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App Integration With Gps External Navigation Apps

We have an existing app for iPhone to find restaurants and pubs in seaside towns with Gps localization. The app is based on a database and the request to the database is managed through a web service.

Now we want to give users the possibility to integrate the search with two important Gps navigation apps running on iPhone. From the details page of the restaurants the user will launch the external Gps app to find the route.

Budget: 400 $.

Please bid only if you have experience in this kind of integration for iPhone.

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IPhone/iPad App Similar To Fatbooth

I am looking for a programmer who will be able to make this possible. The application that I need is similar to fatbooth. I need to be able to modify a specific area of an image. A data base will be link to this app and a gps locater needs to be integrated for best results. This app will probably be the first of many.

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Appcelerator Titanium Developer For Calorie Tracking App

Pull data from open USDA Nutrient Database, let user select what they consumed, add calories and save them. Needs to be done in Appcelerator Titianium and provide source code to me. Many more projects in the pipeline

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IPhone App Trivia Game With GPS And Maps Integration

Im in the need of a programmer that can build an Iphone app and depending on that well possibly ask for a second version for Andriod.

This project is for a non-profit organization

the app consist of the following:

-the user must create an account with username and password to start using the app

-User must create a profile and join a group or team of users already in the system

-User is able to search team members, teams, and be able to create a new team name.

-Once the user is registered, he/she is able to play a trivia game based on points by answering correct questions, the game is played in teams/groups

-Tour guide: using gps technology, the app will pop a message and let the user know when he/she is passing by a historical landmark

– Important dates: the app will hold a calendar of events which will let the user know if that day is a historical day or just to notify about events or other important dates

-Fundraising: this will allow the user to make a donation to the organization by allowing them to donate from their phones, and will also hold paid sponsorship/advertising banners.


admin should be able to manipulate the following from the backend:

-manipulate users

-manipulate teams

-add remove trivia questions, possibly linked to important dates or specific historical landmark

-add remove historical dates

-add/remove location of historical landmarks, be able to map to a location using GPS

-Fundraising page, be able to integrate a way to process donations, possibly paypal or other merchant account

-be able to add/remove sponsors/banners

The person selected for this project will work hand-to-hand with a creative team, which will allow a better understanding of the project, and will also provide any assets, UI design, and UI structure.

Well need a portfolio of apps done in the past, well review them and make a final pick based on that.


A test or demo is also required prior to starting the project, to estimate timeframe and quality of the product.

After completion of this project well possibly require an Android version which will be a separate project.

Thank you for taking the time to read the description of the project.

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Iphone Help

I need help with iphone app. Details in PM

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Eye Tracking Demo App For IPhone 4’s Front Facing Camera

I need to have an Xcode file created that would be the basis of a game I want to create. I need someone to port over open source eye tracking software to work on the iPhone 4 in a demo application. The application would take advantage of the front facing camera and open source eye tracking software. You would provide the project so that I can test this with my iPhone 4.

Here are some resources:

The demo app will need to demonstrate the ability to track your eye movement with the front facing camera of the iPhone 4 and the newest iPod Touch. The demo would be crude and function far enough that it would register the eye looking at different locations on the screen have a reticule follow the path of the users eyes. For example, there would be several visible queues on screen that the user would look at and when they do, the queue would randomly move to a new location on screen. The reticule would be on screen to gauge the users eye movement for the user.
Having to configure the system before demoing its success is ok as in you would track the persons eyes to possibly all 4 corners of the screen to first initialize the system.

Thank you in advance and looking forward to your reply.

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A GPS Navigation App For IPad Which Uses IPhones 3G Network

This GPS navigation app for iPad WIFI should connect to a iPhone and use its 3G wireless internet to and work as a GPS. It Should have following things.
1. Show Current Location
2. Work as a GPS
3. Must use Google Map API
4. Should Have bump technology to connect with iphone

Please ask for more detail before bidding.

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GPS IPhone App – Project For Suniljagnani

As Discussed.


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Want To Develop I-Phone Statistical Tracking APP

I am not highly technical so my apologies if this is not as clear and concise as it should be. I have been assigned to find a programmer but I am not at liberty to reveal exact specifics at this time.

App will need a user friendly interface with 6 to 12 seperate "sections" for tabulating the same statistics for each. (We have an idea of what this should look like)

App will need to be able to count events and convert them to percentage form based on user input.(I.e. user enters an event as true 3 times and untrue 1 time = TRUE 75%) Each function will have a limited number of available results to be input (4 or less). Looking to keep 5 or 6 different statistical categories all data in form of user input being counted and converted to percentage form and possibly several sub-sections for each.

