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Radio Pop-up Player Script-code Wanted

Will pay $10 today for anyone with a radio station pop-up script that is nicely layed out in a small window. For my internet station. It must look good, contains the last 5-10 songs played, current song playing, windows player, image. I have the last songs played code, current song playing codes to input. I have pop-up player scripts but they are too basic.

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Clean up messy php script

I acquired this script from a website that claims to be your pal. I ended up with a script that has beyond horrible customer support and bugs that are intolerable. To list a few bugs: Downloads rating points you to download the file, instead of rating the download, templates for admin do not save, logs out randomly for members, does not recognize some of its own ESRB rating labels, links do not CMS its hits, editing files do not take effect after using the WYSIWYG, extended text for game reviews is blank after member submission, and missing option for year 2007 release date for games. This is only naming a few. What I am looking for is to just comb over these files and find the messy missing code, and fix this scripts so this script works right.

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