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Data Entry For Online Store (Indonesian Only)

Hi semuanya,

saya punya 2 job yg simple dengan bayaran yang tidak seberapa
job ini di utamakan ke org yg saya invite, but tidak tertutup kemungkinan akan dilempar ke org lain apabila yg bersangkutan tidak bersedia, mengingat bayarannya tidak seberapa , so feel free to put a msg on PMB.

job pertama budget $30 untuk memasukan data product kedalam web saya
productnya berupa pakaian yg jumlahnya mencapai 500-1000 product, krg pasti jg brp jumlahnya.
setiap product terdapat 1-5 foto permodel, ckp memasukan 3 foto permodel
product tersebut terbagi dalam beberapa category, mungkin sekitar 4-5 category, primary sih cmn 3 category

data mentah product berupa folder dengan isian foto dan 1 file format *txt
jadi freelancer masih perlu perlu menghitung harga dari notepad tsb, for example dlm notepad tercantum berat sebesar 0.30kg, harga supplier $6 , maka freelancer perlu memasukan harga dalam web tsb dengan nilai 30+60+55 yaitu 145rb
dimana harga per-kg 100rb, kurs dollar 10rb, dan mark up harga 55rb

pekerjaan ini tidak harus selesai dlm bbrp hari , bisa diselesaikan dalam bbrp hari dengan catatan melakukan update data sesuai dengan job ke-2

pekerjaan ke-2, update product baik menghapus product out of stock, menambahkan product baru
ataupun menambahkan deskripsi / diskon pada product apabila dibutuhkan pada 2 website , dengan jenis product yg sama
perbedaannya adalah web pertama ditujukan untuk retail dengan jumlah product yang byk (product pada job ke-1)
web lainnya ditujukan kepada resell, hanya bbrp puluh sampai 100 product (bisa saya masukan sendiri apabila freelancer tidak bersedia)
seharusnya job-2 ini mudah, plg hanya membutuhkan waktu 30mnt / hari (sabtu minggu libur) mengingat daily product baru dan out of stocknya tidak seberapa byk, usually hanya 10-30 product

budget untuk job ke-2 ini adalah 300rb/bulan, kl ada yg mau lebih rendah jg boleh =p , pembayaran melalui bca/mandiri ,

kriteria yang saya perlukan adalah :
-jujur, dan tidak merusak isi website
-mau menerima kedua job tanpa memilih salah 1
-pengetahuan dasar pada pengoperasian browser dan browsing
-pengetahuan mengenai virtuemart dan tienda (saya rasa hal ini tidak penting selama punya basic pada pengoperasian browser dan mau belajar, saya akan tuntun step by step , kl perlu saya buatkan manual bergambar hehe)
-lebih bagus lagi kalo bisa membantu memajukan usaha (just kidding)

kemungkinan yang mungkin akan menguntungkan freelancer (kemungkinan loh ya..)
-kenaikan gaji
apabila usaha berjalan lancar dan baik , mengingat saat ini usaha saya sudah merugi berbulan2 🙁
-tidak tertutup kemungkinan untuk kerja sama, apabila anda memiliki product yang bisa dijual

please take a note, job ini saya lebih prefer lempar ke freelancer yg saya pilih
semoga beliau tertarik dengan job simple ini


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Dynamic Context Menu For Files And Folders

I need an installer written with a C++ DLL and a context menu handler to preform quite a simple task.

I need a right click menu on certain files within CERTAIN folders ONLY depending on the file types.
(The filetypes need to be able to be changable in a dialog box somewhere.)

The values for these CERTAIN folders need to be found from INI files on the PC. >
(Im am unsure if searching INI/CONF files will slow down the context menu loading, so I could possibly have the values required for checking all in one INI file , some other program will have to make that INI if needed)

When a folder is clicked on the pc I need 1 option on the context menu and possibly another option if the folder is in a Certain Location based on INI/CONF file values.

The second option will need to open a small dialog box and after information is supplied, some conf files will need to be modified.

Sounds confusing? its really not that complicated.

If you have experience with Dynamic Context Menus and are great with C++ i can provide much much more details for what i need.

