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Thesis WordPress Expert For Urgent Job

We are in urgent need for a new programmer to join our team. We hope to find someone interested in a long term business relationship, and plan on using this first job as a chance to get to know you and see if we think we would enjoy having you join our team. We manage 4 websites, all built in WordPress. They involve skills such as online booking calendars, google maps, custom programmed calendars, forums, etc.

The work will not involve any graphic design — we have a wonderful designer on our team that knows a little coding, so designs with the programmers in mind.

This first job is finish up the re-programming of our travel website using the Thesis theme for WordPress. You will need proven experience using Thesis. 90% of the work is done already, and you will be finishing up and applying design.

More information including a specific job list will be provided to qualified candidates we are interested in interviewing and at that point you may want to change your bid to reflect more accurately your time. We do not anticipate the work taking longer than 20 hours after you have gotten up to speed.

Qualified candidates must have proven good feedback and must be completely fluent in English. If you do not have feedback yet, you must have references we can contact and be amongst the lower bids. You must be able to work and communicate via Skype and email during some of what we consider normal US working hours.

You must be available to start immediately. We expect the work to take 1 day to get up to speed, and then completion of the job as agreed upon within 4 business days of being hired. Weekend work will be appreciated, but not required. You must be available to start work immediately — we can not stress more the importance of time.

In order to be considered, you must provide no more than 5 websites you have programmed using Thesis. You must also use the words "Thesis WordPress Themes" to be considered as this will prove you have read the job description and not spam bidding. Attention to detail is critical, and how you respond during the interview process will be monitored.

Thank you for your interest, and we hope you are the right person to join our team!

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PHP Developer Join Me


I need a PHP developer to join me on wrapping up a project. It complete, I just want things polished up. Want the admin to look a bit neater, fix typos and minor things like that. Just make sure it does what its supposed to do.

Show me your skills to be considered for me to show you the site and give you complete details.


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Get Sign Up – Only For Indians

Please Read the Project details carefully before biding:
I need to people to sign up for a simple and easy MLM business. I want you to get me people join this business.
For every joining I will pay you $2.
The details are as follows:
The person want to join this has to follow these steps
1. Purchase a mobile recharge coupon for Rs 1200 for any mobile operator through out the India like BSNL, MTNL, AIRTEL, VODAFONE, AIRCEL, UNINOR, VEDIOCON, MTS etc.
2. The company will give the full money back by recharging the mobile with Rs 100 per month for 12 months. This means that the person joining will get back his full money.
3. Now, if he refer two more persons (means if they also purchase the recharge couple of Rs 1200 each) to join, he will continue to get this recharge of Rs 100 for 24 Months. This means by just referring the two persons, one get his investment double.
4. There are there much more benefit then this, after this if the chain run continues, each pair of people joining will give him Rs 200, upto unlimited. This can very easily reach upto Rs 4000 per day. Its not a miracle but true power of small amount but multiple.
5. Note – this programme has lot of advantages :-
(a) The joining amount is very less and also fully returnable in the form of mobile recharge, which every mobile user needs.
(b) The company has ties with all the mobile operators in the country, so there is no limit.
(c) Good income opportunity for everyone, even students can also do it.
(d) The joining process is simple and one just need to Buy recharge of Rs 1200 and will be allotted an ID. And his mobile will be charged with Rs 100 within 12 hrs. No documentation required.
(e) Joining can be done directly online or offline. Its instant for online and with 24 hrs for offline. Your bid should contain the word

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Need Freelancers To Join My Team

Hello People.

I am looking for people who would like to join my team of freelancers.

I keep getting continuous work. Nature of work varies from writing to posting and getting leads.
Work will be allocated and needs to be reported on a daily basis.
More details will be shared to the bidders.

The task is simple and with good pay too.
Multiple users will be selected.

Payment will be made via Paypal.

So waiting to see your bids.

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Looking For Senior PHP MySQL Programmer 2 Add Feature

I have a site this is programmed in object oriented and stored procedures that i need some last minute updates on.

I want to create a new join feature for our members
I want to install a secure certificate on our order page
I want to create payment gateway that pushes data to main site from marketing site, then directs that same member to our new join feature.


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Free Signups To A Survey Website Required

We want someone who can deliver 1000 original people to our site who can join to the survey program for free.What you have to do is to simply promote the website and we will pay you for each sucessfull signup that you deliver.

Use only genuine methods to deliver signups.You can join the site for more details.

Details of website will be provided to interested bidders.

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Join Multi Level Marketing Business

I am offering one-time payment of $50 to join a Multi Level Marketing business.
50% milestone before you join, 50% after you join.

This offer is for serious freelancers who want to commit to Multi Level Marketing business.

