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Need Vcc Providers For Long Life Contract

Need Vcc Providers For Long Life Contract

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#### Need Copy Past & Book Write Work #####

Dear all freelancer,

I need copy past work and book write work.

Who can give me.

Bit Please and give me PM about your project.

Thank you

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Need Nightshift Teams And Individuals (Extremely Fast Work)

Need captcha team and individuals.
Very fast server at night.
Bid if you follow the following req.

*If team they should be able to do 5k-10/daily for small team.
*If team is large they should be able to do 10k-20k or more/day.
*if Individual they should be able to do 500-1000 entries/day or more.
*New freelancers if done captcha on any site before can bid here also !

payment thru M.B or paypal for teams thru GAF also.

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Need Simple Face Book App

We need a facebook app like slickdeals to take X amount of products and make a wall of products. we can use xml or json. please provide your suggestions on your comments.

the winner of the bid will be selected on how knowledgable you are in this type of project. please do not post a canned response.

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Need A Nominee

I need a nominee to create a company in Hong Kong for my webdesgin business.

You have nothing to do. Just send me your copy of your passeport

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Quickbooks – Book Keeping (short Term) – Heathrow/Egham

We are looking for a book keeper for the following type of work:
– data entry to bring books/records up to date
– adjustment of data in system
– using Quickbooks
– flexible hours
– only candidates need apply that can work onsite in Great Britain, near Heathrow Airport / Egham
– training can be provided

– to update the books: ~30 hrs

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Looking For A Company To Do Project


I am looking for a company to do all my projects. Looking for a partnership actually. The work load wont be much. About 3 – 5 projects a months. If you agree to the terms please place a bid.

Terms :
70% on all the projects.
Work has to be completed with quality and time.
Payments will be made after completion.

Kind Regards,

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Article Submission Service Needed


I have 10 articles that I need submitted to article directories. Please tell me
– how many directories you can submit too
– The PR of the directories
– Send me a list of the top sites you submit too (ezine, buzzle, article base, etc)
– The price

I will have more work if I am satisfied with the initial project

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Need Long Term Guaranteed Cpa Lead Or Sign Ups Providers

We are looking for a long term cpa leads or sign ups generators.If you can do this then 1000s of dollars are waiting for you and lots of work.You can do this in anyway black hat or white hat.What matters to us at the end of day is conversions in our cpa company without getting our cpa id banned.So if you feel you are eligible then contact me here.

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Need TOP Positioning – Adwords

Looking for an expert in Adwords that can get top positioning for our campaigns. We are probably overspending trying to get top positions and still not achieving the results we want. We want to therefore;

1. Get TOP positioning and
2. Optimize our account to decrease overspending for nothing.

Looking for an individual that has experience, dont bid if you do not have extensive experience in working with Adwords.

This work should be fairly simple and fast for someone who know what theyre doing.

We are looking for SEO recommendations for our website as well.

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Core Audio / Remote I/O Based IOS AudioEngine

I need an AudioEngine writing for iPhone/iPad.

The AudioEngine must be written using Core Audio to allow the lowest lag possible.

Features needed:

Produce clean & tidy well annotated code
Provide AudioEngine.h & AudioEngine.m files that can be imported and referenced in an app
Very low latency audio playback
Needs to be able to manage/buffer upto 20 samples for immediate playback (not all played together)
Ability to play / mix multiple samples into one audio stream for output
Pitch shift / Speed shift of samples in realtime
Ability to produce a recording to file of the audio output for later export
Ability to overdub / mix a previous recording with more samples
Produce effect of varying degrees of Reverb on the samples in realtime
Must be very memory efficient making sure to use as little memory as possible releasing used memory where possible
Ability to import and play tracks from the users iPod library
The ability to play samples at the same time as iPod music with independent volume control (be able to change the volume of the iPod music as well as the sample playback volume)
Needs to remove all audio data from memory when sent into the background (multitasking under iOS 4.0 and above) and re-load again on launch

Must be compatible with iOS 3.0 and greater on iPod touch, iPhone & iPad (3.2)

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Need Help Fixing JQuery And Prototype Scripts

My website has a banner on the homepage that uses jQuery. The jQuery is not working correctly and the banner does not slide correctly. I also want to have a Feedback button installed, but it uses Prototype. The two scripts (jQuery and Prototype) conflict with each other so I will need an expert company to help me with this.

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Customer Service Needed

Canadian Floral company looking for a 1 full time Customer Support agent

– ability to work full time during Canadian business time (Eastern Time zone)
– perfect verbal and writing English
– High speed Internet
– extra smart
– no kids around

Person should be able to handle stress and to be extra smart to deal with customers and partner flower shops.

Should be available to start immediately after on phone interview

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Need Someone Who Can Work On C++ MPI

I need some one who can write a c++ program with open mpi.

more details in pm.