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PHP Script That Queries Mysql And Writes Output To INI

I have an old Win32 application that only accepts import data from Windows INI style files. I have a separate online form that writes data to mysql. I need a PHP application that requires no user interaction. The PHP application must be able to run in a cron tab, query the mysql database, write a file to INI format, and rename the file to an extension *.BCI

I have test mysql data for you to use and a test file.

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VPS Setup And Configure

I have a new virtual server. I need someone to review the setup and configuration and I need ioncube installed.I have cpanel and WHM VPS Optimized 3 ,CENTOS 5.2 i686 virtuozzo on server. I need ssh setup also. The server has been setup by the tech s from the hosting company , I just need some tweeks . For example this is for the ioncube loader, which is just changing one file.

php.ini Installation Instructions
Analysis of your system configuration shows:

PHP Version 5.2.9
Operating System Linux
Threaded PHP No
php.ini file /usr/local/lib/php.ini
Required Loader

To install the Loader in your php.ini file, edit or create the file /usr/local/lib/php.ini and add the following line before any other zend_extension lines:

zend_extension = /<path>/

where /<path>/ is where youve installed the loader, e.g. /usr/local/ioncube/

If there are no zend_extension lines already, you can put the line at any point in the file.

Finally, stop and restart your web server software for the changes to take effect.

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Need Scraper, Extract One Website, Data In MSSQL

1) Need a MS-C# program

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Windows Application Launcher Menu Window

Looking for a developer to create a .NET windows program to launch applications from a semi transparent menu that may be minimized or maximized by clicking on a tab. The tab will have a specific logo and will be able to be moved around the screen to a desired location. Once the tab is pressed a semi transparent rounded window will unravel in the middle of the screen with an icon list similar to explorer icons that when pressed launch the intended application. The .ico and .exe locations in the launcher will be inside a .ini file in which well specify the layout and give a sample .ini. The launcher will show the applications in order as seen in the .ini file. If you need a reference on how we want the unraveling of the window/launcher and the look of the window/launcher then take a look at standalongstack docklet at

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Performance Tuning For Ecommerce Site Configuration

The platform is CENTOS 5.4, dedicated server with Apache, PHP and MYSQL
Detailed traffic projection and hardware capacity will be released to the winning bidder.

The task includes the following:
1) optimal parameters for apache HTTPD configuration and complete configuration file that includes port 80 and port 443, also includes compression, rewrite

2) Optimal parameters for PHP.ini file

3) Optimal parameters for MYSQL configuration my.cnf (my.ini)

4) suggestions on tuning procedures, including coding, caching techniques, etc.

You must have done similar projects in order to qualify for the bidding on this project.
The deliverables will include the following:
1) httpd.conf
2) php.ini
3) my.cnf or my.ini
3) Word document that outlines steps to fine tune or trouble shoot performance issues for a Ecommerce site with Linxu/Apache/PHP/Mysql

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Backend Logic For Frontend Form Submission Application


1. When you accept responsibility for building the project from us, you will be required to build the database structure. You will need to present your data as a schema to us for approval before building the tables.

2. You will be required to consult with us and work out what you need to build the solution. We will work with you to guide you through the development stages and will assist you in overcoming any problems.

3. All front end design will be supplied to you. You are expected to use the front end and perform all back end logic including:
– Form processing
– Login processing
– Session management
– User account management
– PayPal payment gateway integration
– Password recovery management
– Database storage and retrieval.
– PHP form validation

4. Application Requirements
– Application will need to be developed on CodeIgnitor MVC Framework for ease of
maintainability and scalability.
– MySQL 5 connectivity to be used to store information
– PHP 5.3x to be used.
– Application is required to run under its own directory without any dependencies on other applications that exist, running on the same server.
– The application will be hosted on a dedicated server. Let us know what additional modules to be installed on the server if you require it as we will have full access to the server.
– Paypal integration.
– Facebook connect integration
– Open Id integration
– Google account integration
– Custom form registration required.
– Build all necessary controllers, models, views and Bootstrapper in MVC.
– With the views, you are required to convert the plain HTML front end mockups to views.
– An Administrative Bypass mechanism will need to be implemented into the Form, that will allow certain formusers that are marked as an

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Windows Application Developer Needed

We are looking for VB or C++ programmer to create two small applications that will run on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 2003, 2008).