What you will get from me is a free website and a free e-mail from my own website to promote your business. Other than my website, you will also get a website from the Company.

PM me for more details.

This projects only available in USA, Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Slovenia, Taiwan and United Kingdom

In your bid, please mention "MLM and your country" and so that I know you read through the description

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Marketing And Sales

Make Marketing for our Site: We pay you 50% off each Fee you Provide:
Register you at:
Promote 10 New Users with your Link
Send us an PM here when you done this and we could select you for this job.
Were looking for good Advertiser that can promote more than 5 users each day. Show us your skill and you can join our marketingteam. Our budget is 500000.00$ Each Month.
Join us know if you complete the requirements.


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Senior Developer To Join Our Executive Team

This is a repost of a previous GAF project, some confusion on the requirements before.

We are currently looking for a Senior Developer to join our executive Team. After a 3 month trial you will either become Senior VP of Technology or CTO of the company.

For the right candidate you will accrue a % of equity in the company in the form of shares and hold a seat on the Executive Board. The equity / shares will be allocated in the following manner;

– After successful 3 month trial = 1%
– After 12 months = 2%
– Accrued every month thereafter to a capped amount of 5%

Total stake holding interest in the company would therefore be 5% over a 2 year period. If your desire is strong to join a young company expanding 2011 onwards then get in touch. During the 3 month trial you will be paid on a per project basis and will be expected to work on Internal Projects as an Executive member of the Management Team.

People who should NOT Apply?

– Anyone with less than 5 years commercial experience in Software Development
– If your not up for a challenge
– No experience in managing a team of Developers
– No past R&D experience

You must have the following

– Developing in multiple languages for 5 years +
– Experienced in costing and scoping new projects
– Fluent in English, written and verbal
– Available to work 40+ per week
– Hard working
– Innovative
– Forward thinking
– Entrepreneur characteristics
– Want to succeed and see the company be successful

Get in touch today if you feel you are suited to this position, University Degree is desirable but not essential and you must PMB your CV and also let me know your current rate, bear in mind I am well versed with rates throughout Europe / US and Asia so no time-wasting with inflating your rates.

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Join Multi-Level-Marketing Business

I am offering one-time payment of $50 to join a Multi-Level-Marketing business.
50% milestone before you join, 50% after you join.

This offer is for serious freelancers who want to commit to Multi-Level-Marketing business.

What you will get from me is a free website and a free e-mail from my own website to promote your business. Other than my website, you will also get a website from the Company.

PM me for more details.

In your bid, please mention "MLM" so that I know you read through the description

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Join A Multi-Level-Marketing Business

This is only for Indian Freelancer (For other countries please PM me for more info)

I am offering one-time payment of $50 to join a Multi-Level-Marketing business that just started in January 2011 in India.
Monthly investment for Indian market is $100. 50% milestone after the award, 50% after you join.

This offer is for serious freelancers who want to commit to this business.

What you will get is free website and free e-mail from my own website to promote your business. Other than that, you will get a website from the Company.

Dont let go this new opportunity in India, which has boomed in other countries, such as United States, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

PM me for more details.

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WordPress Website Formatting

This project is to make changes to my existing WordPress website. The project consists of the following:
1. Build a Registration Page so that people can join my community and I can track those who join.
2. Add a call-to-action scrolling banner in the upper right corner: "Call <phone number> for a half hour of free consulting!"
3. Add static banners at the top of five newly created pages that currently do not have banners so that they will match previously created pages that do have banners.
4. Point the "About page to go to the "Company" page so that visitors do not see and empty About page when they click on it.

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Ip Changer Person Needed

Hello there
i need team or individual for working on my project
you should know to change your ip address very well in USA , UK , CANADA ip etc

i will give you some links you need to join it do some link have survey some have to download some software of kb size and install it and some have hosting site which you have to join it free

no required of any credit card or details

you need to use your ip address and change ip address after doing links

so if you are ready to do it than it is long term work for you

$0.10 per links if you accept this than only bid on my project

so i will give you links in pm thanks

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Looking For A Web Developer To Join Our Team

Were looking for highly experienced and skilled web developer to join our development team on few projects.

This is long term project, were not looking for a developer for one project only. Before selecting winner every programmer will be tested, we need to make sure youre skills are on high level.

For more details please contact via PM.

Please provide your average hourly rate.

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Boonex Dolphin 7 Needing Minor Custom Changes For Join Page

Boonex dolphin 7 needing minor custom changes for join page, i kinda need you to clone same type fields. and some text content on the page…

so do not bid anything high then $30 right now until you pm me for more info then i will explain what and show you what i want then at that point you can place your proper bid.

