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Menu Data Entery

Enter menu items for online restaurant website.

Price per 200 items (dishes).

Ongoing work.

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JavaScript Expert Required

We are looking for well experienced JavaScript programmer to help us with some ongoing projects. Note that this is not for brand new development but supporting and enhancing existing websites.

Please respond with your experience and any sample work you may want to show. Job details will be provided to shortlisted bidders.


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SEO Work For 2 Sites

Hi There, Please see this 2 sites and ( web designing company ) we are looking for some one who can improve our organic ranking on local webdesign market ( Auckland, Newzealand ) ( Voip/Cloud phone system company ) we are also looking for improving organic ranking on local market.

We have our own writing who can write good key words based article for you. We need some one has proven record to do a good job and get more incoming traffic for us.

Callcom website is still quite bit work left before this site is ready. But you will have a nice idea once you have seen those client video.

Ask me any questions please, budget is $55 to $75, but for the right person guarantee future work.

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Content (re)writer For News Website – Work Everyday

I need a writer to build past content for my news site.

You will have a schedule on which type of articles/news stories you should write (Finance, sports, entertainment, etc.)

Articles with a minimum of 300 words covering a (popular) news story. You will start by writing old content (January, February 2011) and then you will write for the site everyday (3 articles a day when we get to recent content.)

I need someone that can build up an archive for the site relatively fast and then you will be working with me everyday keeping the site up-to-date with the latest news stories in several different segments/topics (as I mentioned above: sports, entertainment, finance, technology, etc.)

I am willing to pay per articles. Articles are rewritten, not copied, so they need to be presented as new, fresh and not copied from other website.

Youll post directly to the blog (WordPress) and I have prepared all the necessary instructions on finding news, posting schedule and how to post.

You need to be skilled at writing in English cause this is EXTREMELY necessary.

PM me with your price per articles (Youll post 3 articles a day with recent content, this is not a hard job and not very time consuming, it will be time consuming at first, to build the site archive, but then it will be easy) and some articles of your portfolio. You can as well send me a message with a recent story (from today for example) rewritten.

Thanks and Im awaiting your PMs.

*I might choose more than one writer as well!

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Need A Proxy Website To Unblock Websites At Work

I am needing a website similar to

i need a website to be able to surf website and get through web filters at Companies and schools etc…

here is another list of similar sights

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Static Website Project (design + Develop)

We are looking for talented people to assist us with the design and development of website projects.

This project in particular will involve
– Website Project with 3-4 Pages
– Relatively static pages
– Require graphics design end-to-end
– Image Gallery
– Image slider on front page
– Contact Us Form

– Developer will assist with uploading the site and database creations/modifications
– Developer needs to provide a sample of similar delivered projects.
– Chosen developer is likely to be given more work in future (via including e-commerce sites.
– Only Developers with feedback will be chosen
– Please reply/bid with the line "Hello MOTO" or else you will be ignored

Interview screenings will be conducted over the next few weeks.

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Website + Seo Work


I need help to make a information site with some nice graphics and some information text. I know exactly how the site should look like and can also give you some examples, so you have something to work with.

On the front page I want a tutorial video, but that can first be added when the site is done.

I also need to get the site SEO optimized, so the site will be visible on the first page of Google for that specific keyword/domain name. The domain name I have is a .com domain and the exact word phrase is being searched for 3,350,000 times every month and there is about 86,300 results on Google, for that specific keyword.

The site has to be connected to Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics.

You have to know how to optimize a site and I also need to see some of your previous work before we start anything.

I want to have full contact with you under the whole project and I need to be updated.

Happy bidding!

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Plastring Website For SEO Work

I have a plastering website. I have some keywords which is already in top2 pages in I am looking for SEO company which help in improve keywords ranking.

– I will pay after see the result in top 10 position
– Only implement off-page work on the website, no on-page work will be implement
– Please see some previous work


[Website contains contact information; removed by Freelancer Admin]
Please use screenshots instead

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JavaScript/ Jquery

The attached mockup describes each of the pages that would need to be created and some of the details of what is required on each page. We would need the html/css for each page and functionality described in the notes.

