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Data Entry Project – Extra Job For Companies Takes Minutes

Data entry project

Want data entry companies
that can use extra project

Each person fill out
two forms per day for 5 days

10 cents per form

2 forms per day

for 5 days =$1 per person

forms take a few minutes each day

cannot be done by computer robot program
must be people

good as an extra job for your company
can do thruout your regular work
requires a few minutes of each employee sometime during their day

– do your employees have their own computers or share them
– how many employees
– country you are in

If you have 30 employees doing this for 5 days
it would be
10 cents per form x 2 per day x 5 days x 30 employees = $30

If you have larger group
example 150 employees
10 cents per form x 2 per day x 5 days x 150 employees = $150

The project is evaluating the registration system
so we can make sure all steps are registering.

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Blackberry Application

I need a blackberry application developed that reads bbm messages out loud like,

Thanks in advance for your interest

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We are looking to iphone app that can interact with external device. the app has to collect data, analyze and do more by using special external devices which would be developed for our project.

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Portal For Crafts Store


We are intended to launch our crafts stores around the world with th mutual effort of my business partners. We need to have the website that have all basic features of the commerce websites like good designs, epayment, user accounts, order tracking shipping management and cms also. These are the basic things we want to have the website but this is pretty small part of our portal.

Main work starts from here. We like to have the website one unique auotmation system that website should give the impat that they are not puchasing through any website they should feel that they are live in store and purchasing from there.

How this can be possible? We want the smart system to find out every time that buyer is coming from which and he/she is unique visitor of our website or they have came before. If they came before then you need to trace down that which section of the website they gone and on which product they spent his most time (Dont worry our technical team will help you to find out the probablistic way to find out that). So when they came back, they should first redirected to product that they want purchase or gift to someone but they can swith o main website anytime.

We would like to divide the two way architecture, first website wwill act like a parent website and other website will be his chilld website, if any user regularly visiting the same zone of the website then they will be automatccilly redirected to child website which developed specifically for these type of products.

You can say our website will be buch of small website. I would like to have the feature to develop these sort website using the CMS( we are not bound to use the pre build CMS you can design the CMS for us).

This is the short overview of the project, I will send the thourough details to bidders who will passed out first prilimnary round.

So be precise when you are going to bid, keep the strict eye on prroject sspecification. If you have any question please dont hesitate to ask.

Happy Bidding..

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C/C++ Application

Looking for a developer that is a proficient expert in C/C++, Unix, PHP, and MySQL. We need a lightweight C/C++ application that is based on unix libtorrent and executable from a php script developed and beta tested within two to three weeks. Please submit a bio/resume and examples of other work. Full project details will be disclosed via email.

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Andriod Application

Looking for a developer to create a quiz application for Andriod Platform. Application should be easily customizable to create different quizes later. Application should save user score of each attempt. And also able to show correct answer and explanation of wrong answers. Questions and options may contain images/graphics. Developer should create application using temporary/test data to show application can handle different type of quizes. It should also support question type, "which of the following is not true".

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Forum Profile And Signature – 500 Per Week

Hi friends,

We are looking for forum profile creation and signature service, we need long term parntner with quick results, we need 500 forum listings per week. Quality and Quick turnaround are the key. Payment will be made in milestone, like 25% advance, and 25% at the half completion, and the rest at the end of the job. It will be on going project for multiple projects.

Looking forward cost-effective and serious bidders.


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Private Job For Russ

I need the banner on a website fixed please
The banner loads in slices on slower machines and wed like it to load as one block with all the necessary links still active.

We have the original PSD file.

Just after the quickest and cheapest method.
The website is currently being edited using frontpage.

Please reply with the word primal in your quote.

Generic quotes will NOT be addressed

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Portal Modifications

I currently have a project developed with PHPrunner.

I need to add a few functionalites to it. I want to work with someone familiar with PHPrunner.

I need to add a popup comment text box to save to my orders table.

I nee to have a dissaprove button to send a e-mail that the order was disapproved.

I need to have another open text box to enter PO number on the orders summary page and get saved a sent as part of the order through e-mail.

Must have experiernce with phprunner.

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Graphical viewer

Project is to be developed using SILVERLIGHT. It is an application to present information based on dates. Basic functionallity:
a. Read from an SQL2005 DB data to display a jpg/pgn file

b. Display the map

c. Read from an SQL2005 DB data regarding locations over the map

d. Each location will contain information regarding size, jpg/pgn file, etc.

e. The location should be presented in 3 different colors (tehere will be one graphic per each color for each location). Red = Not available, Yellow = On negotiation, White = Available.

f. In order to know the status the application (should ask for dates) should calculate it based on dates (the user must provide initial and ending dates)

Map in this project is not a geographical map but a graphic representing a layout.

If you are interested, or require more details please send a PM.

Please send PM with your quals. A demo program will give you more chances.

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Job for CJakash – Make lists using online resource

Making lists using the info I sent you…for $30.

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