5 major recommendations which match the independent recommendations of the independent consultant. You will NOT be programming yourself, instead, your job would be to review code and identify ways to clean up the code.

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Independent Web And Marketing Assistant

I need a professional web and marketing assistant, helping me to promote and market our websites and services, and drive traffic and generate sales. The assistant needs to be independent and with his/her own ideas, a self starter, that does not need to be told everything but shows initiative. I would prefer to pay a small fixed fee plus a percentage of the sales generated. I have a range of website coming up in the very near future, ranging from complexed saas services to digital product sales, membership offering, international trading and wholesale etc.An interesting and rewarding assignment for the right person or company. The person needs to be sales orientated, proficient in dealing with simple webtasks like ftp and other webmaster tasks.

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Small Business Data Collection (e-mail, Type And Source)

We require e-mail addresses for the following types of businesses:

– Pubs/Clubs
– Restaurants/Cafes
– Car chauffeur businesses
– Independent retail/clothes shops
– Hair/beauty salons
– Small/independent hotels/B&Bs
– Small/Independent travel companies
– Gyms
– Motoring/Garages
– Estate agents
– Schools/nurseries

We will pay $2 per 100 records

You must include the type from above and the source of your information

Many thanks

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Prestashop Minor Development

By this way I would like to ask for your help.
2 functions would be my request on profile and cart side.

– On every profile activity

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Independent Yahoo Invisible Detector Script

Hello freelancers,

I need an independent Yahoo invisible detector script (independent means that it does NOT grab the results from other invisible detector sites)

It works like this:

User types in Yahoo ID that he want to check. The result should be online or offline or invisible.

I need it to be done in PHP or any language that you see appropriate.

If you have any questions let me know and i will explain again.

Lowest bid and fastest completion time should win this.

Looking forward your bids.


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Seeking Experienced Independent CRM Sales Representatives

We are a Canadian company providing CRM for small and medium businesses and have been in business for over two years. We are committed to provide easy, flexible, affordable and real solutions to business owners around the world.

Currently we offer two price levels to our customers – $300 per month and $700 per month.

We are currently looking for independent sales representative who will work on commission basis only. No upfront payments. Commissions will be paid out monthly. Commissions are $250-$500 per sale. We will be open for negotiations on commission rates after six months.

Ideal candidate will have strong communication skills with a background in B2B sales. You must have experience in sales and should be able to provide references.

Priority will be given to native English speakers but anyone can apply.

To apply, please tell us why you are best suited for the job.

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Looking for independent contractor magazine ad sales people to sell advertising space in fast growing entertainment publication.

Magazine is a model-based publication that is quickly turning into an all-around entertainment magazine covering upcoming models as well artists/musicians, and general lifestyle elements of the incarcerated population (i.e., keeping body in shape, healthy diets for incarcerated individuals, etc.).

Looking for magazine ad sales people throughout the country. Compensation is commission-based and is open for negotiation. NEED SALES PEOPLE THAT CAN DEAL WITH FAST UPCOMING COMPANIES AS WELL AS TOP TIER COMPANIES ( i.e., Lorillard Tobacco Company (owns Newport Cigarettes), Sony, Energizer, Ford, HBO, SHOWTIME, TNT, SNICKERS, ABSOLUT VODKA, etc.)

For more information, questions, or to receive magazines media kit, reply to the email posted.


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Need Independent Professionals For A US Based Company

Hi GAF members, One of our brand new US based company looking to hire IT professionals for their projects, We are looking for Independent contractors or IT Professionals working from home office.

Candidates must have minimum 2 to 10 years of experience. You have to send the updated resumes. Selected candidates will be awarded projects on continuous basis. We need the following expertise. Selected candidates must show their profile and work samples.Please attend the interview with one of our project manager. Catch him at his skyype id maneesh05

ActionScript,ASP.Net and Dot Net Nuke
Flash , 2D and 3D Animation ,
Graphic Design
SEO and Internet Marketing
Ruby On Rails
Web Design

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Website For An Independent Music Label

We are building a small independent world music label.
Now, we need to build a website that will be home to our artists, albums and events with your help.

This is what weve had in mind:

*Content Management*
We want to be able to make changes to the website quickly thanks to a CMS System.
The website will be multilingual and all pages will be translated (one tree only, if possible)
We will upload pictures and videos on flickr and youtube. Well try to have facebook integration as far as possible but thats secondary. The CMS must support embedding youtube and flickr content.