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Private Project For TRISNAAPURBO

Private project for TRISNAAPURBO . Hi man, I need your work

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Trip Advisor SEO


We are looking for a company that has the necessary skills to increase our rank on into the top 3. We have a few properties we would like this service for. If you are able to show previous Tripadvisor SEO work that will be a big advantage.



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Need MTA Advice

I need a mta that can send high volume and track bounces. I need some help setting up. Looking for something like pmta or comparable.

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Looking For A Company To Do Telephone Sales Leads To USA

Looking for a company to do telephone leads to USA companies.

We have a list of thousands of preselected phone numbers to call. We would like to find a company that can call these individuals and read a prepared script.

Looking for 10 + person call center type to make the calls and gather sales leads.

Please answer the following questions to BID on this project.

1. What experiance do you have doing this type of sales calling?
2. Will you be willing to do a few test calls to show the level of english to USA callers
3. Do you Have software to help automate calling (auto dialer)
4. Do you have more than 10 individuals to make the sales calls?
5. Cost per call or cost per sales Lead

NOTE ONLY those who answer the questions above will be considered.
PLEASE no automated responses! ONLY Serious AND CAN START ASAP

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CLAD Genius – I Have It – I Need Training – HELP

I have CLAD Genius and do not have the monthly support.

I need some one to take my ads that I have and show me how to post.

I need to know how to optimize my software and be able to post automatically on cl and bp.

Let me know how much u will charge me to:

I know a lot of that determines on iprental and pvas but if i can get a 50-60% stick rate I would be happy in cl>Jobs>skilled trades

I want the software to be set up so it will post 100 ads a day in cl during the day 5 days a week and post all cities in bp
I look forward to you daily communication.

Let me know if u want one time charge or if your bid is hourly in PM.

Thanks for reading,


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Looking For Someone To Design A Videobooth

I am a videobooth builder in Ireland and I am looking to expand my business by introducing a newly designed video booth that will amaze my customers.

I would like a modern design that will be easily assembled and dismantled and a suggestion of what materials you think would be necessary to build your design.

looking forward to working with you

01/24/2011 at 20:33 EST:

(Posting of contact details is prohibited by admin)
Attached files deleted

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Looking For DEVELOPERS & SEO (Long Term R/S)


I am looking for website developers who is proficient in the following areas:
1. WordPress
2. Joomla
3. Ability to create custom-made CMS
Optional: CS-Cart (If you are familiar with CS-Cart, its a bonus point!)

For website developers, you will receive a steady incoming of projects from me every month. I will also expect you to adhere to the deadlines given to you. No Delays! And you will need to be contactable via Skype.

In your personal message, please show me a portfolio of maximum 3 websites.

For SEO experts, I am looking for someone who has a great portfolio and is able to produce results.
You will be offering the following: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and unlimited keywords.

Please show me your portfolio and write your bids in your personal message as I want to see the price individually for each keywords.

You will be hired immediately and expected to start immediately!

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Looking For Local Freelancers To Exeter For Regular Work

We need 2 local freelancers for a Joomla project. If you are realiable and talented living in Devon or boardering Devon. Then wed like to hear from you.

Good knowledge of Joomla Extensions and ability to develop clean bepoke components is essential.

You may be asked to attend meetings and/or work from our Exeter office with us.

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Help Us Finish A Company List

We need to finish filling out a company list.

We have Name, City and Website.

We need the name of the CEO, Owner or President and his or her email address.

The spreadsheet is is a Google Doc.

There are 2239 companies on the list. About 100 are already done.

This is not a small job, but a good shop should be able to do it in a week.

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Need Email Security Expert

We have a product in the email security business from Europe and we need an expert in email security to read and analyze a document (6 pages) that describes this product.

The deliverable is an evaluation summary document (2 pages max) on the uniqueness and the business potential for this product in the US and global market. We need a knowledgeable opinion on the business potential of this product.

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Ecommerce Website

We are a small shoe store and Im wondering if it is possible to create a website, and make some sales.
I know we cant beat ZAPPOS, but with the correct website design and the correct SEO, do you think it is possible to get a piece of the internet sales?!

Please be honest.

Or should we build a very nice static website that feeds our store.

Id like a very easy website, that can sell shoes and get spidered by goggle quickly.

I have a website that was poorly done!
I need someone who is honest and will stay with me for years.
Your passion should be to help a very small business against the large corporate giants.
I give the web person complete control.
I will not needle around in the design.

Tell me your thoughts and the cost for around 100-150 products.

[Posting contact details is Prohibited by Admin]

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Need Leads For Payday Loans

Need leads for payday loan companies. Will provide a unique ID for you so that we can track each successful lead generated. All leads will be directed toward a website where the potential lead must provide his / her information. There is no limit as to the number of leads. Each successful lead will result in $5.00 of payment. Leads must be evaluated for validity. Therefore, payment will be made every two weeks. Multiple service providers will be selected.

Qualified leads will be US based, and will provide their contact information.

Other offers will be available to the right Lead provider as long as the leads are genuine we are looking for long term partners

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