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A Website To List Apartments For Holiday Rentals

Website to list apartments for holiday rental like following ones:

I also want todays state of the art features such as

1. SEO ed to be top on the rankings
2. An online payment system via paypal or another secure way ( shopping cart kind of stuff)
3. Calendar booking
4. E-mail marketing ready to store customer database and to be used via aweber
5. A newsletter facility
6. RSS feed
7. Feedback/Guestbook facility
8. Upload of photos/video
9. Email/Contact us

In summary, I am looking for my own personal, kind of website.

Please contact with

1. How much time it will take?
2. How much money?
3. Some sample work you might have done or have any website that is on similar theme

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Simple RSS Feed Website

I am looking for a website like this:

Admin panel should allow me to input URL to RSS and sytem should display in similar fashion to example above.

Will need a cleaner page because I intend to have more RSS feeds than the example.

Need SEO friendly URLs. Idea is to have lots of related content and get ranked well. concept is to have thousands of pages related to the topic, so think about how to make rss feeds URLS on my website.

If this can be done in wordpress, that would be great. Otherwise, will need for a blog

Also need contact form.

Budget: $100

If you bid, explain how you would enable admin panel to input RSS feeds to pick-up…..

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Website Design And Build

I want a website designed and built the main theme being guitars/rock music/ guitar will be an affiliate based site with links to a wide range of other sites eg.guitar stores, merchandise stores, ticket sales sites, tuition/lessons sites (etc).it will have advertising banners and a section for news with automatic updates from rss feeds.only those with appropriate computer knowledge and experience need apply.a reasonable knowledge of rock music would be a great advantage as the site would need regular updates and maintinence.

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News Website

I have a wordpress website. Currently it is the arthemia theme, however this can change. I am trying to find a way to autopublish articles that i soucre from Google News in full. Ie i would like to have for example 10 different feeds, all labeled with a category, that are published in real time my website as they are published by the original source.
The problem I face that when I use the RSS from google news I only get the short summary that is published on Google News, when what I need is the full article from the source site, which is formatted nicely on my site with source/date/author etc…

Thank you

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Deal A Day Website

Need to have a deal a day website built with these features

Customizable Deal Environment
Content Management System
Countdown Timers
Easy Image Uploader
Rss Feed Capabilities
Shopping Cart Capabilites
Traffic Driving Performance

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I need to have installed rss feed on
1. two rss feed needs to show in the footer area of
2. The rss should replace the existing latest news column.
3. The first rss feed should be connected to
4. The second rss feed should be connected to
5. The layout of the rss feed should match the existing design of the footer.

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Installing RSS Feed On Joomla Website

I need installed on a joomla website the following for every new content on my site:

RSS feed

ping the search engines when new pages are published

make XML sitemaps and automatic updates when new content and the search engines alerted to changes?

I need someone that have done it in the past and I will pay for the right plugin if we have to pay.

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Need A Music Rss Feed On Website

I need an RSS feed on my website from a music site like itunes or another nig music site. I nee it put on on the right hand side of the page where there is apicture of a girl now. The feed needs to be for alternative music that shows pictures of the latest albums. If you can do this a screen shot would be nice. Not looking to spend more then 40.00

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RSS Feed Custom Website

I need someone who is experienced in creating a RSS feed from a list of websites. I have a few websites in which i need someone to collect information from and list it all on one page (live). I also need the options for users to refine the list of feeds. I am open to any type of coding, php, ruby on rails, asp, etc.

Please post any of your Feed works.

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