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Flas Intro Page For Welding Company

We need a simple and elegant intro page for the welding web site, images and all necessary materials you can suggest your own!

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Magento Web Template Customization And Flash Intro Design

Customized a ready magento template ( and add more 3 languages and put the edit the content , design a flash intro ( jewelry)

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Flash Intro (2) (Salman Only)

Small flash intro – as per spec

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Need Flash+PHP Website

I need a webdesigner and flash expert that can create an interface thats out of this world! someone who knows what they are doing in every aspect. We need exact website of with flash intro screen, Carrousel effect for menus etc.

Reference for menu :

I need flash intro within 2hours of winner selection. We select candidate for our project within 24hrs.

I need them to do it quickly and rather inexpensive.

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I need someone who can make TWO 5-10 seconds movie intro just like Walt Disney or New Line Cinema. This work includes animation of logo. Whether done in flash or something else, I just need it to be clean and professional looking.

More details are sent via pm.

Bid for TWO different movie intros.

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Flash For Movie Intro


I need someone who can make TWO 5-10 seconds movie intro just like Walt Disney or New Line Cinema. This work includes animation of logo. Whether done in flash or something else, i dont care, as long as its cool and superb.

More details are sent via pm.

Bid for TWO different movie intros.

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Website Intro & Home Page

Looking to update a website.

simple job for the right person.

i need 2 things:

flash intro page
main (index.html) home page

would like a flash intro page…peacefull, calming, soothing.

(this is just an idea)

maybe a scene of still water
rose petals gently falling onto the water creating small riples
then a large open rose falling onto the water
then a womans hands cupped together gently scoop the rose up
then slowly zoom in on the hands and rose and fade to the home page.

(i am open to other thoughts/ideas for the intro page)

main page.

looking for some flash/DHTML/movement/action for the top portion of the page….only runs when you
first land on the page do not want it to loop, play once then done…unless the page is refreshed.

needs a horizontal menu with dropdowns….(maybe a little fancy/pizazz to get visitors attention)

page background would be a blue/grayish color at the top and fade as it goes down the page…i will supply the code for this

pictures and content will be provided. would need to see work as it progresses to make changes
or be approved as it is being done.

should be optimized for top rankings in search engines.

ATTENTION: if you can not reply to questions prior to being awarded this job, it shows me that you
wont communicate. dont bid if you wont communicate!

the winning bidder will be given more details/background concerning the business, images and other items needed
to complete this task. Thank You…i look forward to discussing this job with you.

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SImple Flash Intro

Need a simple/affordable flash intro that will show photos that I will provide. It is for an ecommerce store and only needs to be about 15-30 seconds long. I am a flash developer and website designer; I just do not have the time. I need this within one to two days. I will provide details of project after I award the project. Details are important to me so post "yodk" in bid so I know that you are detail orientated as well.

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My Sincere warm wishes to all the Great Flash Designers

What i Need: A Very good looking Flash Animation Introduction, should be elegant to be used for a small business company in the field of Construction

you are required to deliver Flash (.FLA) introduction

Mandatory: Your previous work demonstration, without which I am not going to entertain any of your bids: THIS CLAUSE IS TO FIND THE SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY.

And one more important thing: All your works demonstrations should be forwarded via PM only else if not followed your bid would not be considered.

(No Advance Payments: Work For Deliverables) Finish the task and get paid. And this does not means that you all start developing the task and every one submit. Only the selected Bidders work would be selected.

Deadline is 5 days

hope to enjoy your great artistic

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Flash Header And Flash Intro Created.

I need a flash header created for a harry potter type website. I have all the images I need for it. I also need a flash intro page created. It will be a static background with an enter here button that will appear along with a bee flying around the enter here as well as a wizzard with a wand that lights up.

I need a quick turnaround on this. I need a 1 day turnaround on this after I award you the project.

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Website Design


I need someone to make a site. The site would be fairly small and basic and will need to be CSS/HTML with Flash animations on the menu and intro, most likely like this:

Intro -Flash

The cheaper, the better since the site is not complicated.


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Re-post – Flash Website For An Exclusive Designer Label

Hi there,

I am in search of a good flash designer who can help me create a website for my client who owns a designer brand.

The design will consist of the following screens:

1. Spalsh Page (Intro Page)
2. Index Page
3. About Us
4. Collection of Products in a Photo Gallery Style
5. Manufacturing Process
6. In the Press
7. Contact Us
6. Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer

The Intro Page needs to be along the lines of and the rest of the site needs to be very chic-looking.

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Business Website Design

Need a company website designed for a beer distributorship. Design must be unique.

High quality images for products we sell will be provided for website. These images are copyrighted.

Also, will have local area pictures of our area in high quality to also be implemented.

The site that I like the layout the most is:

Also, the site will need to have an intro. page to verify age. (Must be 21 to enter)

Sites with intro for age verification: and

We will provide all content information for pages upon acceptance. Pages and links/menus will be similar (but need to be unique) to :

Also, like this feature on this site:

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Flash Intro

Flash intro for a NASCAR themed dating website. Intro media rich with video clips and music. Please contact for further details.

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Intro Video For Our Website

We are looking to make a video introducing visitors of our website to our services. offers an example of what we are looking for. Unlike their video, we plan on ours being 60-90seconds long.

Deadline for the video will be March 12th.

03/01/2011 at 11:40 EST:

Wed also be interested in the video being animated if the time allows for it.

