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Joomla External Database Component & Module

I have a PHP portal by which the visitors can post their products online on the website after signing in. The fields of the products are saved in a single table in the database. The products from a single visitor can be identified by their unique e-mail id which is saved alongside each product in the databased.

The Project:
I need a joomla component to pull contents from the above table, and list / display these products on joomla website filtered by the e-mail which is a product_owner. The component should provide for displaying & appending the products directly from the existing databased into the joomla site. A joomla site will be made for each visitor so the product required to be appended will be needed to be filtered using a given e-mail id.

For further details of this project please mail me on


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Joomla Modification


I need help to correct a template that other create

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Troubleshooting Joomla Installation

I had someone create the following website using Joomla a few years ago.

However, now, when I try to access the administrator section, I get a 404 error. I am not technical, so dont know the problem.

I need someone to troubleshoot the installation, figure out whats wrong, and fix it for me. Or if its not fixable, just let me know the problem and my options.

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Joomla Programmer

I need a JOOMLA and PHP expert programmer to finish a website.

The job consist of 2 different tasks:

1- Using the "User Extra Fields for K2" plugin, I need that some of the form data must be as table displayed and not only as list as default. This can´t be done through configuration or CSS modification, it must be done modifing the plugin code.

2- I need an script which when it´s executed via a cronjob must do the same.
– It must get the user data form de data base and save them in an XML file (one file for every user) in a folder in the server.
– The script must obtain only the user data created or modified since the last cronjob execution. In order to tho this, I think the way is creating a "created" and "modified" fields in the user database table that must be autommatic filled every time a user is created or modified.

I hope I have explained it correctly and can be understood in order you can make a good budget.

The programmer must be experienced in the development of plugin or components for JOOMLA as this is very urgent . The deadline is 2 days since the job is assigned. If we are satisffied with the work surely we will trust on the developer for future jobs.

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Edit Joomla Site

Hi there,

Very simple task for experienced programer. We have a joomla site (php) and there is a video imbedded in the sales page which we cannot seem to put in the right location on the page.

So the videos need to be moved to its correct location along with some text next to it.

10 Minute jobe for someone who knows what theyre doing.



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