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Oracle Apex 4 Development

Initially requirement is for navigation window and 4 forms. Comprises of 10% of final application. So further work in the pipeline subject to satisfactory completion of this work package. Forms required;
1. Navigation menu tree.
Main navigation to application screens. Explode/implode type nodes, hierarchical tree.
2. Users and privileges
Create, update and delete users. Apply screen access rights to application.
3. Configuration.
Three Columns, all records 1:1 screen to table form. Provide add, update and delete record/item functionality.
4. Upload File.
Screen permits uploading of a csv file.
Underlying upload code not required just the control. File browser dialogue required so that path and filename can be located.
5. Object Details
Scrollable Read only screen to display all records 1:1 screen to single table.

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IPhone App Development For An Exisiting Website

Hi all,

Im looking for someone to develop an iPhone app for an existing website:
The app should be developed so that whenever a new article is posted on the website, the same is done on the app and the user will receive a notification that a new article has been posted. The user can also tweet it or post it on facebook.
The look and feel of the app should be derived from the website:

If you need more info, do let me know.

Thanks, M

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Iphone App Development Asap

Healthcare IT firm is looking for Iphone developer to work on a customized application.

Candidate must have live app on Itune store.

Looking to develop SFTP app on Iphone.

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IPhone App Development

Hello all,

We are looking for a freelancer with experience to develop some iphone apps.

In the following URL you will find a mockup of the app that we want to develop at a first contact:

We just need the developer to create what is stablished in the pdf, design less, only the structure is needed as we will add the images (buttons, backgrounds, etc..) and texts inhouse with xcode.

The contact page is not inside the pdf as we will do it here too.

Looking forward to establish a business relation with someone here 🙂

Best regards.


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Iphone App Development

Its always a bit hard to describe such a project in detail since this type of project idea sadly get stolen.
So I try to describe the skill set that is needed.

We have 5 Iphone apps to be created from February to April 2011.

The first one is the smallest of them.

We are looking for someone who master Iphone app development.
The app will use the GPS and will need to save information about route traveled in the app.
In version 1.0 the user will be able to share information with others through Email. Version 2.0 will
have sharing between the app to another person with the same app and also against a website.

We are looking for a programmer who can be with us all the way.

We are providing all design for the app and everything will be delivered through our project management
system that you get access to.

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Android/Iphone APP Development

I am looking for a company with experience with both Iphone and Android application Development. The application is to be made for managing PPC campaigns within different social networking websites and search engines. I have added a link to a more complex version of the app then is needed but will give you a basic idea of what i need done.

01/31/2011 at 18:02 EST:

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IPhone App Development

I have a need to develop an iPhone app which will search/spider through the internet to gather content and automatically download data to the users device based on certain user input parameters. There is a bit more to the application but I hope this gives you some info. The app is primarily all coding, no fancy graphics are required.

Please bid along with a timeline and your previous sample iPhone work.

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Simple Android And Iphone

I have a budget extremely low due to my first programmer screwed me over (not from this site) and have not a clue if i am doing this right,

I am needing 2 apps 1 android 1 iphone

the basic idea of what i am needing is as follows

Click on app —– splash screen —— website

to help out ill do all the graphic work myself, just pm me what you need

the website is already mobile ready and live.

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App Development For Viewing CCTV Cameras

We are looking for the initial development of an iPhone application on a fixed price.

We currently sell remote viewing service to CCTV/Security cameras.

The DVRs we resell are made by a company called Adata but I would like an open platform so any DVR brands can link in and stream. There is already an iphone app that works well but we want to create our own version with our branding/colours. The similar app is on the app store called DMSS Pro.

All we are looking for is for camera streams provided by hooking on to the DVR by IP address/port to static numbered cameras on the iphone software. The application should have the option to view up to 32 channels individually.

We need the same application created for both our companies with 2 different logos.

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IPhone App Development

I need an app developed for the iphone capable of the following.

Using the domain it should communicate with an API to complete the following options.

1. Allow users to view all deals that are running that day, switch cities ect. just like the groupon app.
2. Allow owners of deals (admins) to scan a 2D QR code and mark a coupon as used. Basically scan the barcode for the ID and place a call to our web API marking the coupon as redeemed.
3. Scan a 2D QR barcode on screen in the VCARD format and add it to the users address book.

I would need all source code to the app.

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AppMobi – Company SmartPhone App Development

Looking for someone to takeover an existing project using appmobi development tools. Your task will be to link an external website address and allow it to be viewed from within the app without going to browser. Very similar to using Iframes but you need to be able to navigate, zoom in and zoom out.

We are having difficulty in linking to external url using iframe. You cannot seem to navigate or zoom in or out. We need a solution to be able to show external website information from a appmobi project.

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Flashlight App (Using IPhone 4 LED)

The goal of this project is to create a simple iPhone 4.0 LED Flashlight application.

Nothing very complicated here. There needs to be a switch to turn the iPhone 4.0 LED on and off. The app will also have a traditional "flashlight" (white screen) and this one can also turn on and off independently. Both flashlights can be on or off (so both can be on at the same time).

Ill give out more details to whoever is interested.

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IPhone App Development

App that will communicate with online database to give prices for one of two services along with the ability to book an appointment or make a purchase.

App must have an estimate form that allows customers add 4 pictures (from camera or picture roll) and optional GPS snapshot along with a few other basic form fields.

Purpose of the app will be to allow customers to either rent our equipment, or hire us to come out to their location to provide a service.

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Quick Android App Development Wanted!

We are an image recognition technology company.
Currently have an iphone app but is looking to develop a fairly simple android application that integrates our technology.

