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PHP Script For Joomla – Content Fetcher

Hi! I would need a php script, which would fetch content from several websites! Script must automatically fetch and write down into Joomla database. It should be workable on Joomla 1.6 CMS platform. For any further questions please ask me. Kind regards

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Form Query Script And Render Xml Return On Joomla Website

To develop a script for use on a Joomla website that will submit a search request to an external server via a form, joining the URL of the destination server with the form query (part number) submitted in the form to search for a part number. The host server

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Problem With PHP Form Script For JAPANESE Name Input

Having problem involving PHP forms submitting Japanese characters (first name)to a MySQL database.
we use personalization tags in the message and subject to show the subscribers name but the first part of it get garbled and show as ? (question mark).this is happening for only personalization tags only and other Japanese charater that are used are just fine .
the scripts itselfe are encoded with UTF-8 and use phpmailer function which is also encoded to send mail as with UTF-8 Please bid only if you are Japanese and or know about encoding -decoding issue for PHP scripts.
I will send the INFO after rewarded the coder.
Thank you

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PHP Form For Joomla 1.5

Looking to have a form created that will score 10 questions and give a total on the end. Must have an area for an intro and a closing statement.
Please contact for more details and an outline of the design spec.

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