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Need JOOMLA Expert To Fix Internal Server Error 500

We are in dire need of a Joomla web expert to help us solve our current web site troubles. We are running a social web site and using JomSocial as the main component.

We are experiencing an

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Joomla Template

I need a joomla template made, I have all graphics and a sample site. The sample site show exactly how the site should look, and I have all graphics in jpg or png.

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Moving Site #2

For Rizzwan only.

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Need Help Moving My Website To A New Server

Running on apache and mysql, using drupal 5.0 as the CMS.

Move the site on to a new server

Change domain to the new host, so we keep the domain name.

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ASP Site Moving To New Server

Hi coders,

we have to move with an asp website to a new windows server.
Server is ready.
MySql 5.1 is new installed on server.

The websitedata are zipped on server.
Also the DB copies.

Your work is to import the Tables etc. into mySql, connecting with website and make site running fne again.

Payment only via freelancer and after site is running.

Thank you


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Simple Error Needs To Get Fixed

Hi i have a simple error that needs to get fixed on, it shouldnt take more then 10 minutes, i only have ten dollars available to pay for this problem. if you go on the site you will see it. Let me know if you can do it thanks

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Web-site For Sell Digital Products For Internal Currency

Web-site for sell digital products online for internal currency.

This website has to be designed to sell digital products to partners,
for a certain fee in internal currency.

I. The websites concept
The website should provide services, i.e. the ability to download several
digital products, for a single payment. The number of products and payment amount
maybe subject to change. Application has to be writen on one of Python frameworks.

Safety requirements

o high level of the systems informational safety and "vitality" is required
o high level of the systems protection from external attacks
o high level of authorization to implement financial operations inside
the system and access to protected contents
(products should not be accessed via direct links or should not be indexed by search engines;
they should be protected from the external users access).
o The website should not be vulnerable to SQL-injection
o The data between the website and User/Partner should be transmitted
via the secure channel (SSL).

Requirements to the websites scalability and functionality:

o Greater number of concurrent users (high load) ( X00 000)
o High speed of transaction processing is necessary
o The websites code should take into account the code caching,
to ensure the best performance
o You should take into account that the number of complementary
modules will increase, as they will be added, and the additional
functions for the existing modules will be required
o There should be Russian and English interface in the system, with the option
to localize it into other languages
o Application has to provide SOAP services.

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.asp Problems – 500 – Internal Server Error

I need someone who can fixed this error on my web page asap. I just transfered to new hosting client and do something wrong.

This is the error:
Provider error 80004005 Unspecified error /db.asp, line 8
It is a database issue.



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PHP Edit

I need someone to edit the php on an existing site to fit the new server settings.

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Fix Magento Site

A previous GAF user has left in the middle of a job! I have a Broken Magento website that needs setting live ASAP.

Here is the broken site:

I dont know what he has done, he sent me email saying Goodbye and left me with this!

The project was to set it live, moving it from one folder to another. We have backups on the server available but I do not want the datababase overwriting as it has over 5000 products loaded which we can not afford to lose.

Ideally we would like it fixing in next few hours…??

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Website Internal SEO

I need my website optimizing meta title tags etc so that search engines crawl my site properly for my key words.
I only have $30 GAF payment for this project & will only be paid via GAF

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Moving Site From 1 Server To Another

Will give more details via PM.

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Project for ringtone and moving sites

As discussed

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Correcting Html and tag errors

Hi, For 15 websites that all have some html and tag errors according to tests, we need these all corrected so there are no erros and no warnings. The sites have a total error of 2401, according to latest test. All must be corrected and carefully so nothing gets out of order.

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finish script installation

I have an affiliate script installation half done.

The programmer copied the files but in the configuration step there are some errors.

so, instalation needs to be finished. for example we get an error:Internal Server Error. we dont know how to fix it.

all the files are copied in the folders.

The script not working is in PHP and it is Ultimate Affiliate from

for fixing this installation we can pay 20$.

If you have other affiliate script to install from scratch we can discuss. in this case we pay 30$:
-We need to track sales, clicks etc .. nothing special, its ok only that.
-Should integrate with thankyou page for my Paypal account (with an image pixel or similar).
-Required good tracking for sales with fraud prevention techniques.
-Easy to manage.
-No demos, trials etc.

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search international partner for auction site


we have already a auction site running. For the future we plan to expand into other countries with our auction site.
We are searching for a business partner for different countries who likes to run the auction site in his country based on our database.
The auction site is currently in german language, but will be translated into your language.
For a partnership we intend to do the business according to a franchising concept.
We delever the solution and technology and the translated sites for the certain country.
You should be able to manage the marketing and merchandising in your country and also the proofreading of your country specific website.
If you are interested please dont hesitate to send a mail to info (at) yoyodo . de
We are wide open for any idea of a partnership.

Best regards,

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