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Flash And Action Script Pro Needed For Intro Page

Escrow payment only (Milestones)
Release only once project is finished and after you sent us an invoice.
You need to show us regular updates and the time frame must be met.

What we need:
A flash that is similar to the one on following page. (it doesnt need to be exact the same, you can design us something similar that is the same fun to use and not boring).

I am just talking about the first page with all the images that are flying into the page.
NO menue, NO subpage needed!

Basic functions:
– It is just an intro page before you enter the real website.
– It is a car dealer that sells some models (also citroen), but not affiliated to it.
– Elements should be dynamically loaded by XML file. That is important to add more elements.
– All elements are loaded according to the XML file and if you click, you will get forwarded to a specific subpage of the normal website.

Elements can be:
– static image
– another flash (animated)
– a video (you need to be able to view a video within)

Please note the different sizes of the images, that this is possible (colums, rows)
But as mentioned, any other idea (that is first presented graphically and then agreed on) is very welcome, as it shouldnt be a clone of that.

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15 – 20 Second Film Company Intro Like Dreamworks

Creating a small film production company for historical movies. Have the vision, just need someone to make it reality. See below for description.

Desired output: avi file
Length: 15 – 20 seconds
Background: black
Format: widescreen
Sound 1: Wind filled with sand
Sound 2: Suspenseful Egyptian flute or other instrument
Sound 3: Storm Drum Bass impact sound like used for T-Rex steps in Jurassic Park or any other Hans Zimmer sound scores

Scene Description

Ornate large brown hourglass with gold trim is sitting in the middle of the desert against the black background.
Sand is flying by and around the hourglass as the camera angle is zooming into the sand in the hourglass
The sand in the hourglass has a gold sparkling hue to it almost as if it is gold dust and not sand
As it falls into a pyramid like pile, the sand takes the shape of a well detailed pyramid when the camera completes its zoom

Text Description

Bold embossed/extruded golden papyrus font with dark cracquelure/marble streaks
Centered under desert scene and hourglass, similar to how text would be displayed for a motivational quote poster
The text extrudes from the dark using alpha transparency and a flash motion tween to animate the text growing 30% as it becomes visible
Initial text reads SANDS OF TIME MEDIA
Central letters S OF change texture to sand and appear to blow away to the right
Remaining text now spells SANDTIME MEDIA as letters come together to replace the missing
A nice bass drum impact would be perfect when SAND and TIME merge together


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Flash Intro

We need a flash intro made for a blog site.

Intro should match the template and look good.

– Wed like the persons signature to "sign" across the screen like they are signing an autograph or check.
– at the same time maybe a cool effect on a picture we will provide out of a PDF or InDesign file (you may have to go grab it) and more cool effects from other pictures.

Please note while we may approve this there is also a client that needs to approve so full payment might take longer than usual.

Send flash portfolio link in PMB

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Intro Video In Cartoon / Animation

We are looking for a person who wants to create an intro video about our company. Unfortunately we have a low budget of this project as this is a PR test. But we want to focus more on this in the future, and will therefore use the same person for future projects.

Video should last for about 2 minutes.

It will create video MUST be creative and able to work independently.

Contact us for more information.

Again, we have a low budget on this one.

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Demo / Intro Video For A Project

Need smart 3mins video with music in background or voiceover introducing an event. Looking for freelancer with excellent experience who can deliver this in 1 day. Budget $100-150.


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Interactive Animation


Im looking for someone who is great at drawing, and animating and loves humor and making things funny. I will provide the main story-board, but need it totally created from a visual perspective – drawings and animatation, as well as a voice over.

I need an interactive, 5 minute? total? , animated video that is both educational and entertaining/funny, that can be created as an application on both android and apple products, as well as online – on my website. I will also need help creating a youtube video progression, for youtube promotions.

Picture this: A video intro, with a cartoon guy appearing on the video and different parts of his body are click-able, and when you click on them it plays another part of the video. The TOTAL video content will not exceed 5 minutes.

OR a video intro, leading into 6 different characters standing there, and you click on one and and part of the video plays. All equaling up to 5 minutes.

This needs to be able to be an application on the iphone, and android, ipad, as well as on my website. ; )

Not sure on formatting, but I was told html5? Not flash?

Please, send me your portfolio and all youve done with animating, drawing, or if you have another cartoonist who is great who you can work with? But send me over your portfolio.

This project will start with one video but may easily expand. So Im looking for someone who needs regular work as well.

Thank you!

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20 Min Video With Title/intro


We require a 20min video with intro animation and logo and some text throughout the whole footage. The video will mainly be made of footage of higher education in the UK – footage of UK universities, lectures/teaching, students, etc. Please note that we do not have the footage, we require the footage as well so whether you shoot the footage yourself and edit it or take it from stock is up to you.

We are a non-profit educational organisation. Budget is limited.

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Broadcasting IPTV Station Needs Visual Intro / Bumpers

Hello everybody,
Need video designer to create/modify template of TV station branding identity: Bumpers + Intros + News & shows identity/logo

Something like this:

I KNOW, BUDGET IS TIGHT, I dont mind if YOU JUST MODIFY/REFRESH some bumpers you created already for previous clients

FULL TIME position available afterwods for right person.

PLEASE email me FIRST what you did and how much you want for it

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Flash Tennis Intro

Need a tennis flash intro.

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Intro Website Animation

We are looking to create an animated intro to our website. Well provide the storyboard of our concept. Please include past experience or portfolio.

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