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Javascript Image Rollover Effect (May Also Use Flash)

Im looking to do a effect similiar to an image map with Javascript. Basically, the picture is an overview of a hospital roof and when the person hovers their mouse over certain features on the roof a larger detailed picture will appear- preferably inside the image frame, although Im open to suggestions.

I know this can be done with Flash or Javascript, but my attempts a Java have not given me the detailed subshot Im looking or.

It must be compatible with Hubspot CMS.

Looking to get started immediately. Future projects with same backend are likely.

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Image Map Rollover Effects Using Javascript And JQuery


This is a small feature based on javascript and jquery (or jquery ui). We prefer somebody who could use the latest jquery 1.4 and jquery ui 1.8 to develop this feature.


When user hovers the mouse over the predefined an image, the predefined hot spots on the images will show up. When user moves the mouse to the hot spot or click the hot spot (need to support both hover or click, this should be configurable), a widget or modal dialog will pop up. The widget or dialog will look like a light box or color box, which could display images, texts, tabs, videos etc by using ajax from remote server which may have the same or a different domain (if you do not understand what i am talking about, you are probably not suitable for this project).

Please let me know whether you could do this and your bid. I could give you more details about what I am looking for on this feature. If it works well, this could lead to more other projects.


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