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Web Scrape


I am after someone who can scrape 2 websites for me.

I am after the product code, the product name, the size of the product, the number in the pack and the link to the product. All this information is contained on the screen.

Then download this information into an excel file for me. If possible, the images of the goods would also be useful.

One website is public, the other I can give you a powerpoint snap-shot of the site. If you are successful I will then be able to pass on the details to access this site.

If you are interested then please PM me and I shall then send you the details of both the website and ppt. slides.

I am prepared to pay $20 for each website, so $40 in total.

Happy bidding


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Restore Ubuntu Network Manager

I have a fit-pc2 running the latest Ubuntu OS. It stopped accessing the internet and I tried to reinstall the Network Manager. Uninstall failed and I am unable to reinstall it. I need someone to make this unit talk to the internet again. SInce it is not talking to the web, I will have to mail it to you for the fix. I will include a detailed record of what happens along with the necessary passwords.

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KNX.NET Library

I need a migration from java to J# or C#.

The library that I need is an open source library: Calimero – KNXnet/IP (and more) for Java

You can found this library on the web.

The library must be migrated in .NET (J# or C#).

I will give a remote access to a PC connected to some KNX device to test the library.

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Encrypted POP Mail Server And Web Mail

Looking for someone to help create and install an encrypted email server for our clients. Our clients user info is kept in a MySQL database. When they sign up for accounts at our website, we would like to offer them an encrypted email account. (all email stored on our servers is encrypted – user option to turn off encryption). The email server will get its data from our MySQL database.

The clients will need to have POP access as well as webmail access. The provider will need to install and set up both the POP server as well as the webmail server.

Knowledge in DNS and email required. Will need to know how to set up SPF records, MX records, Signed DNS security keys that match the mail server security keys, etc..

The mail server will be installed on a Debian unix based system. The provider will have SSH access to the server.

Special consideration for those with experience in setting up an email system of this nature.

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