Application 1:
1. Runs on the system tray
a. Right-Click Menu Options
i. Close
ii. Refresh
2. Settings can be changed via an INI file or other config file.
3. App Acts like a Proxy
a. Local Browser or other Apps point to it as their proxy server. i.e.; localhost:port
b. The proxy function needs to forward request to another proxy server. It must also forward Proxy Authentication.
c. The App gets the Proxy Server IP address from a text file located on a web server. The web server URL needs to be a config option in the INI file.
4. Refresh ( When user right-clicks on the tray icon and selects refresh)
a. App calls a PHP page that is running on a web server. This URL also needs to be a config option in the INI File.
b. Every 10 seconds the app checks a PHP page on the web server for the new proxy IP address. If the address is different from the current address the app is using, the refresh is done. The app needs to show a balloon message indicating when the refresh starts and then another message when it completes. Message(s) text needs to be in the config file so this can easily be changed.
c. The app will now use the new Proxy Server IP address and forward any request to the new ip address.

Application 1a:
1. A single exe file that can be called to do the refresh ( #4 from above).
a. Single exe file.
b. When run, displays a message advising the user that the refresh as started and when the refresh has completed. Message(s) text needs to be in the config file so this can easily be changed.
c. Logs what it is doing. Logs are only kept for XX number of days. This needs to be a config option in the INI.

Application 2:
1. A single exe file that gets its config options from an INI of config file.
a. Single EXE.
b. Runs in the back ground.
c. Logs what it is doing. Logs are only kept for XX number of days. This needs to be a config option in the INI.
2. When executed
a. Check what the current IP address is of a network internface. Need to be able to tell it what interface to change. This needs to be a config option in the INI.
b. Create a text file with the interface ip address, i.e.; X.X.X.X.
c. Exits

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Game Launcher Auto-patcher.

I need somebody to program a game launcher of mine to auto-patch with files held on an ftp, and i need to be able to update the patch at my own will and have all clients download it as soon as its on the ftp and I change any version.ini there are.

Since this should only take somebody who knows what theyre doing about 30 minutes to do Ill pay you $15 via paypal to do it.

I also dont care what language its programmed in since Ill never edit it once its done haha.

So in short.

Need an experienced programmer to take 15-30 minutes out of his day to program a launcher out of a .jpg (very easy) and make it auto-patch via version.ini files.

Involves whichever language of your choice, and some php scripting.

Make $15 for 30 minutes of your time.

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Change Php.ini In PLESK On A SSH (vserver)

I need to change some things in a php.ini file from
a domain in PLESK panel of my vserver.
But should only change for this one domain i have.
– a extra php.ini for this domain or something…

I´m looking for a professional one, who knows this section and business…


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Site Down…Rebuild Custom Php.ini ASAP!!!!

Hosting company moved myu site from 32bit server to 64bit, and now site is down. They told me the following:

If you built your own custom PHP (or php.ini), it may be broken now. This is because the old servers used a 32bit architecture and the new servers are 64bit. Unfortunately, this isnt something we can help you troubleshoot, but youll just need to rebuild your custom php (or php.ini) again using the new servers libraries.

Need someone who can knock this out out fast and seamlessly.

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Autoit Program For Flash Memory Forensic Stick.


A program in Autoit is required with source code.

The program is run FROM a portable USB flash memory stick to locate and copy from hard drive(s) to the flash USB memory stick the following:

1. All Chat logs (Instant Messengers) from Yahoo, MSN 6.1, 6.2, 7.0, & 7.5, AOL, Trillian, Skype, Hello, & Miranda.

2. PST Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 file and Outlook express DBX files (Microsoft Outlook Express 5.x and 6.x)

3. All Windows and Browsers Cached password files.

The program must work on (Windows 2000 and 2003 server, Vista, XP, Windows 7, MAC OS) and cached passwords from (Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari).