I can only speak in generalities at this time as NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) will be required for full details. Looking for someone who has previous experience with I-Phone Apps. Possible vesting interest for future profits of said app available in addition to provided wages for right talented individual if we can come to a deal.

This may lead to further work on future APPs.



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Need Finance App Developed For IPhone/iPad

I would like to have an iPhone app developed for the use of stock options.

I would like it to have features such as an option calculator, and an option chain for all stocks/ETFs.

I would then like it to have a feed service to my blog, and I would encourage downloaders of the app to subscribe to my Money alert service, which I will charge a monthly or annual fee for, however to download the app I plan on charging nothing.

Please get back to me as soon as possible.

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App For Tracking Keywords

Using what Im am providing below please list how you would get this work accomplished.

list you ideas in your bid or in the pm on here.

This will include use of APIs and potential crawling or searching og user-input RSS feeds for keyword trends); how would you complete this project?

Is there a better way to do it? What would you integrate to find a solution to my project.

Please provide me with a brief (as brief or as long as you would like) proposal for how you would personally solve my project.


You must be proficient in the following disciplines:

Web 2.0 APIs
PHP and/or Ruby
XML – including REST (most APIs use REST)
JavaScript including AJAX
Some kind of database – probably MySQL
Building sites with high traffic i.e. have some awareness of how to build something that can scale from the start.

I want to have my own specific search algorithms for specific news topics. Basically a full program/website. I understand programmers are not designers, but if you would like to try your hand at designing the website layout as well, that is fine with me and would be very impressive to me keeping in mind future projects.

Example of this project: if in todays news a "hot" topic is care and maintenance of horses…I want to have the ability to search and compile references (IN REAL-TIME) into data of the words "care", "maintenance"+horses from online news sources, blogs, search engines, etc and be given updated info, up-to-the-minute, on what topics are popular for news articles and blog entries on the net. according to date/time. Then list the news articles related to this/number of articles into a graph, chart, spreadsheet etc. So that users can study the results. I hope that makes sense to everyone. There must also be a system in place to help the app/site know that the topics are relevant to the keywords i.e. if it searches for the word "green"+"technology", it does not come up with Green Day, Green Apples and only technology sites but both together, "green technology". I would also like to set up text/SMS alerts for it as well.

I would need to have my own independent web program made for this but the programmer might potentially be integrating some existing APIs (from Twitter, Google etc.) into it as well. It might even be better to find existing APIs/resources available for this rather than starting fully from scratch.

There is more to the project but I would like you to respond with a proposal on how to solve my issue/project first as it is written above, along with a reasonable price for completion. The schedule is ONE MONTH to complete this and have it tested, bug-free and online (which will also be contained in the work contract)! I will send the full requirements once contact has been made and a brief proposal has been given and an NDA has been signed.

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Push GPS IPhone App

Push notifications iPhone app – i.e. "pseudo background" app to check GPS location at regular intervals and save it on the phone or server. I understand iPhone OS 3 allows a server to push notifications to the app at regular intervals and therefore wake up the app, at which stage it would record the location.

Also needs to then check if the recorded locations are within certain areas on the map and report on this. This can be done server side.

Being able to also write/port the app on Android and Windows mobile would be a bonus but not a requirement.

Server side app ideally based on OpenSource tech – Ruby, Java, Python, etc.

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Iphone/Ipod3G/Ipad App GPS Enabled

I need to have an application written that will allow gps coordinates to trigger specific video actions which are preferably not web based. We can talk in more detail after a non-disclosure/non-competition agreement is signed.
As far as budgeting is concerned, we are in the initial setup of this project. We require consultation with programmers to determine what it will take to get this project done so that we may come to a mutual agreement on initial cost, possible royalties and/or profit sharing. We are hoping to create a project that creates a self perpetuating requirement for constant updates and expansion (ie. full-time work).

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IPhone / IPad Applications

I am looking for experienced partners to develop iPhone and iPad applications. More info in PMB.

ESSENTIAL: Please provide completed iPhone/iPad app links.
ESSENTIAL: Experienced people only.

Looking forward,

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Garment Roadmap

I require software developed that allows manufacturers of clothing and textiles (or in the future any product) to trace, using google maps and blends of both static and active information all based on the entry of a street address. This will then be converted to an app for an iphone to allow consumers to put in a code on a garment swing tag and to instantly see the supply chain/road map.

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iPhone Social Network App Modify

I have a social networking app on the app store currently and I would like to simply take out the blogs and chatroom section, decrease the search range, add a button that leads to the full version, and change the background color of the search results. So basically you would only have to add a button and change a color then take out 2 parts.

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