Im sure you will need some more details for completion about how the pages interact, but a lot of the work has already been done, as you can see in the first link in the attachment. We may want to tweak that design slightly, but the layout and look is generally correct.

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Adult Website Marketing Work

I am looking for someone to help promote an adult fetish site. Must be someone who is experienced in promoting adult websites and driving quality traffic, via; chatrooms, blogs etc. Please respond if you are confident you can bring traffic/sales to the website.

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Simple Website, Ongoing Work.

Hello, Im looking for someone to design me a simple website. The website will consist basically of a neat simple logo/title with a matching background and a embedded video playlist with 40-100 videos, updated weekly.

The website will consist of 4-5 pages, all identical in layout, just with a different playlist on each page for a different genre.

This is not an adult website!

If required I can build the website, but I need someone to create and embed the video playlists and update them weekly. All up there will be 400-500 videos on the site.

Extra services like marketing, SEO, etc for the site would be welcome.

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Website Development Work

This job is for various website development work maining in php and html. Im looking for ~15hrs of work on this project.

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WEBSITE Redesign Work

only dedicated and creative designers are required here

we need to redesign our website which contains appr.45-60 pages( some static and some dynamic).

redesigned website require following things:

1) Neat and clean look and feel in a very attractive manner FOR STUDENTS

2) excellent naviagation

3) Flash in Header Part. Flash should be related to Graphic design students, product design student, communication design students for college education.

4) remove unnecessary codes

5) compatible in all modern latest browsers

6) Very fast upload time while opening at browser

7) w3c validation

You can cee the link which required redesign at ( this require completely change the look and feel of everything including placement, images, flash etc., presentations)

*** Before making mockups please remember that this is for designers community related to product design and sketching techniques for various products


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Joomla Dropdown Menu

I need a dropdown menu to be integrated to my existing theme.
After selection of bid, I will provide the link to my website.
The work is very urgent and provider will be selected within 1 day.

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Directory Registrations

You will submit our new site to all free directories listed on the website of

go to the then click on the free tab. Your work will be to submit to all these free directories.

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Directory Registrations

You will submit our new site to all free directories listed on the website of

go to the then click on the free tab. Your work will be to submit to all these free directories.

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Content Adding To Website [easy Work]…..

I need people to add contents to my website.My website is a mobile content sharing people can upload mobile themes,wallpapers, ringtones and videos.I need people to add such contents to my website.As i had recently started the website i need content adders to add wallpapers and themes alone.

The requirements are:

1. As you know no qualification needed for this work.

2. I need you to add wallpapers and themes for 20 cell phones [ for Nokia and Sony Ericsson]

3. I need you to add wallpapers to 40 cell phones [for Samsung and LG]

4. I need you to upload 50 wallpapers and themes for each cell phone [every phones Nokia Samsun,Sony Ericsson and LG].

5. The wallpapers and themes should be classy and eye catching [use Zedge and dont use mobile9 as they have printed their logo on every themes].

6. I am in urgent so i need it as soon as possible.Just 6 days.You start adding from today.I need to complete the Nokia and Samsung work first within 2 and half days.I will provide 40$ for this.Its fixed.

Thank you.

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Alexa Work

Hi, I need some one who can inprove a alexa ranking for the website. for $30

thank you

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Joomla/Virtumart Expert Needed

For minor website modifications, very easy work

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Exit Popup Script

I need an exit popup script installed on my landing page. The script must only popup when users attempt to exit my landing page. After the popup, I need the script to redirect users to another page on my website. Exit popup must be able to work on all users browsers, Safari,Modzilla,Internet 7, ect..

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almost like

Need something very similar to I dont know whether I want php with Mysql or asp and frontpage with mysql.. Just whatever will make it work. The website design needs to be created and almost mirror that website except be a little sharper. I need a customized user face to allow me to make changes simply. I do not want Joomla or any of the free sourcing programs. Customized

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