Since the Flash memory stick may be used on different PCs the program must create a directory in the Flash Memory stick for each PC its inserted in (example for directory names: Case1 PC. Case2 PC, Case3 PC…etc), and in each directory all Chat logs, PST, DBX, SAM, cached passwords files are stored.

The program does not "search" for the files in the hard drive(s),since this will take time, it must directly "locate" the files and copy them into the Flash Memory Stick.

For example:

FileCopy ("c:windowssystem32configsam", "e:Case1 PC", 9)

Thank you.

Note: This Flash Memory stick will be sold with warranty, so its very important that all requested files from chat logs, Emails, cached passwords from (Windows 2000 and 2003 server, Vista, XP, Windows 7, MAC OS) located in the HD(s) are stored in the USB flash memory stick.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Good luck.
Thank you.

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GUI Creating Config Ini File In Visual Basic


I need an windows XP, Vista and Seven application. It must be a "Visual Basic Express 2008" project.
You have to deliver me all projects files and sources files.

Ive an existing application which use a config ini file to store its configuration data. When ive to send this application, ive to make again and again InnoSetup file, because im writing manually this ini file.

So, youll have to do an application which read this ini file and allow end-user to change it.
This ini file is putted into "Program Files" application sub-directory.
Your GUI will have 4 steps:

1) Required : allow user to add a delay time. GUI will display this time in minutes, but will write time in milliseconds in ini file.
Allow user to add his serial number.

2) Required : user must fill an host #1, username and password.
3) Optional : user must fill an host #2, username and password.
4) Optional : user must fill an host #3, username and password.

For steps #2 to #4, youll check if host, username and password are OK. If not youll display an error message.

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File Printer

I need software, that is able to print just any document in a given folder(most likly it will be PDF-files). It has to scan the folder every second.
It also has to be able to print a single file, that is passed via command-line.

There may not be any user-required-action. So no print-dialogs or what so ever.

There is no need for a GUI, becouse i want it to run as commandline application, or if possible as a service. We will set the settings via a .ini or .txt, what ever you prefer.

If its possible i would like it to be made in PHP. If thats not a option for you, Delphi, C++ of VisualBasic are acceptable.

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OsTicket Modify

Ive planed to use osTicket ( or eTicket ( help desk system (ticket system) on my site.
But some modifications of osTciket (or eTicket) are required:
-protect "New ticket" form by entering CAPTCHA, for example
-ability to attach large files to the ticket (up to 1Gb or 2Gb) with upload progress bar and without changing server settings like php.ini or some other. Large files and upload progress bar should work on both sides: for customers and for staff.


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Self Registration Terminal – LDPA/AD Authenication & Update

A small program is needed that will first authenticate a user against a microsoft active directory (LDAP) and then ask the user for their id number (a usb card reader will paste this string in as though it was typed). Once their id number is entered a field in active directory or in an SQL database (set by administrator) should be updated with this number.

All credentials and prompts should be configurable by an administrator and the application should run full screen and prevent explorer or task manager from being called. A trial version of a similar application is available to show the desired functionality and the ability to activate the application via a registration code linked to the workstation or hardware is preferable.

Happy for the options to be set in an ini or config file instead of via the application if needed but all password should be encrypted.

Budget for this project between $200 and $400, delivery within a couple of weeks, source code to be provided. Potential for improvements and future projects along the same lines.

10/29/2009 at 18:12 EDT:

Apologies for the typo in the title, it should be LDAP and not LDPA 🙂

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WHM / CPanel / Mod Security Configuration Tweaks

We have several – probably minor – issues with our WHM cPanel setup that may involve one or more of the following: userdomains, email validation, php.ini and mod security. The right candidate will be able to diagnose and recommend and/or perform fixes in a short time.

The right candidate will also be AVAILABLE via IM during business hours EST. No exceptions. More work will likely follow as issues arise.

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Windows File Tagger Shell Extensions (C++)


This project requires solid experience in developing shell extensions — particularly context menu and namespace extensions.