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PhpFOX Promotion Pack

Hi, We have installed phpFOX for social networking. Need a promotion script.

Our site is

This is to promote new registration.
When someone register for first time, he can invite his friends from his contacts to join our portal.
Need to keep track of people who join us thru one member. If 25 people join, the member will automatically be qualified for a gift voucher for shopping in number of popular shopping malls in GCC countries.If the registration keep increasing to 50, again one more gift voucher will be awarded to him/her. The last offer is when the registration thru him is reached 100. He will qualify for cash voucher which can be en cashed from exchange centres across gcc states.

Few things to note here is : the registration must be validated for genuine users, not spammers.
A page with photos of winners needs to be maintained as part of promotion.
A page with our sponsors of vouchers and their logos must be maintained as part of promotion.

Those of you woth high php skills with best design techniques and proof of concept prior to payment is mandatory.


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Need Employees/connections To Join LinkedIn Company Page

We will be creating a new LinkedIn company page and we need employees/connections to join it.

Please include detailed information in your bid or PM. Thanks!

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10 Article Writers Needed To Join Our Team

Hi, i need ten article writers to join our team of writers we need to complete 50-100 articles per day of 450 – 500 words for $0.75 or 600 -1000 for about $1, if you are ready to start today and accept this fees then kindly bid for the project , payment through GAF

nb: please do not bid if you cannot accept the pay per word count.


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Fresh Writers Wanted – Join Our Team For 2011 2

Join our team as we march into 2011

We need Fresh writers who are ready for full time writing jobs. Please bid only if you

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1000 UK People Require To Join Only Serious Bider

I want 1000 UK people to join from my affiliated link.

Only UK people related to Web design and any internet activity.

budget :50$
time : 10 days

Dont waste time if you cant do.

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Fresh Writers Wanted – Join Our Team For 2011

Join our team as we march into 2011

We need Fresh writers who are ready for full time writing jobs. Please bid only if you

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1000 UK People Require To Join

I want 1000 UK people to join from my affiliated link.

Only UK people related to Web design and any internet activity.

budget :50$
time : 10 days

Dont waste time if you cant do.

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Need Marketer To Get 100-250,000 Members To Join Our Site

We are looking to get a professional marketer to get us members to join our website that will use our services, buy our paid services and more. We want legal and real buyers, white hat and not some average joe joining.

Understand this, we will pay per lead but this means that the user must register and perform the initial link exchange with our site which is We can assist with your advertising as we can offer a special to attract customers to join our site by offering 50% off our paid service. The site is free to register and do limited link exchanges but there are paid services like link management, banner advertising and other stuff.

Will consider a partnership with a marketer if he can send us leads and fast.

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Free Signups Needed

Bellamora is a new patented anti-aging skin care line. It is an online skin care business opportunity very similar to Mary Kay. The company is in pre-launch right now.

During pre-launch, people can join free and they also receive free samples of the product. There is no shipping, handling or commitment.

No credit card is needed to join. We do not require a valid social security number during the pre-launch. People can enter a random number.

The dead line is January 14, 2011.

For the verification process, we will need you to give us the name and address email provided by the people who signed up. No FRAUD or illegal methods.

What we need is the more signups at the lower price. These signups can come from these countries ONLY: United States (USA), Columbia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Panama.

We are looking for an experienced networker.

We will consider the reviews of your past Freelancer employers.

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Marketing New Kidz Online Store On Forums And Blogs

IHave just launched a new kid

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Inbox Email Delivery

Here is some further information about whom we are and what we expect:

We run the second largest Gay orientated site here in the UK, we are a registered UK company with many over seas employees.

Our site has been open for four year and is a social networking site, we use an

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100 Registrations For A Dating Site

This task involves to register 150 different members through the following affiliate link:

It is free to join of course. Once registered they stay registered and each one of them has to join through an unique IP-address. Payment will be made when I login into my account and see 150 people registered. That is a sine qua non-condition with 30 $ for the work delivered.

If this goes well, and only on my goodwill, it can lead to a future long term partnership for similar projects.
Maybe you can even have a bonus if I have the goodwill to give it, based on the returns I will be making.
But that is only my decision to make or … not.

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I Need A Simple Website Built With A Specific Scripts

I need a (WordPress affiliate) website built to start a particular type of affiliate program. I will need you to integrate a salespage from, and create a simple script to the site that will work for all affiliates who join.

The scripts are simple:
-Add page with the capability for new affiliates to enter information in the 5th of 5 slots, that will be pushed to the first, as new affiliates add their information in the slots to join them.

-Clone capability to the website for affiliates to use, that creates unique links for the new affiliates as they join.


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