We have specs and frames ready and working on a pretty tight deadline. Would love to discuss in detail to explore whether this might be something you can help with!!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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BlackBerry App Development

I am looking for a top-notch BlackBerry application developer. Must have extensive expertise in server and client development. Looking for someone who can build good UI/user experience with a scalable back-end server. Please provide examples of your work (preferably within App World).

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APP Development

We are looking for someone who has either already developed an app or who can develop a new app for us.

The app is a calender – with the ability for someone to change the basic structure of the calender to fit there needs

It will run on Windows 7, Iphone/Ipad and Android.
App must have the abliity to add Videos or links within specific time
App must be able to get emailed and printed out into a .doc format
Also want the app to be sync with any other calenders a person has on their smartphone or tablet

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Ipad App Development

I need someone to develop an app for me. It should play on ipad. It wil serve more as an advertising tool than an entertainment one. The app will describe my products and then will have a link to buy them on apples store.
I cannot pay an advance so dont even ask for it. I would prefer 80 % of the payment to be made after apple stores approval.

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Monthly App Development

We are looking for apps for an App of the Month Club. All very simple . Tile to be company logo, then click to a picture of the monthly app. iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and would love to have Blackberry and Droid apps as well.

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IPhone App Development


Need a simple iPhone app


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IPhone / Mobile Phone App Development

We are looking for a provider with a proven track record in iPhone and other mobile application development for the creation of a mobile application for us (we would start with an iPhone app).

Instead of providing the project description, we prefer to have interested qualified providers with a history of positive feedback in mobile phone application development provide us their qualifications and references and simply make a

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Music Iphone/ipad App Development

The goal of this project is to build two Music Player App on IPhone and IPAD
this Application have same concept and similar function.

Features :

– Play diverse kind of online Radio Broadcast Service in realtime.
– Play Music Video using open api
– Wish LIst
– Menu Customization for user
– Music Play History
– Share some contents through twitter, Facebook
– Display Artist info or Album info(Contents) using open api
– Display music chart.
– Develop Music Player control (not complicated)
– This app support Muti-tasking completely. it means that user can do other job while listening to music.
– Server Push Notification (pop up window)
– if this app need to be upgrade, should alert to user.
– Simple Crawler for a little contents.
– Provide total app design and navigation flow. i can provide service concept document.

Requirements :
– need detail documentation for me to customize this app

If anny questions/details, please ask.

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Iphone App Development

Hello i need iphone app . The app is about recepies.

I want an app in which i can add recipies, search recipies, while adding recipies i can also add video for that recipies , timer, alarm, adding images of the recipe. in other words u can see the app name All my recipies in itunes app store . I dont want any fancy stuff or coloring..i just want functionalities like that app. Very simple app with the functionalities i mentioned above.

Request: I want this app developed upto video playback step in 5 days if someone can do tht.

DATABSE HAS TO BE SQL. Cannot use core data..

Thank You

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App Development

I am in need of an android application developed; it will require racing physics(basic car like physics) which allows performance adjustments to be added to the cars. I also require a very clean high quality user interface to be put together. I need android developers!

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Iphone App Development

Unfortunately I cant disclose much at this stage, but please bid with confidence for the development of an iphone note taking and organising app. Nothing too complicated just straight forward navigation app needed.

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Iphone App – Front-end And Back-end Development

Evolution Ventures is requesting proposals for mobile development resources related to the development of an iPhone app

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IPhone 4 App Development

I am looking to develop an app like a catalog for Where users can go and purchase products etc. Users can either purchase in app or it can be directed to the website to purchase. The main aim being they are able to see a complete list of the products.

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IPhone App Development

We need to have an app built for both iPad/iPhone. The source could be single but should be running on both ipad/iphone platform. We will need to see the samples of apps you have built for both ipad/iphone.

We need the app to run off of a text document. Hence your job is just to create the app.

The lowest bid will win this project. Also we have more projects coming. If you do good work, then the next projects too will be given to you.

Note : The payment is done in three steps. 50% will be provided once you provide the source code so that we could test it and you need to modify the code if there is anything change. 25% released once the app is completed. The remaining 25% will be released only after apple approves the app. Bid this project only if you are fine with this method.


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IPhone Thoughts App


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IPhone App Development

We want to create an iPhone app for our web-based application which is based on html, MySQL, java, AJAX and GWT.

We are working on finishing the itinerary functionality, which will be done in 2-3 weeks and will be part of the iPhone app.

In the app, the user should be able to access his/her itinerary and access the locations he/she has created on their travelplanr maps. Ideally the information is all stored in the phone so that it can be accessed even while not connected to the web.

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Ipad App Development

We have a listing site which is essentially made up of 6 main feeds

these are for example, hotels, restaurants, bars, cinema

The formats of these feeds/APIs are all the same but just pulling in different data for each one

All data is geo coded

We would like to display the information in similar format to the Open Table App – I have attached some examples of how they currently display information

**please note** this is a rew freelancer account as we are part of a larger media group and have split out our accounts to be based on a site only basis

Please let uw know if you need any more information on anything and any clarification on any point

We are working to a tight deadline period so please be as realistic as possible about completion dates

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Iphone And Ipad App Development

Project descriptions:
iPhone and iPad Magazine App Needed. Must have the following functions:
1. Page Turning Capability
2. Zooming (double-tap and pinch zooming)
3. Vertical and Horizontal Orientations
4. Check for and download new issues
5. HyperLinks to websites from the app
6. Table of Contents
7. Ability to mark Favourite Pages
8. Email form for Inquiries
9. GQ magazine apps interface design
10.Mainly TEXT BASED DISPLAY, NOT Picture Display

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IPhone 4 Flashlight App Development

I need a very simple app made. My budget is at $50. All I want is a flashlight app for the iPhone 4.

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