Develop a set of Windows shell extensions that will allow the user to 1) assign (and remove) one or more arbitrary tags to any file, and 2) browse a virtual folder whose subdirectories are the tags in use and whose contents are files who share the tags in this virtual subdirectory. This is a small utility with some tricky plumbing.


== General Requirements ==

– Must run under Windows XP/Vista/7. 64-bit support is not required.
– Must be written in unmanaged C++. VB6 or managed solutions (i.e. C#) are prohibited (If youre submitting a bid, you should already know this restriction.)
– Must be efficient. Rough goal for a dual-core 2GHz machine w/ 1GB RAM is no more than 3s to filter down 5,000 files in the worst case. This is flexible, and meant to give a starting point, but it should be relatively quick.
– File tagging (or untagging) should not modify the file itself in any way.
– Security of tags or tag/file associations is not an issue.
– Must not access/require internet access.

== Requirement 1 – Tag Manipulation – 10% ==

Tagging and removing of tags on arbitrary files, should be the easier of the two tasks and should be implemented as a context menu. The context submenu should include a list of all tags available with those already selected checked or otherwise marked, and allow a user to mark one or more selected files with a given tag.

A tag list will be stored in a plaintext, user-modifiable file. This could be a CSV, INI, whatever. Tag & files associations can be stored in any way that proves efficient. This part does not have to be human readable so a binary format will likely be optimal.

(Optional requirement 1b, a property page accessible via the Properties context menu item displaying checkboxes for the available tags indicating which tags the file is associated with and allowing the user to toggle them. Only if youre feeling ambitious…)

== Requirement 2 – Tag Browsing – 90% ==

Develop a shell namespace extension to create a virtual directory on the local machine. This directory will point to a real directory on the machine but display the contents of that folder and (its subfolders) in a tag-based way. This virtual directory will contain subfolders. The subfolders are tags that have 1 or more files associated with them (empty tags will not be shown). Opening a subfolder will the display subfolders and items — the subfolders will be tags which, in combination with the current tag, yield 1 or more files; and files which match the currently selected tags. In essence, the relative path from the namespace root becomes a list of tags to filter for. At no point should a tag be listed as a subfolder if navigating to it would yield 0 results.

For example, assuming the namespace is rooted at C:UserTags, then a path of "C:UserTagsWallpapersCar" should display files tagged with at least Wallpapers and Car. If there were files tagged with Wallpaper, Car, and Beach, then "Beach" would be a subfolder (files with the Beach tag would be shown at this point, however, clicking on the Beach folder would filter out those without that tag.)

Folders under this namespace should behave and respond as standard Windows Explorer folders. Toolbar features such as various ShellViews should work as well as context menus — and of course, Tagging. This will probably entail using DefView. If I knew for sure, Id be writing this myself.

– Compiled DLLs
– List of any necessary registry settings needed to install. (.reg file will work)
– Source, including but not limited to: classes, header files, any other resource files or data necessary for compilation and/or use.

Code should be reasonably well documented, at least at the procedure level.

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Simple VB6 Application

A simple VB6 based application to do the following (in this order):

a – receive a )directory name), (original file), (replace file), (original string) and (replace string)
b – go on all files in the folder and subfolders (and sub sub etc..) and
b1 – delete original file and replace it with replace file
b2- replace original string in all files names in the directories to the replace string.
(meaning if originalstring = "hell" and replace string= "moj" than will be replaced to
c – go inside text based files in the directory (htm, html, js, xml, txt, ini) and replace the originalstring in it with the replace string.

design is simple, as you like.
you should supply an Installer file and full code.
Budget is 30$

Payment will be done using escrow.

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server/php ini configuration

I have a dedicated server and all email send with a php script are going to the spam folder and I am using an other paid script in this server and all " are replaced automatically by ", I want to find a person who can tell me what to do or repare it.(reverse domain problem or php ini file confuguration?)

I can pay 15$ for this.

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Gallery Migration | SSH | php.ini Modification

I require the following.

I have a photo gallery (gallery 2.0) which I need the database (28mb) moved from one server to another, via SSH I assume.

Both are unixplesk

Further, I require the php.ini file modified so that it allows up to 10mb uploads from the current 2mb setting.

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