There is an existing logo for our label that we would like to use. However, the way this is implemented into the website is not defined.
Your imagination and creativity basically decides how you want to integrate the design elements to the website. Theres no design manual.
Were big fans of snappy, smooth stuff. Page reloads are ugly. AJAX makes us happy!

We want to sell stuff! A shopping cart solution that integrates neatly into the website would be delicious. If you cant do it, dont sweat it. Well do our best and try out some open source solutions out there. But if you can, its a bonus.

We have a provider for our hosting needs:
The website should run on PHP or experimentally well be willing to go Ruby on Rails.
Well have PHP5 ready for you to work on.

This is also key.
Were small but we need to get noticed. World music and african music is quite a market and people are searching for that one the net.
If you can help us out in getting some bonus points on web searches, well just outright love you.

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Independent Sales Associates Needed


This company markets legal service plans that include attorney consultation, will preparation, traffic violation defense, automobile-related criminal charges defense, letter writing, document preparation and review and a general trial defense. Additionally, the firm offers programs to protect members from identity theft and other security services.


These programs and services are marketed through a system of independent sales associates throughout the United States and Canada. Like any business opportunity, the success or failure of the enterprise depends on the individuals aptitude, enthusiasm, and ability to apply him- or herself to the project within the rules of the company and its supporting programs.

Contact us expeditiously!

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Runescape Private Server

Hello, I am looking for someone who is very good with JAVA/C++, this project remaking the frame work of Runescape Private server frame work. You can look at,381494.0.html

# Code under GNU/GPL, or similar license, and released free of charge. (of course we will pay you to do this, that is the whole point)
# Platform independent code. Dont lock your code to Windows, Linux, MAC or FreeBSD. There is no reason it shouldnt run on all of them.
# Support for 1000+ players online simultaneously, running on decent hardware.3
# All basic functionality complete. (in other words, you dont need quests completed, but all basic skills1 should function, all doors, ladders, trapdoors and such should work correctly etc)
# The functionality should be independent of the client version2, in other words you need to have a packet encoder/decoder that is specific to a client version, that decodes packets to a version independent format that is then passed onto the game logic script(s). (if you need clarification, let me know)
# (optional, but would be a great bonus, and easier for you) Scripting support for the game logic. Examples of good languages you could use would be python, ruby or javascript. You could also use any other language or even write your own if you feel particularly masochistic.

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Need Experts In Independent Payment Gateway API


We need to develop the independent PAYMENT GATEWAY API.

Must be Knowledge in,
3D secure
fraud deduction
Securecode check
VISA Secure

Please contact us ASAP. Pls dont apply if you dont have past experience in creating Payment Gateway.

Generic Bid wont be considered so Pls comeup with your sample payment gateway.

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Independent Software

Simple script that will record the content of a series of urls

Script must:

1) based off a txt file with a URL per line (upload lext file)
2) copy the content of that URL
3) paste to a text file
4) program must allow to set a parameter value for how many URLS to be pasted before saving the text file
5) script must allocate a output folder

Must run fast and error free.

Escrow available.

Vigorous testing for upto a week before release of payment.

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Full Time PHP Programmer Needed At Our Delhi Office (urgent)

** Only for independent freelancers and no companies please **

We are in need of a full time Sr.PHP developer familiar with integrating third party open source scripts. Knowledge of payment gateways, data security, is desirable but not mandatory (training will be provided).

Minimum 2.5 yrs of work experience with ability to handle large projects from scratch is expected. We are a young company with 2 yrs of existence and have been very successful so far.

Get in touch with your updated Resume – position to be filled immediately.

** Only for independent freelancers and no companies please **

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Need Independent Telemarketers Filipino OR USA ONLY Bi-Weekly Pay

We are looking for aggressive telemarketers from the philippines who can call and work USA time.

We pay every 2 weeks either by western union or Paypal or whatever method ok with you.

If you think you can do this or have friends that can do this,contact us immediately.

NO sales involved just asking customers basic questions.
Must have Near American Accent to qualify

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Independent transcriptoin contractors required

Looking for top quality Medical Transcriptionists with 2 years multispeciality experience. Excellent grammar and spelling skills, broad medical terminology background and good transcription speed are necessary. Very easy clinic work.

We are willing to pay $0.03 per line (65 characters including spaces)
Kindly dont bid if you cant work at the above rate. Need to start ASAP urgently.

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